Marilyn Monroe may be the most well-known celebrity of all-time—not just because of her iconic windblown dress photo, but rather because of the many times she’s been reincarnated on the big screen.
The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe’s May 30 premiere falls just four days before the 60th anniversary of The Seven Year Itch, perhaps Monroe’s most well-known film. A bit of a stretch, but a decent attempt considering she was one of the first portrayals of the icon. Griffiths is Monroe’s biggest doppelganger out there, because she has 12 Marilyn credits to her name—including a couple where she even played a Marilyn Monroe look-alike rather than the actual actress. Sorvino is given a blonde bob wig, but doesn’t look a lot like Monroe even while in costume.
Nearly 50 years after Monroe’s death, it was almost hard to believe she wasn’t alive when Williams filled the role in a practically mirror-image depiction. Montgomery’s Marilyn was no comparison to Williams’ in the same year—even with the on-point hair. You can track the idea of safe rooms to ancient Egypt, when pharaohs' architects would build a secret chamber inside the pyramids in order to protect the entombed treasure from tomb raiders and other petty thieves and ensure a peaceful rest for their rulers. The modern age of panic rooms began in the United States as part of the Underground Railroad in the 1800s. In 2002, David Fincher's film Panic Room, starring Jodie Foster, introduced a wide audience to the concept of a fortified panic room in a wealthy Manhattan townhouse. About 60 to 70 per cent of private orders come from affluent people in the entertainment business. According to Bankrate, remodelling isn't as cost-effective as including a safe room in the original plans.
The price of more elaborate safe rooms built to withstand any doomsday scenario might climb up to $500,000 — depending on amenities.
The cost of a panic room is one reason they're not likely to become a must in Canadian households. London became a safe haven for rich foreigners who are well off enough to leave their home countries, but most of them bring their security fears with them to their new homes. I recently showed a property to an eastern European billionaire and when he walked outside I presumed he had gone to look at the wonderful garden.
Overseas investment in top London neighbourhoods used to be dominated by Middle Eastern oil magnates and U.S. According to Reuters, a 16-million-pound (approximately $25 million) house for sale in the district of Kensington is also a very telling example. Canada is well known as a country that almost never enters any major conflicts, and people perceive its politics as quite liberal and mostly friendly to foreigners.
If we forget a few survivalists who build complex post–nuclear war shelters with equipment worth hundreds of thousands dollars, the last group of people who own a safe room live in areas are likely to be hit by a tornado. All of this sounds quite reasonable, but when we look at the Canadian data, we see that the number of tornadoes that touched the ground and caused fatalities is much smaller than the U.S.
As you can see, tornado safe rooms are very unlikely to become a Canadian must-have — mainly because of the low number of tornadoes in general and the limited ground they cover. All in all, Canada is probably never going to join the countries that have large numbers of panic rooms.

That really could be a fascinating trend if it catches on… But only in detached houses? The hardest part I am finding is trying to find a Toronto based company that manufactures and installs these rooms. Concession Road is full of surprises Concession Road is the latest venture from the owners of Pukka, the popular modern Indian restaurant in St. Pour retrouver la liste de tous les concours defis et autre giveaway du moment, c'est par ICI ! The latest Monroe revival project is The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, a four-part Lifetime miniseries starring Kelli Garner as the leading lady. To commemorate both Monroe-related occasions, here’s a look at five actresses who have played the actress over time—no matter how much they actually looked like her. Londoners started to build them in their high-end homes for protection against burglars, and Mexico's richest homeowners use them as additional protection against kidnapping. The medieval concept of a safe room was a lot closer to the modern idea of protecting the life of residents instead of salvaging property. The character Foster plays tries to withstand an attack with the help of high-tech surveillance technology. American Saferoom Door Co., has built over 200 safe rooms in 22 years and was a consultant on the movie Panic Room.
Installing bullet-resistant Kevlar and adding a dedicated phone line, backup generator, and security features such as keyless entry (if you're cooking dinner and something goes wrong, you don't want to have to find a key) in an existing room might cost from $40,000 to $60,000.
Independent power generators, air filters, surveillance, clean water supply, and radio and telephone communication are all expensive.
It's not that we can't afford them, but we don't have enough reason to make such a significant investment.
A rapid increase in the demand for panic rooms, machine gun–proof doors, and gun safes in the United Kingdom's capital became significant last summer.
It includes two panic rooms, two separate CCTV systems, safes for guns and ammunition, bullet-proof windows, and machine gun–proof doors. These underground safe rooms are typically built in the basement, and thanks to their steel and concrete structure, they're able to withstand pretty much anything. Moore Mayor Glenn Lewis wants to propose a city ordinance requiring all new homes to have storm shelters. Luckily enough, we're still one of the countries where you don't need to fear for your life as much as you do in other parts of the world. You’re right, there are many safe rooms in Canada, and plans to build one are available online too. Clair Avenue, Deer Park is an upscale neighbourhood that mostly attracts professional families.
The main fortress called the "castle keep," located in the deepest part of the castle, was designed so the lord or king and his court could keep safe during a siege. The modern residential panic rooms as we know them began appearing on the West Coast of the United States around 25 years ago.
They have separate plumbing and ventilation systems and their own stores of food and water.

Let's have a closer look at some of the reasons people decide to build a panic room and see if Canadians might go for them. Since the financial crisis struck and political turmoil in areas like North Africa and Russia became more significant, people of more than 100 nationalities now invest their money in London property. London has its Russian and Middle Eastern investors who fell in love with the British real estate market, whereas Canada is one of the most targeted overseas real estate markets for Chinese investors. So far, it doesn't look like all the Chinese who invested in Canadian real estate properties will move to Canada to escape Chinese politics.
The Oklahoma City suburb of Moore was recently destroyed by a tornado in May 2013, but despite the life-saving potential of personal storm shelters, the cost still turns most homeowners off. Most Canadian Tornadoes occur in the south of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. Seventeenth-century England in its times of religious turmoil became yet another chapter in safe rooms' early development.
The 1920s Prohibition incited hundreds of pub and bar owners to build secret safe rooms to hide their whiskey from the authorities.
The relationship between Canada and China is also different than the relationship between Russia and the United Kingdom. From Manhattan executive suites and Los Angeles mansions to weather-resistant panic rooms in tornado-prone areas like Oklahoma, the United States has the largest community of panic room owners in the world. The so-called "priest holes" were designed to hide Catholic priests when the persecution of Catholics was at its height in England.
Many homeowners choose to simply fortify a walk-in closet or bathroom, while others build a room with no other use. But smaller violent events like the 1997 shooting of Gianni Versace in his Miami home can also result in more demand for safe rooms. The average price for a panic room that would hold a four-member family typically starts at around $50,000.
It's very unlikely that people from overseas who move to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or Montréal will be scared enough to build London-like fortresses.
Some homeowners attach the room to a son or daughter’s bedroom, where parents can flee quickly with their child. On the low end, converting a closet or extra room into a panic room usually starts around $3,000.
Plywood reinforcements for a closet cost around $2,500, and bullet-resistant electronic doors typically start at $22,000.
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