Despite the Avrocar’s failures, it is clear that the US government was indeed working on aircraft in the 1950s that resembled flying saucers.
That is true, but once you hit atmosphere (at least an atmosphere like Earth), wings are most efficient for lift.
Look my friend the dezine of a flying saucer is the correct shape for the drive, the system creates a miniature vortex with it’s own gravity with in itself, it is expandable, just like a balloon.
This is a Plasma drive system you will never run out of power it is free power everywhere you go. Do not be fooled these are not Aliens they are the fallen Angels in disguise leading mankind astray, Building a flying saucer is but a small thing, people who have spent time with these Angels have the knowledge just as I do. The author notes that the Avrocar was a separate project by Avro Canada that was quite similar to the classified one, though much smaller in scale.
The author, me (go ahead, check the history, it’s me and BillZ), noted that the project is one and the same.
Mounted on a rather high (about six feet off the ground at the front and eight or more at the back) steel frame was an Avrocar. I’ve searche both Google maps and have never found out what happened to them, perhaps someone came to their senses and relocated them to a more secure facility, but I doubt it. I don’t think we should rule out the possibility of saucers somehow having an advantage over winged flight.
Yes built by Canadians, then the US Military tested it and it never had a chance of going supersonic …hell it barely lifted off the ground. There is history of concepts being ahead of their time, failing at that point, and then decades later a mix of new technology and new ways of looking at the problem allow the concept to become real. If you’re doing most of your travel through space, a shape that works best in a vacuum would be the ideal choice. Unless you are doing Curiosity type landings, wings are good for gliding safely to the ground. Other life forms, assuming they do exist, could have figured something out we didn’t.

It works with 21’000 volts continues it is capable of transporting supplies from one ship to another in space by just expanding its vortex.
The Germans were making flying wings like the B2 back in the 40s, but they were too difficult to control. It’s sad to see the author was perfectly happy to take images from the Wiki without attribution, but apparently not willing to actually read the article and understand what he was writing about. There was a very dilapidated Hiller twin rotor helicopter (still being flown by the USAF at that point in time, a couple of fixed wing small aircraft and an intact Huey fuselage, and in the back lineup, was a shock. The flight bubble canopy was missing as was the powerplant but the frame and control surfaces were all there and still intact. They were parked oriented north within 200-300 feet of the beach and the water with no protection from the elements.
If we were to ever find a way to change direction instantaneously THEN saucers would make sense.
Because Germany was working on spacecraft with superconducting mercury moved around in a vacuum in circles by magnets to create artificial gravity fields. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. Maneuvering would be accomplished by using small shutters on the edge of the disc (similar to ailerons on a winged aircraft).
If flying saucers were somehow faster or more efficient or capable of lifting heavier loads, we would almost certainly see them in a commercial setting. Given that, what’s to say that other life hasnt already figured out what we have not? The magnetically powered saucers proposed by Michio Kaku are a little more exciting, but they would only work on planets like earth with strong magnetic fields.
Then, there is a real lack of functional details–where is the engine to spin an outer disk–and against what force? Sadly, while some UFO sightings may have indeed been Project 1794, it’s unlikely that they were anything more than experiments carried out by humans, not aliens.

But we know science is based on observation and clearly the observations made on the project is the current design and method are not effective with saucer shapes. Plus he was only half serious, we couldn’t actually build on of those without a huge breakthrough in unipolar magnets. If the outer ring is spinning, how is the center stablized–ie, keep the pilot facing forward? According to the cutaway diagrams, the entire thing would even be capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). These images (two more at the end of the story) come from the US National Archives, which is tasked with preserving important records and documents — including declassified military documents. There’s too much cross-section on the leading edges to keep the airframe from melting at Mach 3-4 in the atmosphere, ie anywhere low enough to be seen. It isn’t clear why it has taken some 64 years for Project 1794 to be declassified, though it does follow on from the declassified news in 2008 that the US government has been monitoring UFO activity for more than 30 years. What works on Earth or doesn’t work for that matter may be an entirely different story elsewhere in the universe. It is the same reason why the integrated circuit was not used by civilians until many years after the governments of the world put it to constant use. The Avrocar was originally specified for a max speed of 300 mph and a service ceiling of 10,000 feet — but in practice, it never got more than three feet off the ground or flew faster than 35mph. This would mean to put it to commercial use would spell smaller profits for the large corporations and manufacturers that control the production of technology. 3) Because the understanding of this technology would bring the understanding that energy throughout the universe is plentiful, free, and non depleting.
Because manufacturers refuse to produce the thing that would change the entire industry of neatly packed Monopolies.

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