The encounter Rick's group after the fall of the prison, and recruit them to help on their mission.Sgt. The Big Guy: He was initially the leader of his own group, but steps down and becomes this for Rick's group. Dying Moment of Awesome: While his death was sudden and unceremonious, the fact that he managed to continue casually talking for a few moments before the arrow in his head killed him was pretty awesome.
When Eugene was revealed to be a liar, Abraham realized that he had killed them for no reason at all. The Leader: Of his group, and he clashes with Rick over who the leader is once their groups merge. My God, What Have I Done?: More like "my god what did I almost do" when Maggie turned out to be alive, after he almost shot her in the head to keep her from reanimating.
Surprisingly Sudden Death: So sudden that Abraham himself doesn't even notice after the arrow is shot into his head.
It's all the more surprising because he had been established as one of the most major and long-lasting characters by that point. The Worf Effect: Seemed to get killed just to show off that Negan was a real threat after all. Your Cheating Heart: Cheats on Rosita with Holly shortly after the group arrives at the Alexander Safe Zone. Action Survivor: He's extremely adept at finding ways to survive and manages to hold his own pretty well the few times he gets into a fight. Consummate Liar: He notes lying as one of his few skills besides his vast amount of knowledge, and uses it to con protection out of the other survivors. Distressed Dude: He gets captured by the Saviors while scouting and brought before the gates of the Safe-Zone, where Dwight demands that they let him and the other Saviors in or they kill Eugene. Eugene responds by bitting him in the dick, giving the others a chance to open fire on the Saviors while they are distracted and free Eugene.
Happens again in All-Out War when he's taken hostage by the Saviors, though this time Dwight breaks him out.
Formerly Fat: He's lost a lot of weight since the Safe-Zone was attacked by a horde, attempting to get in shape so he could contribute more and impress Rosita. Whether this is because of his past lies to her or simply because he's decidely unattractive (or both) is unknown. That said, he's significantly less hopeless after the Time Skip, though their relationship has its troubles, including her cheating on him. Non-Action Guy: Most of the time, but he does manage to kill a few zombies in the No Way Out finale and escape from The Saviors by biting Dwight's dick.
He later expresses guilt and shame to Abraham about it, saying that he was just lonely and going crazy while they were on the road.
He has knowledge on dozens of topics, and even managed to figure out a way to manufacture bullets.
As of Volume 22 he's become so vital to the group's survival that Rick actually forbids him from going on more supply runs as he's too valuable to lose. Sole Survivor: As of Rosita's death in Issue 144, he is currently the only surviving member of Abraham's group.
After this he starts exercising more to get in better shape and becomes dedicated to finding ways to increase the safety of the Safe-Zone.
Culminates with his first human kill in All Out War, when he shoves a Savior off a building. Would Hurt a Child: He tells Rick that they should use Lydia as bait to draw Alpha out of hiding so they can kill her. Before meeting him, she often had sex with other survivors in order to get protection, and was surprised when Abraham refused her initial advances but protected her anyway.
Action Survivor: She manages to take down several zombies when the Alexandria Safe-Zone is attacked. Action Girl: Becomes one during "All Out War", participating in numerous battles against the Saviors.
Post Time Skip, she seems to be one of the leaders of Alexandria's fighters, helping to command the group that herds a herd of walkers away from the Kingdom. Too Happy to Live: After the time skip, she's in a happy relationship with Eugene and becomes pregnant. Mauve Shirt: Though amazingly she manages to survive for quite some time before meeting a tragic and unceremonious end in Issue 144.
Out of Focus: After breaking up with Abraham, she is seen less often and doesn't do much when she does show up.
Ain't Too Proud to Beg: After it becomes clear that Rick's group have his people completely at their mercy. Unfortunately for him, he had just finished promising to keep on hunting Rick's group for food and is killed on the spot along with his friends. Kick the Son of a Bitch: What Rick, Abraham, Michonne, and Andrea do to him and his group. Too Dumb to Live: He allows his entire group to cook and eat Dale's leg without checking him for bites or even wondering why he was alone in the first place. Unfortunately, the whole group is wiped out before they find out if they have become infected or not. Villainous Breakdown: He acts calm and polite when he is in firm control of the situation but when Dale reveals that his group ate his infected leg and Rick reveals that he has their group completely surrounded he responds in malicious anger and, in the latter case, desperate begging. I Ate WHAT?: His reaction to learning Dale had been bitten before the Hunters chopped off his remaining leg and ate it is to believe he would need to cut off his own tongue. Not Using the Z Word: When talking about zombies he uses the word "Deadie" to refer to them. Tongue Trauma: He threatens to cut out his own tongue when Dale reveals his infection but is quickly talked out of doing so by Chris, who points out that he'd have to cut out his stomach for it to do any good.
Nerves of Steel: He is the only one who is completely unfazed at learning that he was eating the meat of a bitten person, reasoning that any infection would have been killed as the meat was thoroughly cooked. He does show some surprise at Chris getting his finger blown off but not as much as the Hunter right next to him who covers his mouth in shock. The Stoic: He's the one Hunter that remains calm after the group learns Dale had been bitten before the Hunters chopped off his remaining leg and ate it. They are led by King Ezekiel and join Alexandria and the Hilltop in the war against the Saviors. After the war, they become part of a network of communities attempting to rebuild civilization in the Washington D.C. He was a zookeeper before the Zombie Apocalypse and owns a pet tiger named Shiva that he saved from the zoo where he worked. Back for the Dead: After a short but noticeable absence following the Time Skip, he returns to the main story only to be killed during Alpha's massacre soon after. He explains to Michonne that he was there the day Shiva was born and later saved her life when she fell in a pit, making her loyal to him to the point where she sacrificed her life to save him from walkers.
Every Scar Has a Story: He shows Michonne three large scars on his stomach where Shiva had attacked him while he attempted to help her after she was injured.

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