The song which “became an anthem of the civil rights movement in the United States” NRR owed its existence to a black man determined to outdo a white man’s commentary on racism.
Cooke responded with an introspective protest song which tapped into his personal experiences and captured the pain and suffering of a greater whole.
The Unicorns were one of our big influences when we started MOMS years ago, so we've decided to pay homage by translating "Jellybones" from synths to strings.
You've been sending us show requests from all over the globe, and we're working hard to make an international tour happen.

Comes in an eco-friendly jacket with cover artwork by Ben Giles, full lyrics, and a whimsical layout designed by the band. He gave first-person accounts of segregation and an event in which he and members of his entourage were arrested for disturbing the peace at a white motel in Shreveport, Louisiana, RS500 while also mourning the accidental drowning death of his infant son.
Among the 500+ versions are those by The Band, Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Bragg, Terence Trent D’Arby, Bob Dylan, Gavin DeGraw, Aretha Franklin, the Fugees, Al Green, R. Kelly, Otis Redding, the Righteous Brothers, Seal, The Supremes, Three Dog Night, Tina Turner, and Bobby Womack.

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