Some couples seem to know so much about each other that they look as if they are able to read each other’s moods and minds.
After knowing each other for so long they can subconsciously read and interpret the body language of their partner and discern the true meaning behind what he or she is saying by the facial expression and tone of voice. Charley, Thank you for your comment and I believe your friends will benefit from this web site. These small gestures speak a thousand words and convey a world of meaning that is understood only between you and your partner. As time goes by you may look back fondly on the early days of your courtship and laugh at the silly things that you and your partner came up with for each other.

It is the shared intimacy and moments of joy, laughter, tears or sadness that gives life and breathes meaning to the gestures and words. Share intimate moments and trade inside jokes with each other in the language that only you two can recognize. Over the course of sharing your life’s journey together both of you should have accumulated quite an interesting and large vocabulary of words, gestures and phrases. Not only is it fun and adds spice and flavor to the relationship, it strengthens the bonds you have with your partner. If the two of you are just starting out on a relationship together, dance with each other’s lingo and see what naturally flows from it.

The physical spelling of the pet names may change and evolve over time but the soul and love that it represents will only deepen. Keep your hearts open and welcome these additions to your secret language family when they appear.

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