The Blake Spell Book The Blake Book of Shadows The Blake Family Book of Shadows is a journal with documented ancient recipes, rituals, and spells.
Incantation: Give me light that I may see the many mysteries held for me Earth, Air and Water to sustain that I might be renewed again. Note: If received as a gift or if there is no black pins then it signifies that your life will be perfectly healthy.
Requirments: Symbol of triangle and upside down triangle in the middle, 6 red Candles, bowl of oil, Circle string of animal teeth. Note: Will strip the power of a witch and grant it to the other witch thats casting the spell. The Blackwell Coven Symbol The sign is the shape of a circle with a triangle in it and a cross on top and at the left of the cross was a shape of a throwing star this symbol was carved by John Blackwell in the basement of the abandoned house and there was also mentioned that he lived there when Cassie and Adam checked on the computer in the school of Chance Harbor they found a document paper on the computer and the address was 7 Briar Hill the same address at the abandoned house. Some fans speculate that Cassie's mother put the Blackwell family symbol in the book as a warning to her daughter. There are more images and pictures of the Blake grimoire than the Meade and Armstrong grimoires.
Cassie's grimoire is the only one that contains a letter from a member of the prior Circle.
Gravity Falls, Oregon is a mysterious, sleepy, small town in Roadkill County[1] of eastern Oregon, where there are many supernatural occurrences.
Gravity Falls, Oregon may be based off of the Oregon Vortex, which is located in Oregon, and residents claim paranormal activity occurs there. Gravity Falls was founded in 1842[2] by the 8?th president of the United States of America, Sir Lord Quentin Trembley III, Esq. The valley of Gravity Falls was actually formed by an alien spaceship crash-landing on Earth millions of years prior to the start of the series, as stated by Stanford Pines in the episode Dipper and Mabel vs.
Stan Pines is the stingy owner of the Mystery Shack, a tourist trap which overcharges unlucky visitors for a glimpse at the world's most bizarre museum, and once had a room filled with wax figures. Ma and Pa Duskerton (former residents) were the owners of the Dusk 2 Dawn convenience store. Deputy Durland is part of the lazy and sarcastic local law enforcement team of Gravity Falls, along with Sheriff Blubs, who deem every case unsolvable so that they can go to lunch instead. Sheriff Blubs is part of the lazy and sarcastic local law enforcement team of Gravity Falls, along with Deputy Durland, who deem every case unsolvable so that they can go to lunch instead. Gideon Gleeful is a self-proclaimed television psychic whose real mission is to take down his competition, the Mystery Shack, and was the owner of book 2.
Bud Gleeful is the father of Gideon Gleeful, worker at the Tent of Telepathy, and owner of Gleeful's Auto Sale. Manly Dan is the father of Wendy and three other boys and is also an emotionally unstable lumberjack.
Pacifica Northwest is the most popular and richest girl in Gravity Falls, and her great-great grandfather "founded" the town.

Fiddleford "Old Man" McGucket was originally known to be the local kook, but is soon shown that he was once friends with Stanford Pines during his scientific discovery. Mayor Befufftlefumpter † : The old, reclusive mayor of Gravity Falls, who was in office for a great part of his life (For "almost a century" according to Sheriff Blubs) until his death in 2012.
Stanford Pines is the researcher who wrote journals 1, 2, and 3 as well as Stan's twin brother.
Unnamed pointed nosed woman is a woman that likes Mabel Pines and Smokey Joe's All You Can Eat. Unnamed woman in orange is a recurring woman that likes Gideon Gleeful and the Mystery Fair. The Summerween Trickster looks for kids on Summerween that don't have enough Summerween spirit.
Gabe Bensen is a well-known puppeteer who was formerly one of Mabel's object of affections. Barrels & Crates, Incorporated—a company building where barrels and crates are manufactured. Circle Park—a place where Robbie tells Dipper to go to fight after he broke Robbie's phone. Gravity Falls Civic Center and Buffet—a public building and where Sev'ral Timez held a concert. Gravity Falls Museum of History—the museum where Dipper and Mabel went during their adventure to uncover the conspiracy around Nathaniel Northwest and did so by sitting on a bench upside-down.
Gravity Falls Library—the library where Dipper and Mabel study the Northwest conspiracy, and where Mabel meets Gabe.
Mystery Shack—a tourist trap, run by Grunkle Stan, which overcharges unlucky visitors for a glimpse at the world's most bizarre museum. Tent of Telepathy—a location owned by Gideon Gleeful, which is a competitor of the Mystery Shack. The Club—a fancy restaurant overlooking the town where Dipper broke up with Gideon for Mabel. It's unknown how large the town really is—it's said to be a relatively small town, but is apparently big enough to have its own shopping mall and civic center.
In the episode "Scary-oke," the agents pinpoint the source of the disturbance they monitored as being in Gravity Falls. The indicator shown at the beginning of "Scary-oke" that pinpoints Gravity Falls' location is different than the location shown on the map of Oregon that was previously released.
If you search "Gravity Falls, Oregon" on Google Maps, it will direct you to the Oregon Vortex. According to Probabilitor the Annoying in "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons", Gravity Falls exists in Dimension "46 Apostrophe Backslash" (46'\). This feature allows you to search hundreds of thousands of classtools templates for resources you can use straight away with your classes.

The Blake Family Book seems to have more power and ancient spells than the other available Books of Shadows. Later Cassie finds the symbol that was drawn on the ceiling of the abandoned house basement. It was founded by Quentin Trembley, but in an attempt to cover it up was said to be founded by Nathaniel Northwest.
It is also based off Boring, Oregon, a town Alex never saw himself, but always imagined what it might be like. Later, using a mind-erasing gun on himself repeatedly led him to be less intellectual due to side effects. A picture of an explosion Robbie drew is visible on the face of the tower, however, many think it is a muffin. The indicator on the monitor for the town shows it is located approximately along Highway 20 in Malheur County, Oregon, somewhere west of Vale. In the original map it shows that Gravity Falls is in the center of Oregon, however, the government agents pinpoint a location on the eastern edge of Oregon. It also showed the same symbol in the Blake book of shadows which was drew by John Blackwell and was also known as a symbol that is used in spellcraft and is a symbol for channeling dark magic and this symbol was also shown on a necklace in the episode "Witness" when John Blackwell was about to get burned by the witch hunters he used this symbol to channel his power to to make the fire explode in line trails in the form of a pentagram to kill and set all of the witch hunters on fire and the room also. It's where Stan Pines lives and runs the Mystery Shack, a tourist trap which overcharges unlucky visitors for a glimpse at the world's most bizarre museum. He and Dipper enjoy doing so-called "boy stuff" together, like heating hot dogs, one by one, until they explode in the microwave. Dipper finds him emotionally unstable, and he hires Dipper and Wendy as lifeguards and assistant lifeguards before firing them both.
12 year-old twin siblings Dipper and Mabel Pines are sent to stay with Stan for the summer, which leads them to discover the different yet curious wonders of Gravity Falls. History Review Game (60 questions)51 Cold War: Cuba Afghanistan Nuclear (38 questions)52 [Medieval Islam] (22 questions)53 Middle Ages (33 questions)54 CRCT History Review 1 (99 questions)55 The Civil War (32 questions)56 WWI & Russian Revolution Risk Free Practice (35 questions)57 The Tudors (120 questions)58 War of 1812 era (20 questions)59 Year 9 History Revision (30 questions)60 19th Century Crime and Punishment. H's Awesome US History Treasure Hunt (11 questions)35 African-American History Month Mapquest (11 questions)36 Treasure hunt through the Revolutionary War (13 questions)37 The American Civil War (10 questions)38 The Cold War (12 questions)39 US History Place Review (13 questions)40 Music History (11 questions)41 Communists (14 questions)42 World War II: The Pacific Theater (26 questions)43 Find the Cold War Location!
Anthony4 Oliver Cromwell5 Kelly Clarkson6 Saruman7 Paul Revere8 John Hancock9 John Dewey10 Leonardo da Vinci11 Juliet Capulet12 Henry Ford13 Artemis14 Steve Jobs15 Martin Luther King Jr16 Richard Wagner17 David Hume18 Thomas Jefferson19 John Locke20 Voltaire21 Joseph Hooker22 Henry VIII Tudor23 George Washington24 Vladmir Lenin25 Linus Pauling26 Gottfried Leibniz27 Jason28 Hades29 Galileo Galilei30 John Quincy Adams31 Leon Trotsky32 Frederick Douglass33 Carl Ransom Rogers34 Sergei Pavlovich Korolev35 Carl Rogers36 Jacob A.
Abagnale85 Elizabeth Cady Stanton86 Oskar Schindler87 Orson Welles88 Ulysses S Grant89 Nicolaus Copernicus90 Franklin D.
Tarbell147 Mikhail Gorbachev148 Otto Frank149 Roger Taney150 Thurgood Marshall151 Marlon Brando152 Audrey Hepburn153 Mickey Mantle154 Atahualpa155 Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr156 Harriet Tubman157 Wayne Gretsky158 Robin Williams159 Giles Corey160 John Jay161 Konstantin PA¤ts162 Pablo Picasso163 Reptiles164 Milton Friedman165 James Chadwick166 Philip Sheridan167 Franklin Pierce168 Franklin D Roosevelt169 Neville Chamberlain170 Dwight D.

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