Before we delve into the practical application, it is important to understand the basics of aperture.
Now with the tips above in mind, the single easiest way to achieve a blurred background is to shoot with a larger aperture (lower f-stop). If you are taking a picture of a group of people, you also need to be careful about the depth of field. Once you understand the basic concepts of aperture and depth of field, you can try some really fun, creative things! You probably don't want a whole library of blurry people, but it is fun to get some creative shots along the way. Jo Ann says:Aug 9, 2014I have a Canon SX510 (I know not expensive and limited in functions compared to an DSLR) but I do want to learn photography and how to use the mode setting. Faced with the challenge of wanting to help his newborn patients and their desperate parents; Dr Harry set himself a challenge to create a solution. History records that early Pharaohs ordered slaves to be entombed with them, to continue their servitude in the afterlife. So when two experts examine the mummy of a baby boy, and discover what looks like a spike through his head, it's tempting to jump to dark conclusions. What a tiny mummy whispers to Gayle and Andrew is revealed in Museum Secrets: Inside The Royal Ontario Museum.

But many modern Egyptologists, including Gayle Gibson, believe the facts point in a completely different direction. It is no secret that every mummy on display was exhumed from a grave intended to be their final resting place. Well, I think this is very interesting for my Mummy Project and some good information I would like to include.
In some cases, you may get those soft, creamy backgrounds but you will also have lots of photos with sharp focus throughout. You'll find yourself taking better shots by using just two or three tips!Prepare to learn photography the fun way!Simple and effective tips and techniques. The less distance between you and your subject (and the more between your subject and the background) the more blurry the background will be.
And whilst it's fine digesting that information in theory, there is no sound more ear-piercing, gut-wrenching and stomach churning to any mother than the sound of her newborn wailing.
If parents feel they are a failure because they are unable to stop their baby crying, this can be followed by feelings of inadequacy, and may lead to post natal depression," Dr Harry explains.
And we may also believe their culture was cruel, especially if we accept as fact the bible story of the Egyptian king who ordered the deaths of the first-born sons of the Israelites. And they feel the most compelling evidence can be found in artifacts that demonstrate how Egyptians revered the lives of their children.

Families that were buried together were not kept together by the world's archeologists and museums.
But ROM Egyptologist and teacher, Gayle Gibson, believes one mummy in the ROM collection is closely related to a mummy in a museum in Chicago, just a few hundred miles away. To blur the background and focus solely on your subject, you need to choose the aperture yourself. Discover how she came upon this secret, and retrace the trail of clues she followed to uncover a 3000 year old love affair in this Web Exclusive Video: Mummy Love.
You will need to practice with different apertures at different distances from your subject to achieve the desired sharpness.
He put together a CD based on every day household sounds and maternal physiological noises, which can be played constantly without a break.
Called "Sounds for Silence", Dr Harry says he has found his product to be stunningly effective.

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