November 08, 2011The Secret World of DisneylandDisneyland may look like a straightforward theme park.
Ita€™s not easy keeping the grounds of Disneyland utterly spotless, as well as free of unwanted pests.
When construction was underway in the early 1950s, Walt didna€™t want to miss a moment of his dream coming to life.
During our trip to Spain with the Escape to the Continent production crew to film the new series for the BBC, Ken and I were Spanish decor spotting.
We are aiming to give head-buzzing entrepreneurs the chance to escape to our retreat for privacy and seclusion. We are very keen to make a beautiful garden with lots of private little spots so our guests can retreat for some private time in our tranquil settings.
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My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. But therea€™s a secret world hidden behind the balloons, castles and cotton candy a€“ a place where wild cats roam the park at midnight, Mickey Mouse hides in the wallpaper, and movie stars sip martinis behind closed doors.

Every night after closing time, 200 feral cats are released into the park to help keep the rodent population under control. But thanks to clever Imagineers (Disneya€™s specially trained designers and engineers), hundreds of a€?Hidden Mickeysa€? are also scattered across the park. The secret cocktail lounge, tucked away above the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square, has a limited membership of just 487 and a waiting list of approximately 14 years.
The parka€™s design employs a€?forced perspective,a€™ creating optical illusions that make structures appear larger or smaller than they actually are. So are the legions of cashiers, painters, ride operators, gardeners, and performers, from the girl who portrays Cinderella to the guy pushing a broom around Frontierland. Thata€™s why he installed a small private apartment for his family above the Fire Department on Main Street.
Any lovely little ideas, of which there are already 100s, we captured on our phones to give us ideas and inspiration for when we set up our own future retreat in Spain.
Writers too will be most welcome to come along and write to their heart's content in total tranquility with our peaceful mountain views.
Though Disney doesna€™t comment on the matter, rumour has it that the feline taskforce dates back to 1957, when renovations to Sleeping Beauty Castle revealed a colony of more than 100 stray cats. The subtle symbols are often difficult to spot: theya€™re camouflaged in the architecture and landscaping as well as in the smallest stylistic details, from the floral wallpaper of the First Aid station and the rust marks atop a treasure chest in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, to the shapes of car speakers on Space Mountain. Walt Disney designed the club as an exclusive space to entertain possible investors; since then, the lounge, complete with an elegant dining room and a first-class wine cellar, has hosted US presidents, film stars, foreign dignitaries, and lucky guests with connections. Sleeping Beauty Castle, for example, looks much taller than its 77 feet a€“ thata€™s because the a€?bricksa€™ and other architectural features grow progressively smaller as the towers rise.
All cast members are trained to follow a specific code of etiquette that helps preserve the Disney magic. Decorated by one of Disneya€™s set designers, the apartment featured turn-of-the-century decor; the apartment still contains Walta€™s tiled shower (fitted with multiple shower heads to soothe an old polo injury) and a ceramic bar set Walt used to serve his favourite hot drink, the rum- and brandy-based Tom & Jerry. After unsuccessful attempts to chase them out of the park, Disney decided to put the cats to work instead.
Ita€™s said that Robert Kennedy dined here on 3 June, 1968, two days before he was assassinated.

The Matterhorn also appears more massive than it is, since the tallest trees are at the base of the mountain and the smallest are placed at the summit.
The lamp in the window, visible from the park, was once illuminated to signal to cast members that the head honcho was on the premises. This complete walkthrough will provide you with a 100% video playthrough and a screenshot of where you can find all the green stars.
We want lots of secret little nooks and tranquil spots overlooking the stunning view we choose so our retreat guests can take advantage of the quiet solitude at Secret World Retreat. Today they spend their daylight hours resting in the parka€™s well-concealed a€?cat housesa€™, though you can sometimes spot a furry face peeking out between the mechanical lions on the Jungle Cruise.
Entering Main Street, thanks to clever angles and scaling techniques, the castle seems far away and the old-fashioned shops and ice cream parlours seem to be several stories tall. If wearing a costume that belongs in Fantasyland, dona€™t set foot in Tomorrowland a€“ it might confuse visitors or break the parka€™s orderly image.
Climb the wall after the pipe as Cat Mario to claim your first green star.Green Star 2Once you are underground and get to the fork. Walt Disney figured that families coming into the park would be filled with anticipation, but on leaving, theya€™d be too tired for a leisurely stroll.
Cast members are issued a Disney a€?look booka€™ that details the fresh-faced ideal a€“ no long fingernails, beards, or unnaturally coloured hair allowed.
You will then turn on all the light floors to grab the second green star.Green Star 3When you are about to leave the underground area. Ita€™s a throwback to Walt Disneya€™s All-American standards: when the park opened even guests with facial hair werena€™t allowed entrance.
Drop below the wheels to find a hidden area with the final stamp.Stamp LocationAt the beginning of the stage, walk towards the right where you get to two pools of water.

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