When working with clients on personal development goals, I often suggest doing a life plan. Document: Compile the mission, vision, strategies, goals and action plans into a Life Plan document.
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At all times in life, You will either Affect people with your Greatness or you will Infect them with your Mediocrity!
Goals are general statements that (a) define what you need to accomplish and (b) cover major issues.

Your specific approaches will change as you engage in more robust strategic thinking—particularly as you closely examine external and internal environments. State the specific activities or objectives you must undertake to effectively implement each strategy or achieve each goal.
Regularly reflect on the extent to which goals are being met and whether action plans are being implemented. Use clear language so you can assess whether objectives have been met.If you decide to work with a coach or accountability partner, include this as part of your action plan. Use a spreadsheet or graph to monitor your progress, adjust your plan and remain challenged.

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Imagine you’re approaching the end of your life, and figure out what you’d tell people about a life well lived.
Your statement should reference your values and explore how you intend to spend your time at work, at home and in leisure pursuits.

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