Gary Barlow and Mark Owen of Take That perform during a secret gig for Magic FM at One Marylebone on April 24, 2015 in London, England. Regina Robichard is a young black idealistic lawyer working in the New York NAACP offices of Thurgood Marshall after World War II. It’s hard to understand how the book-within-a-book format works from the brief summary above, but Regina quickly realizes that her favorite childhood novel may be based on actual events.
I do accept books for review, but please take a look at my review policy before pitching me a book. Johnson isn’t afraid to tackle deeply held racial prejudices as she unravels this disturbing mystery. Readers will feel the sweat on their brow as Regina braves the sweltering summers of Revere, Mississippi. After she arrives in Mississippi, she tries to puzzle out the true story behind the The Secret of Magic. Johnson weaves together a mesmerizing story that is full of hatred and despair, but also featuring the crusader that is Regina.

I was very pleased with the book; it gave an interesting look at the small town culture of the deep South. If your comment needs a response, I will provide it in a timely manner, as I read every comment I receive.
Calhoun, the author of the famed children’s book The Secret of Magic, about a murder of a young black veteran returning home after war named Joe Howard Wilson.
This complex novel weaves in multiple themes and storylines to creates a gorgeous, layered book. But they’ll also feel the chill as they see firsthand the racism that Regina encounters. She won’t stop until the uncovers the truth, and though what she finds is horrible and disturbing, there are also brighter aspects of the book that keep it from getting too heavy or dark. Though Marshall discourages her, Regina decides to travel to Mississippi to examine the case up close.
It also emphasizes how important the past is in Revere, and that people don’t forgive long-held hurts.

This is absolutely a book that you should consider, as it’s both intriguing and Johnson has important things to say.
She finds racism and prejudice at the heart of the deep South, but also truths she never expected to uncover. Though it takes Regina a little while to uncover who murdered Joe Howard Wilson, finding the answer doesn’t take much digging. Even Calhoun is mercurial, with unclear motives and long-held beliefs about the way the world works.
There are no caricatures in this town; every character, both major and minor, is complex and layered.

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