Booktopia - The Power of Six, Lorien Legacies Series : Book 2 by Pittacus Lore, 9780141047850. We've been here ever since, eleven years in this stone convent with its musty rooms, drafty hallways, and hard floors like slabs of ice.
A few months ago there was news of a girl in Argentina who, in the wake of an earthquake, lifted a five-ton slab of concrete to save a man trapped beneath it; and when news of this heroic act spread, she disappeared.
And then there's the father-son duo making all the news now in America, in Ohio, who the police are hunting after the two allegedly demolished an entire school by themselves, killing five people in the process. He has been on Earth for the last twelve years preparing for the war that will decide Earth's fate. In the beginning I was known merely as Seven, one of the nine surviving Garde from the planet Lorien, the fate of which was, and still is, left in our hands. Words were spoken, hugs were given, and then we split up, as we knew we must, walking in pairs in nine different directions.
I don't know how she knew this response a€“ perhaps she learned it when we stayed in a church basement weeks ago a€“ but it was the right one. Aside from the few visitors, the internet is my only source to the world outside our small town; and I search it constantly, looking for some indication that the others are out there, that they're searching, maybe fighting.

In India, a year and a half ago, four different people witnessed a boy move objects with his mind.
I kept peering over my shoulder as the others receded in the distance until, very slowly, one by one, they all disappeared. Adelina and I kept to ourselves, huddled against each other in obscure corners, away from whoever might be around.
Some sign that I'm not alone, because at this point I can't say that Adelina still believes, that she's still with me. While the significance behind the event was small at first, the boy's abrupt disappearance shortly thereafter created much buzz in the region, and a hunt for him began.
When the ship jolted to a halt on Earth, even at my young age I sensed how much was at stake for us a€“ nine CA?pan, nine Garde a€“ and that our only chance waited for us here. And then it was just Adelina and I, trudging alone in a world we knew next to nothing about. We hiked from town to town, over mountains and across fields, knocking on doors that were quickly slammed in our faces. We had entered the planet's atmosphere in the midst of a storm of our own creation, and as our feet found Earth for the very first time, I remember the wisps of steam that rolled off the ship and the goose bumps that covered my arms.

Maybe it was with the slam of one of the doors that shut a starving woman and her child out in the cold for another night.
Whatever it was, Adelina seems to have lost the urgency of staying on the move, and her faith in the resurgence of Lorien seems to have been replaced by the faith shared by the convent's Sisters. I remember a distinct shift in Adelina's eyes, her sudden speeches on the need for guidance and structure if we were to survive. I don't know who he was, only that he handed each CA?pan two sets of clothes and a large envelope.
I'm certain that Adelina gave away some of our precious gems from Lorien for nothing more than warm meals, so great was our need.

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