Virginia Elizabeth "Geena" Davis (born January 21, 1956) is an American actress, film producer, writer, former fashion model, and a women's Olympics archery team semi-finalist who most people may not realize began her rise to fame with Victoria's Secret.
Geena went to the audition and did fine, but when she got a callback, she was in Paris walking the runway. Katarina Ivanovska (Катарина Ивановска; born 18 August 1988) is the top Macedonian model and actress of all time.

I thought, 'Oh, well, all I have to do is become a successful model and then maybe I'll get hired for movies,' " she says, laughing at her idea that becoming a supermodel would be a breeze. Even when her signature role, "Thelma and Louise," was in production in 1992, she was modelling for Versace in Paris. Other important roles came along, such as her appearance as a baseball player in "A League of Their Own." Geena Davis remains a top Hollywood star to this day.

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