Due to the large quantity of WMG theories, you should try to move them to one of the sub-pages if possible. They traveled to a whole different dimension when they went through the hole in "Bottomless Pit". That would mean that the Stan who's with them now is not the real Stan, as he fell twice through the hole.
Trembley was actually sent to Gravity Falls to research all the supernatural happenings there. Also, peanut brittle reduces Bill's abilities and is the opposite of gold, which amplifies them.
He learned of the sap's life-preserving qualities and reasoned that if it could keep dinosaurs alive for over a hundred million years, it could keep him alive for long enough to return when he would be needed.
The main characters will all take on some kind of magic to fight whatever Big Bad comes along. Bill Cipher will have a more fleshed-out role, either as a Chaotic Neutral semi-antagonist, or a Stealth Mentor for Dipper. Not a lot of evidence to support this one yet, but I'm predicting that Stan's order and the government have different purposes for the device.
The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel originally got its name thanks to an Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption. Remember the shadow cast over everything (in Dipper's dream) at the beginning of "Gideon Rising"?
Maybe they'll show the world ending, but since time travel exists here, it would likely be easily reversed. The world may not have ended, but the whole town was literally ripped from the ground and fell back down.
Well what if the end of the world were shown in a way similar to Homestuck or Battleborn except they can actually save Earth in here?
Well, it's more like an almost-apocalypse, as we all know that the world will be saved at the end of the season anyways. Dipper jumped in into the Gideon bot and kicked Gideon's ass, Mabel beat a shit load of gnomes with a leaf blower, and Stan punched a pterodactyl in the face. The Author has returned, Dipper is probably angry at both Mabel and Stan, and Gravity Falls itself has been torn to pieces. Mayor Befufftlefumpter, who has been revealed through cryptogram and simple observation to be "not long for this world" which is why the position of Mayor is up for grabs in The Stanchurian Candidate. The government agents couldn't have possibly stored all of their data in a single flash drive. Yeah he was old, BUT Bud's running for mayor, as well as his contact with Gideon, quickly being able to campaign is a tad suspicious.
Aside from the obvious unicorn connection, Alex Hirsch is friends with Lauren Faust, who rebooted My Little Pony G3 into [1]. After Bill witnessed Ford "Bill-proofing" the Mystery Shack and realized he'd need a pawn outside of it, he began cycling through potential candidates. It will most likely be a Breather Episode, perhaps featuring the light hearted premise of a brief role-reversal in the main cast, with the others accidentally being made younger than Dipper and Mabel, and them having to look after them.
However it will later prove to be a Chekhov's Gun for a more serious episode, where the Stan and Ford will find themselves facing odds they can not beat (say Gideon's army of criminals or such) and they resort to using the water to give them back their youth long enough to save the others. When Dipper's explaining the Manotaur adventure in the diner, Stan is calmly supportive of Dipper's decision to do what he thought was right instead of being influenced by the crowd.
In Ford's dream, the six-fingered hand is obviously his, but the eye can't be his as the Pines' have brown eyes.
The candidates for Bill possession shown at the end of "The Last Mabelcorn" will coincidentally all happen to be keeping their eyes covered for varying reasons so the viewers won't know which one is Bill until the reveal. Bill is pretty familiar with the Pines family and knows how loyal they are to each other, he might see it as a way of causing the rift in the family if he can force one of them to choose between protecting a friend by betraying the rest of the family, or staying loyal to the family by forsaking a friend. She's been getting more screen time lately, and Mabel mentions that having Candy and Dipper be together would be a dream come true for her, implying that she's always wanted Dipper to either be with one of her close friends, or at least to get along with any girlfriend Dipper chose. Out of all the tourist girls Dipper hit on, she was the only one named, and unlike all the other girls' contact details which were written on his body and later wiped off, Dipper has Emma Sue's e-mail address on paper.
Soos only made two episodes of Fixin' It With Soos because his Autografix Free Trial expired. The intro to these shorts has an Autografix Free Trial watermark clearly visible in some shots. As of "Roadside Attraction" the end-of-credits images that go together to form his face haven't revealed his eyes yet. It's worth noting that the episode to reveal that Bill can't possess Ford (anymore) was the one to end with the piece of the page showing his very normal eyes.
In an allusion to Biff Tannen, Crampelter will arrive in Gravity Falls as a middle-aged Corrupt Corporate Executive and try to buy out the Mystery Shack.
I think it's safe to say that telepathy is well within Bill's capabilities as well as disguising his presence given that his powers mostly have to do with secrets and manipulation. As a result of battling Bill Cipher, the timeline is reset back to the beginning of summer, with everybody's memories erased. Mabel unknowingly unleashed Bill Cipher on the world, and the events and the aftermath of that folly with have a huge impact on the Pines twins. Dipper and Mabel split up like Stan and Ford did: Dipper and Mabel both have good reasons to be angry with each other.

Dipper and Mabel avoid making the same mistakes Stan and Ford did: I am sure that they would both be very angry with each other, but Bill's plans force them to work together, which is what Stan and Ford should have done long ago.
During a season finale, possibly the series finale, Dipper and Mabel will be about to fight the Big Bad (whether it be Bill in the upcoming Part 2 of Weirdmaggedon if that's the last episode, or possibly fighting a Greater Scope Villain if there's more seasons afterward).
The universe is too badly damaged to be repairable except through Bill's own power and he's not likely to cooperate. Not everyone is ready for success, and though there will be people along our journey that will come to help us get to where we need to be, if we don't remain consistent enough to even create a good start for ourselves, we will still never get anywhere. Don't let the fear of success, or the fear of failure stop you from getting to anywhere that you know you can be in life. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Of the many viral-video meltdowns pop culture has endured, few are as viscerally disturbing, as painful to watch, as Michael Richards’ racist rant during a 2006 stand-up appearance.
When Robbie originally asked Wendy out, he was nervous and a lot more sympathetic character than at any time before.
So Robbie and Wendy can start dating, so Dipper can try to win Wendy's love, so he can learn that you can't force someone to love you, so he can bring about Gideon's Heel?Face Turn in Weirdmageddon Part 1. He eventually discovered something groundbreaking that couldn't be taken advantage of with the technology of the time. Stan advises people to bury gold so that Bill will be at full power when the apocalypse comes. He included some of the sap in the peanut brittle he used to freeze himself in, relying on his reputation as a nutcase to keep people from testing if it really worked. Bill certainly didn't get any softer or benevolent, staying true to his role as a Knight of Cerebus. The government will try and destroy it, while the order probably thinks it can somehow control what comes out of it.
And the first three episodes of season two have just happened to deal with changing relationships between characters. The Rock-afire Explosion was in its final years during that time, which Hoo-Ha's Jamboree is clearly based on. The past self disappears into the portal in the summer of 1982, but is rescued and returned to the past after he disappears so that he can ensure his own success in rescuing himself by becoming Gruncle Stan. Either the 'old' Stan will spend the remainder of the series in jail, or the 'new' Stan will make bail (in which case we may learn that Stan's penny-pinching is not from greed, but as a plan B if the cops ever caught up to him). After saying goodbye to their friends in Gravity Falls, they look out the bus window, seeing supernatural creatures from past episodes (for example, a couple of gnomes, a tiny deer, a miniature, and a multi-bear).
Perhaps they'll stumble on a copy of the data back at their headquarters and restart their investigation.
Also, The Friendship is Magic comic book series had a dream sequence featuring a sweater-clad, shooting-star themed pony named May Belle. The main unicorn that Mabel dealt with was named Celesaibellebethabelle, similar to Celestia, and she had a rainbow colored flowing main, as well as a visible "cutie mark". That would presumably lead up to him catching a glimpse of Gideon through the image of him he drew saying he wants to make a deal. Maybe when we were in are prime we would have had a chance, but we're both to old to take them all on.
In addition, Mantestaur's name doesn't get anything from Stan but when Dipper mentions Pituitaur Stan looks up from his pie.
The blue eye belongs to McGucket, who mentioned having blue eyes in the Ice Bag segment of McGucket's Conspiracy Corner. It would be Bill's cup of tea to try to force those feeling to come back stronger than ever (or convince him that they have), or to tempt Dipper with the possibility that he might be able to have Wendy return his feelings if he saves her. After Sock Opera, Bill might see Dipper and Mabel's bond as a significant threat to his plans, and seek to undermine it by forcing Mabel to choose between Dipper and Candy on some level.
Soos didn't want to buy the full version, so the free trial expired and he had to cut the series after two episodes. It's possible he was trying to get Dipper to see inside Stanford's mind to sow distrust and prevent him from protecting his mind. Mabel opening the rift that give Bill his opening Dipper for abandoning Mabel to work with Ford and not telling her about the rift. Dipper was outside the shack's safe zone at the time and as Bill is, as he said, "A being of pure energy." it's not unthinkable that he could manipulate electricity and get the Talkie to broadcast so Mabel would get upset and be easier to manipulate.
The two of them will then sing a lyrical, possibly extended version of their Theme Song, detailing all the things they've gone through together as they race against time to defeat whatever force they end up facing. But the timeline could be fixed as long as someone goes back in time three days and prevents the events, such as Dipper apologizing to Mabel, warning himself to leave the rift globe in Ford's lab or just swapping the backpack in his room so Mabel grabs the correct one when she runs out.
Writing down whatever he discovered risked the possibility of the information falling into enemy hands, so instead he preserved himself to pass on the information to the future. His confusion at the end of Dreamscaperers when Bill is mentioned is confusion over why Bill would betray him. First the twins found out Grunkle Stan knew more than he ever admitted, then Dipper revealed his crush to Wendy, and finally Mabel's rivalry with Patricia cooled. Dipper outright states in the second season premiere that it's been half a summer by that point.
In one old Gravity Falls game (I don't remember what it was called, but it was made in 2012 or 2013) there is a calender in the shack that probably happens to be an aztec calender for some reason.

Depending on this, a sideplot for the rest of the series might focus on getting to know New!Stan, or regaining trust for Old!Stan. Tearing up seeing this, Mable asks Dipper, who's excitedly looking over a calendar, when they can come back. Perhaps Stan went through something much like what Dipper went through with Chutzpah, but his guide was Pituitaur? However, she seems to be on the Wheel, suggesting she's either immune to, or destined to be against, Bill and his powers.
If you are ever going to get where you desire to be in life, you must be willing to start your journey. Your imagination is like the sun, providing the warmth and light for your life to grow into something beautiful. Those who see great success in life refuse to make excuses and refuse to give people who only give excuses a majority of their time. Both have extraordinary powers, Wizbit's being magical, and Bill's being derived from his nature as an extradimensional demon. They came up with the president story as a lie to the people sent to retrieve him so that they wouldn't be suspicious of the true nature of their mission.
Something comes up if you observe it, and says something around the lines of "According to this calender, the world ended 3 years ago." So if you assume 3 years after 2012 as in 2015, the evidence makes sense. More specifically, a sideways triangle, with Dipper and Soos at the base and Mable at the top. She's also a scrapper, and it's unlikely Dipper could save her from anything she couldn't save herself from. No one has your same exact vision, and no one believes in you more than yourself or God, so you have to be willing to press through to begin, even without support from the people you have always thought would support you.
The water that feeds the flower can be equated to the things you put into your life everyday to help keep you hydrated while you blossom.
If somebody said a racist thing they meant to say, should we treat them differently than if they didn’t mean to say it? And the soil the flower is planted in, can be compared to the foundation you have been planted in. When we think about racism, I would argue that one of the errors we make is to focus excessively on the issue of intent and not enough on the issue on outcome.
The only reason why Wizbit doesn't cause the apocalypse is because he's significantly less powerful and more friendly than Bill. They might be arising out of racial bias, but the outcome is the same whether it’s expressed consciously or unconsciously. If he's not Bill, I propose that Bill is this Universe's version of Wizbit, or is what would happen if Wizbit was a resident of Flatland , and ascended to a higher plane of existence, and became a world-conquering Eldritch Abomination in the process. I think most bias is happening at an unconscious level, and it still has enormous ramifications.
I decided to coin it because it was a useful writing device, like Richard Dawkins used the selfish gene, as a way to explain these cognitive processes. I’m in broad agreement with him about the significance of the unconscious, but this book is based largely on scientific evidence.
If you are persuaded by evolutionary biology, there are strong reasons why we would want to form quick associations. If you were to see one tiger in the wild, it would make sense that you would not want to have repeat encounters with tigers. This may have carried survival value at one point, but now we operate in a more complex world where the quick judgments that once aided us may now imperil us.I think the brain does have that unconscious mechanism, but what those associations end up being are shaped by culture, personal histories and whom we choose to associate with. The fact that many Americans have a race bias against Africans and African-Americans isn’t because of biology. We can consciously teach people that certain attitudes are right or wrong, but that does little to alter the hidden brain. It’s a much dumber system that learns much more through repetition and blind argument and making associations. When you’re watching television, for example, the hidden brain is watching who is being shown in positions of authority. By the time a child is 1 or 2 or 3 or 4, he or she has seen thousands of these kinds of associations.
We have a dynamic when somebody is caught in the act of saying something racially biased, and they claim afterward that they don’t feel any racial animosity.
If you didn’t have a hidden brain and everything was conscious, and you know that you’re on videotape and it would end your Senate campaign, why would you use that offensive term?
One reason these outbursts surface is that in moments of stress, our conscious abilities are overwhelmed. With an incident like Michael Richards, the correct response is to respond with a certain amount of compassion, because the same biases that are hidden in their brains are probably hidden in our mind as well.

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