Inna has this gift of seeing intuitively into the very essence of a person and their life and where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Get free access to life changing techniques, transformational tools, & powerful healing processes, straight to your inbox. Already in its fifth printing, The Secret Language of Your Body is very popular, gaining great feedback from medical doctors, psychologists, best selling authors, natural health practitioners and readers in general.
People continue reporting great healing stories after applying the principals and exercises from The Secret Language of Your Body for their own self healing. The Secret Language of Your Body entered the Brumby Books Best Seller List in June 2009, where it has remained ever since, through 2010 – 2013. The Secret Language of Your Body was also on the Brumby Books Best Seller List for 8 months, from February 2008 to September 2008. Inna Segal offers invaluable insights into the underlying causes of illness and disease and provides practical advice which will undoubtedly empower many to self-heal. Why do Christiane Northrup, M.D., Jack Canfield and Brandon Bays all supportThe Secret Language of Your Body?
The Secret Language of Your Body is proving to be very popular, with many people reporting great healing stories after using the processes in the book. It is fast gaining a reputation for being the most effective and accurate book in its field. Inna Segal tells her story in a clear and simple way of how she came to create her healing process, which includes learning to understand what your body and your health is telling you and how to create wellness.
A health issue had bothered me for months, so I focused on the chapter on the secret language of emotions. Couples with The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin (available in general bookstores), Segal\’s method allowed me to turn my life around.
This essential book (The Secret Language of Your Body) is an in-depth, practical resource for anyone who desires a safe, easy and effective way to heal. I recently purchased Inna Segal’s book, The Secret Language of Your Bodyand was amazed by the huge amount of knowledge contained in the book.  It far surpasses any of the books by the American and Australian authors (great as they are) that I have previously read. I tell clients that there is a section in the book containing remedies for many conditions.They are really keen to use the remedies to assist their illness or injury. Armed with such knowledge, a person may then consciously address these unhealthy thoughts and feelings, and unlock the body’s amazing ability to heal itself.
This is a fascinating and enlightening read that beautifully reconciles the human aspects of body, mind and spirit in a way that makes so much sense, that it is a wonder no one has so succinctly addressed it before. A valuable and empowering reference guide for anyone wanting to take responsibility for their own self-healing and wellbeing. Inna has also investigated and provided the reader with an opportunity to transform through understanding emotions, colors and body systems on a deeper level.
For everyone to have the opportunity and to be shown in such a clear and concise way, a method of healing which is both logical and easy to relate to and so very powerful with its results is a blessing. The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness is inspired by Divinity and dedicated to Infinite Love within us all.
After being introduced to The Secret Language of Your Body, within two days of using Inna\’s remedies, my ears were healed. As a practitioner and speaker, it is great to be able to look through the book and find the exact thing that is bothering my clients or my audienceand have a breakdown of the meaning and then clear instructions on how to invite healing.
Inna has added approximately 150 more entries, including health conditions, areas of the body commonly challenged by health issues, and healing colors. The introduction is expanded, offering better insight into how Inna\’s system was developed.
Expanded instructions for how to use the book to help readers understand more ways to access Inna\’s systems and apply them to their own life for optimal health. Entries have been expanded with insights from Inna\’s more recent work, including more health-producing processes, and more details on the relationship between specific health conditions, emotions, and colours. More selected success stories have been added, demonstrating a range of personal results, chosen from the thousands of Inna\’s clients who have experienced dramatic health improvements.
This edition is the latest, most up-to-date Australian and New Zealand edition (Blue Angel Publishing, 4rd Printing, 2nd edition, July 2010). The Secret Language of Color is a fantastic card deck, full of inspirational messages, 45 beautiful, impactful cards, with an in-depth guide book, tips and powerful processes for healing. The Secret Language of Colour Cards includes 45 colour cards with information on colours, tips and powerful processes for healing,statements to say to yourself (or out aloud) and inspiring images – by Inna Segal. In this ground breaking book, The Secret of Life Wellness, international bestselling award-winning author Inna Segal answers the twenty-one most important questions on your journey to life wellness.
Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. If you’re a non-believer in astrology, spend a little time with the Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Eiffers.
Describing 1,176 possibilities, The Secret Language of Relationships sheds light on the classic questions–the hows and whys of chemistry in relationships.
Both of them are fun books to take to work occasionally or have at parties because they’re great icebreakers and a lot of fun to watch people’s reactions when they hear their own profiles.
Other books in the series by Goldschneider and Effers include the Secret Language of Destiny and the Astrology of Time. Should you choose the more difficult path you will have the joys but also the responsibilities that accompany the developing of talents to the fullest. Do not be disturbed by those who criticize your sense of ease; on the other hand do not be so easily self-satisfied. The work of a May 13 person will definitely be bettered by a study of craft and broadening of technique, on the one hand, and a deepening of meaning, resolve or intensity on the other. Often the catalyst or turning point in the life of a May 13 person is a setback or tragedya€”physical, spiritual or emotionala€”a kind of crisis or even breakdown after which they will be able to grow and deepen their outlook. Try to take matters a bit more seriously if you wish others to do the same in regard to you. A Week of the Natural child, like many adults born this week, is generally fun-loving and imaginative, full of fantastic thoughts and colorful behavior. This duality between a natural impulsiveness and a need for stability (often a result of a fear of their own unsettledness) can be the key factor in all of the adult relationships of these folks.
Although one would imagine that adventure, sex, drugs and all forms of wild behavior would exert a powerful pull on these folks (as they inevitably do at some point in these individualsa€™ lives), they are not invariably prone to lifelong obsessions and addictions. Difficulties may particularly surface when they want others to take them seriouslya€”their combination of fantastic ideas and unpredictable behavior is not always conducive to inspiring trust, and they may have to battle long and hard before their ideas are accepted. Successful are those who are able to give form to their fantasy, to embody it in a product, service or artistic activity. Whether it is their livelihood or not, these men and women are the artists and poets of the Personology system and they have been granted the ability to manifest some pretty big dreams. Curiously, early in life they may not choose to make much of themselves, maddening their parents and friends.
Content to live in their heads and dreams, they often seem distracted or preoccupied and can be extremely ignorant of the practicalities of daily life. Though it would be nice for them to simply live life following their hearts and passions, those born during the Way of Grounding are called, as their parents once did, a€?to make something of themselves.a€? These men and women are blessed with the ability to see the theoretical or the possible in a tangible form in their minda€™s eye. They have some pretty practical and reality-based ideas and must establish some truly tangible goals for themselves and then set out to achieve them.
Their core challenge is to develop mental discipline and to realize that one can create structure and routine by becoming more organized and logical in onea€™s thinking. Although their instincts urge them to work alone, they will find that they are better able to give birth to their ideas in conjunction with others, particularly those whose strengths complement theirs.

Grounding their minds is of course aided by grounding their bodies in physical activities (the discipline doesna€™t hurt them either). As they are called to give form to logos, those who are born during the Way of Grounding must invoke their deepest spiritual yearnings and give them form. The pictographic Hobo Code is a fascinating system of symbols understood among the hobo community. Many of the hoboglyphics were cryptic and nearly impossible for people outside of the hobo community to understand, even if they spotted them: a curly line inside a circle, for example, meant that there was a courthouse nearby. The diverse symbols in the Hobo Code could be found scrawled in coal or chalk all across the country, near railyards and in other places where hobos were likely to convene. These codes are clearly tongue-in-cheek, warning modern-day hobos (and everyone else) of such dangers as parking tickets and lawn sprinklers, and promising surprises like rich dumpsters and well-stocked bathrooms. Somewhere between city signs and street graffiti lies a surprisingly rich and colorful language of secret messages, all hidden in plain sight on roads and sidewalks.
A logo is a company's most visible piece of visual branding, stamped on everything from billboards to promotional pens.
I have previously used books to help client, from both American and Australian authors who have shown the emotions associated with illness and injury.This work has assisted many clients deal with the cause of their condition rather than the symptoms of the condition.
She defines the language of our body, translating the manifested symptoms of physical complaints into the thoughts and feelings that may underpin certain conditions. This is a practical handbook that will allow you to manifest change in your life immediately through deeper understanding of your own mind and body. The author, prompted by personal experience, has provided a detailed compilation and interpretation of various psychosomatic diseases and suggestions for healing. Many books on healing contain complicated and overwhelming processes to be used for healing however I feel that your system provides everyone with the skills and knowledge to tap into their own abilities to heal with a simplicity and effectiveness that we can all be inspired by and benefit from. The depth of your knowledge on the subject of healing, your insight and the experiences in your own personal healing journey have afforded us all the opportunity, through your writings, to tap into a very powerful healing modality. So, looking outside myself for help, I was receiving acupuncture and ear candling for three weeks, to no avail. Amass of long curly hair and a pint sized physique, Inna has a whole lot of personality and a wealth of experience that commands attention. Each birthday gets two full pages of on-target information as well as the usual celebrity birthdates, etc. Is there a prime ingredient for love at first sight, a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of it all. She appeared opposite Chevy Chase in Fletch Lives and she played the part of Frankie Reed on the popular television drama Sisters which became her best-known role. Therefore, if only interested in entertaining, they must be careful not to attach their ideas to a cause. Thus it may be helpful for them to enlist the aid of a family member, professional accountant or bookkeeper to provide guidance and keep track of things.
Depression often overcomes a May 13 person at a time of real or imagined unpopularity, especially when they feel stuck in one place or occupation.
Yet the personality of those born on this day often works against such growth, since emphasis is placed on being natural, self-taught and easy in expression. If this event or the realization discussed earlier does not come to pass, then they may be confined to a more limited plane of experience. May 13 people in particular should avoid hallucinogenic or depressive drugs which may distort their outlook and put them at odds with their essential character.
The number 4 typically represents rebellion, idiosyncratic beliefs and a desire to change the rules.
Both this card and the number 4 suggest that May 13 people must guard against discouragement, disillusion, pessimism and melancholy.
They are drawn throughout their lives to the natural world, in part due to the freedom it represents. Craving action and excitement, and often unable to keep their strong opinions on those around them to themselves, they can easily get into hot water. Although insecurities abound in their personalities, these can act as a powerful fuel for their drive to succeed in life, rise in their jobs and break through societal barriers. They are supported not so much by their good sense as by an understanding of the basic nature of these areas of behavior, and this kind of kinship or familiarity allows them to navigate perilous channels without foundering on the rocks.
Those who enter into relationships with them, moreover, particularly their mates and lovers, risk coming to symbolize for them the repressive forces that they cannot abide.
Still, as with their drive to financial success, fighting over issues like these can give them direction and security. Such individuals can strike deep responsive chords in the imaginations of their fellows, who may feel they live in a more humdrum world from which they secretly crave release. Not only are they born with great drive and persistence, but they will learn the art of making things happen. Others see them as unrealistic because they spend much of their time daydreaming or caught up in fantasy.
They cana€™t be bothered with putting a meal on the table or tidying up when there are so many wonderful theories to work out and ideas to investigate. Often this involves the mastery of a craft, whether in a creative, commercial, or other endeavor. In order to become more pragmatic, they must learn to impose some limitations, routines, and organization on themselves and to stick to them. However, it is important for them to realize that their life is not about fame or riches but about making the world a better place. Accomplishing substantive results in a professional field will delight their parents but also their mates and offspring, to whom such achievement betokens increased commitment and security. These individuals may have to force themselves to participate in sports or exercise of any kind, but running or other solitary forms of fitness may be just the thing since they provide time for the mind to wander freely. They were the nomadic workers who roamed the country at the start of the 20th century and through the Great Depression, taking work wherever they could and never spending too long in any one place. Because hobos weren’t typically welcomed (and were often illiterate), messages left for others in the community had to be easy for hobos to read but look like little more than random markings to everyone else to maintain an element of secrecy.
Other symbols were simplistic and easier to decipher: a cross meant that hobos who were willing to talk positively about religion would score a free meal.
The purpose of the code was not only to help other hobos find what they needed, but to keep the entire lifestyle possible for everyone.
One reason for this is that the hobo community was so intricately connected with the American railway.
Since not many of us ride the rails these days and it’s much more common to be stuck in the urban (or suburban) jungle, maybe this is just the type of friendly information sharing we need today. Is there a way to personalize an interaction between a human being, a printed QR code and a digital story of creativity?
As a healer myself, although in a different field, I understand the complication of energy work. Julianne appeared in a few more made-for-TV movies but she hasna€™t acted in television or film for well over a decade. If, on the other hand, they wish to enlighten or make a statement, they must remain free of corrupting forces. Often May 13 people have a scorn for such practical concerns, taken up as they are with themselves and their role in life. A May 13 persona€™s serious study in a given area usually makes the difference between being a light-headed dilettante and an artist, businessperson, athlete or worker who is taken seriously.
Being outdoors, in contact with the beauty of nature, is perhaps the best medicine for May 13 people.

Although the number 13 is considered unlucky by many people it is, rather, a powerful number which does carry the responsibility of using its power wisely or inviting self-destruction.
In childhood, problems may arise when a parent, sibling, family member or teacher lacks sympathy for their a€?waywarda€? behavior and attempts to straighten it out. They can be very emotionally volatile, and easily boreda€”qualities that invariably lead to many changes of friends, lovers and generally of their entire scene. In this sense, paradoxically, their dynamism can itself become a stabilizing force, and their ambition both a rock they can hold to and a compass pointing the way. It is essential, then, to be understanding of the battles being waged in the psyche of these people, while at the same time refusing to become a football or emotional punching bag. In the same way, those born during the Week of the Natural may draw others to them as friends and lovers. They love to ponder the big questions in life such as the purpose and meaning of existence and the nature of the universe and our role in it. Moreover, because they are rarely plagued by doubt and believe in themselves and everything that they do, they arena€™t particularly compelled to prove the truth of their theories to anyone or make their dreams happen. Thus, they must ground their ideas and theories into something practicala€”perhaps even something the rest of the world can use.
But above all else, they must learn to use some common sense and pay more attention to the details of life if they even hope to become more practical and thereby create something of lasting value.
It is particularly important if they are to rid themselves of any tendencies toward sloppiness or a propensity to make mistakes by acting too quickly or glossing over the importance of details.
Of primary importance is for them to remember to nurture the font of their inspiration and to nourish themselves with it. In their extensive travels, hobos learned to leave notes for each other, giving information on the best places to camp or find a meal, or dangers that lay ahead. Hobos traveled around for the sole purpose of finding work in every new town they visited, having usually been forced from their homes by the lack of jobs there. To help each other out, these vagabonds developed their own secret language to direct other hobos to food, water, or work – or away from dangerous situations.
The code features certain elements that appear in more than one symbol, such as the circles and arrows that made up the directional symbols.
Hobos warned each other when authorities were cracking down on vagrants or when a particular town had had its fill of beggars; such helpful messages told other hobos to lie low and avoid causing trouble until their kind was no longer quite so unwelcome in those parts. It’s much more difficult to hop on and off of a freight train undetected than it was a hundred years ago, so rail-loving hobos have steadily declined in number. Rather than only teaching ideas, those born on May 13 often transmit their message through their physical presence, and activities involving the human body.
Since May 13 people are usually involved in social activities, they must learn to keep the uranian part of themselves under control, and allow their venusian (Taurus) instincts to lead them toward beauty and harmony. They often lack the toughness to resist strong criticism, and they can be deeply hurt by a lack of understanding from those close to them. An eternal fascination with the oddball, unusual aspects of life will always threaten to remove them from steadier and more stable situations and individuals. Thus many of them who might have been satisfied with an enjoyable, unstressed, easygoing life, and better suited to it as well, are driven upward by their own quest for security, frequently a goal involving financial independence. Questioning everything and refusing to assume anything, they are rarely satisfied by a simple answer.
Stern self-discipline will be needed initially since limiting their minds in any way is new to these individuals. They give up some of their freedom and ethereal ways for the greater good of humankind, or even just for their families, by allowing themselves to be tied down to routines, schedules, and deadlines. However, since they are oriented primarily to matters of the mind and perception, the best partner for them is a person of intelligence, understanding, and independence since any trace of possessiveness or cloying behavior will usually push them away. Should they fail to provide for this, they may throw over all their efforts at discipline and unconsciously rebel in ways that are not only nonproductive but destructive. This unique Hobo Code was known to the brotherhood of freight train riders and used by all to keep the community of traveling workers safe, fed and in work. There are so many of them, just do a few searches and you’re sure to find many like-minded spirits.
They can either enjoy their natural gifts and ability to impress others or make a momentous decision to deepen their mission and broaden their path. In their diet, those born on this day should consider avoiding traditional earthy Taurus foods (bread, meat) in favor of lighter vegetarian dishes. In the long run, however, they may also benefit from any resistance to them, becoming stronger and more capable of dealing with a hostile and critical environment. On the other hand, their instability can make them crave the grounding influence of people, places and professions, and for varying periods of time they may doggedly hold on, knowing that to let go could result in aimlessness and lack of direction.
They just a€?know that there is more to it than thata€? and will ponder and investigate a topic until they find what they are seeking. In addition, through mental discipline, they will learn to be more effective communicators. Building a time for solitude into their daily routine is important for them in order to provide mental free time and plenty of space for daydreaming.
At this point more evolved persons of this day must also pledge themselves to the betterment of all around them, becoming truly responsible rather than self-seeking or destructive. Leaving home and getting out on their own come early in the life of these people, and even those who seem docile and content often secretly yearn for the time when they can exert their independence. Also, they are usually quite spiritual, and their devotion to something greater than themselves, whether an idea, a vision, or a religion, is often enough for them. They must harvest their knowledge and ideas, metaphorically separate the wheat from the chaff, and give their wisdom to the world. Presenting their plans with clarity can be crucial to garnering the necessary support from others to make things happen. Similarly, letting themselves go once in a while, letting the house grow untidy or the dishes undone, will provide the same psychological benefit. As they grow up, they succeed in finding friends who appreciate them, and rarely will they carry hurtful or revengeful thoughts against childhood adversaries into adulthood.
Much like city hipsters, modern hobos embrace fringe society…although living in train cars with no permanent home or job is taking that fringe society fetish much further than most hipsters ever dream of. However, they may well retain some scars from childhood battles that, if repressed, can lead to sudden and baffling depressions or emotional outbursts. This makes them both appealing to others and irritating since their omniscient manner can come off as egotism. They will not only experience the satisfaction of giving their ideas and visions form, but they will also find deep fulfillment and a sense of completion within themselves.
The story of one group of modern American hobos is told in this remarkable photo essay (LINK NSFW). There are those who will love them for their vision and find their distraction to be endearing.
However, their partners can expect to put up with a good deal of absenteeism as they are always preoccupied or on the move chasing their latest interest.

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