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Allies: Jonathan Brisby, Teresa Brisby, Martin Brisby, Cynthia Brisby, Timothy Brisby, Nicodemus, Jeremy The Crow. Because the movie was adapted from a book, it has some differences; one major difference being Mrs. Twenty-five (25) callers each week will win a ThisTV baseball cap (Five (5) per Daily Entry Period).
The failure of Sweepstakes Entity to comply with any provision of these Official Rules due to an act of God, hurricane, war, fire, riot, earthquake, labor strike, terrorism, act of public enemies, action of governmental authorities outside of the control of Sponsor (excepting compliance with applicable codes and regulations) or other force majeure event will not be considered a breach of these Official Rules. Brisby, a mild-mannered mother mouse with a plan to move Heaven and Earth (or at least her house and home) to save her family from Farmer Fitzgibbon's plow! Whether it's on satellite, your local cable provider, or your over-the-air digital signal, it doesn't get better than This! Watch online free, Download movies online, Divx, Tube, Avi, Android, Ios, HD, Streaming, 1080p, HDQ.
Brisby, the widowed head of a family of field mice, that her youngest son must die, either by the farmer’s spring plough or of pneumonia in his flight to safety. Any comments containing cap requests will be DELETED, please go here to request new movies to be capped.

Brisby does not have a major role In the second movie but appears comforting Timothy before he journeys to Thorn Valley. Along the way she gets some help from a lovelorn Crow, a busybody neighbor mouse and a fearsome Great Owl.
In her quest for a cure she frees a young crow from some string in which he has foolishly tied himself, at the mercy of the farmer’s cat Dragon. Ages and telling him about Timothy's condition; she is told that Timothy has pneumonia and must not be moved for three weeks.
In return for her risking her life to save his, he takes her to the creature all birds know is the wisest: a great owl. She journeys home and helps a crow named Jeremy escape from Dragon the cat but loses Timothy's medicine in the process. Brisby will need an engineering miracle to hoist her home, and for that she must face a mysterious rat, fend off a ferocious cat and claim a magic amulet! She is later cheered up when Jeremy says he found the medicine; she is then followed home by Jeremy who is asking for tips on how to impress a female crow. Producer Don Bluth wanted a name change in fear of Wham-O Toys suing Sullivan Bluth Studios. Afterwards, in the Brisby home, all of the children are home alone until Auntie Shrew visits to tell Mrs.
But the change was put into action after all voice actors had recorded their lines, so through careful sound editing, Don Bluth changed the F to a B. Auntie Shrew has an argument with Martin and she decides to leave, commenting: "Cast not pearls before swine, I always say. Brisby arrives and is told that " The frost is off the ground and moving day is at hand." Mrs.

Afterwards, Timothy is given the medicine by his mother who tells everyone to go to bed and eventually does so herself. In the next scene, she disables the tractor with the help of Auntie Shrew and visits the Great Owl. Brisby does so and finds out what happened to Jonathan and that the rats have a plan to move her house so it will not be in the path of the plow.
She volunteers to drug the cat Dragon so the plan will not be foiled but is captured and placed in the farmers house as a pet. Whilst in the cage, she overhears a phone call between the farmer and NIMH, saying that the rats will be exterminated the next day. Brisby escapes to inform Justin and the rats of their impending doom but upon arriving at her home she finds that Nicodemus is dead, her house is not moved and that the plan has failed. Nevertheless, she attempts to warn the rats about NIMH but Jenner claims she is lying and attacks her.
Justin throws himself in between the two but Jenner sees that amulet, wounds Justin and tries to forcibly remove the amulet from Mrs.
He is stopped when Justin stabs him and is finished off by Sullivan who throws a dagger in his back.
Brisby then saves her house from sinking in the mud by using the amulet given to her by Nicodemus, she is last seen with her family during the final minutes of the movie.

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