The hack that hit Sony Pictures last week has reportedly led to the leak of at least five of its latest movies, with copyright-infringing download sites seeing rampant activity in connection with the titles. Movies nabbed by hackers in the high-profile attack on Sony’s systems include the yet-to-be-released Annie, Mr. Data from piracy-tracking company Excipio reveals that the DVD screener of Fury, which landed in cinemas in October, has so far seen more than 1.2 million downloads via file-sharing sites.

The hack hit Sony’s internal systems at the start of last week, forcing executives and employees at the entertainment giant to suspend all use of online communication tools until further notice. As for Sony workers wondering when they’ll be able to start using their internal computer network again, reports over the weekend suggest it could be up and running again some time today.
Turner, Still Alice, and To Write Love on Her Arms, as well as Fury starring Brad Pitt, Variety reported over the weekend.

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