Character Creation will be improved and expanded for launch, with more customisation options added for both appearance and clothing. The Secret World ist das neue MMO vom norwegischen Entwickler Funcom (Age of Conan, Anarchy Online, Dreamfall) und erscheint fur PC und Xbox 360.
Die User-generierten Inhalte dieser Website, nicht aber die redaktionellen, sind unter einer Creative Commons-Lizenz lizenziert, bis auf User-Screenshots und User-Steckbriefe (siehe Nutzungsbedinungen Punkte 9a + 9b). A couple people mentioned in the past an interest in hearing more about the game play from The Secret World after release before trying it out. The game is on Facebook, so you'll need to create a fake Facebook account, as you'll be adding a ton of people to your friend's list. While waiting for someone to accept you to the group, feel free to send friend requests to anyone in the group, or any profile you see with a dragon symbol on it. The way the game works is; everyone on your friend's list who is playing the game and part of the same faction (Dragon) becomes an agent you can deploy.
Some of the vanity unlocks are Dragon specific, not sure if other factions will be able to wear them.

I had assumed it was modern day, but the choices of starting clothes suggest that either it is set in the 70s, or that the Templars equip their new members from out the back of a nostalgia clothing store.
I shall make finding some academic spectacles and a shirt which buttons up all the way a priority once I get ingame. I have plenty of perfectly good Call of Cthulhu and Mage characters I can work with, not to mention a couple from my own fictional scrawlings, and was planning on using them for my alts anyway!
Auf der findet man bisher bekannte Screenshots, den Cinematic Trailer und eine Beta-Anmeldung. Wenn Ihr eure Fraktion ausgewahlt habt musst Ihr nur noch euren Namen und eure E-mail Adresse angeben und Ihr habt dann die Chance auf einen Betazugang.
Well, for those interested they are having a pre-release game going right now and it's actually very easy to get access to beta weekends starting May 11th. WARNING: if you send friend requests to too many people at once Facebook doesn't like it, you'll get a pop-up asking you to slowdown and a captcha image to type in. After you get a dozen people on your friends list Facebook will be recomending people with Dragon icons in their profile picture, that icon means they're playing the game so go ahead and add them.

You'll get an e-mail to whichever address the facebook account is on asking you to register the game with a funcom account to get your rewards. If you think you'd rather play as Templar or Illuminati, then follow similar steps but use that factions icon and find a group for them. As it stands, the poor chap looks as if he’s staggering home at 5 am after a long night on the disco floor. There are various ranks, each of which unlocks some in game rewards (XP potions, vanity clothes, starter weapons), and the top rank gives you access to Beta weekends. You need 1200 for Beta access, by using the group and friending anyone with a dragon symbol you quickly can have over 100 agents very easily (there's currently 700 in the group), and agents refresh every hour. This could be a bit of a problem, as I’ve already used my one Character Name Reservation slot on Arkenor, which is probably not going to be allowed by their naming filter.

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