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Adding to an already astounding body of work that explores the nature of love and desire, Jeanette Winterson ("Sexing the Cherry, "Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, "The Passion) presents a stunning novel that probes the boundaries of the Internet.
To discover things for myself, I stay on the run.The PowerBook is twenty-first century fiction that uses past, present and future as shifting dimensions of a multiple reality. She promises "freedom just for one night," but she does not do so without a warning: the story might change you. An e-writer called Ali or Alix will write to order anything you like, provided that you are prepared to enter the story as yourself and take the risk of leaving it as someone else.

Ask for an epic love story and you will get one, but Ali will be cast in it, too, and the lines between the real and imagined may blur. Plucking characters from history and myth, Winterson journeys through time and stops in London, Paris, and Capri, all the while melding the language of love with that of computers. In The PowerBook she has found a brilliant conceit through which to showcase her increasingly bold voice. Ali discovers that she too will have to pay it.Death can take the body but not the heart Set in London, Paris, Capri and Cyberspace, this is a book that reinvents itself as it travels. Using cover-versions, fairy tales, contemporary myths and popular culture, The PowerBook works at the intersection between the real and the imagined.

Its territory is you.Intense, erotic, incandescent in the power and beauty of its prose, The PowerBook is an astonishing achievement.

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