While most have already accepted that Lance Armstrong likely used performance-enhancing drugs at some point in his career, Hamilton and Coyle go further into the larger phenomenon, taking readers down a rabbit hole of malleable doctors, blind-eyed team directors, and athletes who push their bodies to the physical and moral limit.
What's New, NowToday in Gear: May 31, 2016A massive book for any Coppola fan, a Harley made for moto racing fans (to drool over), a lightweight shell made for active types and much more. Pot to Knife, Pan to StoveEssential Tools For Cooking and Eating in The BackcountryWhether we're headed out for a weekend trip or a thru-hike, these items always make our packing list. More: Travel MagazinesGet Your Kit Right8 Absolutely Killer Cycling Jerseys and BibsStylish choices from Rapha, Castelli, Cafe du Cycliste, Velocio and more.

More: Running ShoesDiscover Nature at the Speed of the Internet8 Essential Apps for the HikerNext time you head into the wilderness, track your hikes and learn about nature and survival skills with these apps. Was the USADA’s cry to “clean-up the sport” merely a disguised, personal witch hunt based on a specific vendetta against Armstrong? Perhaps, but the number of cyclists that have admitted to or been tested positive for doping has undoubtedly left not only scars, but gaping wounds on the sport of professional cycling. Guilty or not, this book fascinates and captures the sport in a definitive, albeit unflattering, way.

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