At Thrive Boston Counseling, we believe that counseling isna€™t just for those who are hurting, but that anyone can benefit from an ongoing counseling or life coaching process. When a client comes to us for professional counseling, we strive to provide the client skills and tools for making (and maintaining) significant life changes. Whether your life is in crisis, or you want to improve, expert counseling help is right here. At Thrive Boston Counseling, we have a "No Waiting List Policy." The way we see it, if you're ready to begin counseling therapy or life coaching, then wea€™re going to make sure that wea€™re ready to get you an appointment ASAP. Nina enjoyed really enjoyed talking with her friend, David. Their conversations always seemed to be interesting and uplifting. Adultery occurs when person has a sexual relationship with a person other than their spouse. Such a relationship may or may not involve an emotional connection. Adultery may also occur when a person has an emotional affair with a person other than their spouse.
Key reasons for extramarital affairs include unresolved conflict, poor communication, and unrealistic expectations that lead to marital dissatisfaction.  When such occur, the perceived need that is unfulfilled in the marriage seeks fulfillment elsewhere. People may become involved in extramarital affairs because they find themselves in situations for which they have not set wise boundaries or are unprepared for. Often affairs begin so gradually that the people who began as well meaning friends are unaware of the changes in the relationship until a significant behavior occurs.
Overall, adultery is a self-centered choice in which a person intentionally ignores the needs of their spouse in order to satisfy their own selfish desires and often involves a lifestyle of deception.
Rebuild trust in one another by being truthful and accountable to each other. It is important for each spouse to keep their word and to follow through in their promises.
If the person in counseling is the faithful spouse, it is important to realize that there is a normal process of grief that occurs when someone has been truly wounded.
Anger. The faithful person is aware that they have been violated and hurt and may express deep rage and resentment toward their unfaithful spouse. Bargaining.  The faithful person wants to use changes in behavior as a way to avoid further pain, rather than addressing the deeper ramifications of the infidelity.
Depression.  The faithful person full realizes the impact of the infidelity on their marriage and mourns the loss of their previous relationship with the unfaithful spouse.
Acceptance.  The faithful person comes to terms with the consequences of the infidelity and is willing to move past it.

Require the unfaithful spouse to disclose all of the steps leading to their affair, any information that was kept secret, and details of their relationship.
Remind the unfaithful spouse that it will not be easy to break their connection to the third party.
Inform the unfaithful spouse that they must re-engage emotionally with their spouse by spending as much time at they can with him or her. The unfaithful spouse must also begin to account for all of his or her time in order to rebuild the trust of their spouse. Tell the unfaithful spouse that the process will take time. The healing process will involve developing new patterns and commitments to learning about oneself and their spouse on a deeper level.
Make it clear to the unfaithful spouse that seeking forgiveness involves restoration and making a deeper commitment to honor and love their spouse that they had previously given. The unfaithful person must be willing to make a major commitment in order to regain their spouse’s trust.
The unfaithful person must commit to a lifestyle of honesty and transparency, having no area that is off limits to inquiry. The couple must understand that forgiveness is necessary but reconciliation is based on true repentance and remorse- some may never be able to heal. The couple must commit to working with a professional counselor who is able to help them identify the communication patterns that may have led to the affair. For more information on sexual health related issues and to schedule an appointment with a Thrive Boston sex therapist, visit our Boston Sex Therapy page. Thrive Boston is using Telephone and a HIPAA compliant Skype-style videoconference solution to connect with clients across the USA. Steven is a consulting and clinical psychologist with over thirty years' experience as both a licensed psychotherapist and organizational consultant. Between 2000 and 2004, Steven served as vice president and senior consultant for State Street Banka€™s Leadership and Change group, the talent management and leadership development arm of Human Resources and Organizational Performance.
Steven has been affiliated with global and regional consulting firms, such as Personnel Decisions International, Right Management Consultants, The Corporate Advisory Group, and Powell & Wagner Associates. Today, Steven--who is a Clinical Psychologist, Licensed to practice in Massachusetts--provides counseling therapy and executive coaching services. Weight loss – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Weight loss, in the context of medicine, health, or physical fitness is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue. I just started my thrive 8 week experience for weight loss, I’ve made an 8 week commitment to a better me from head to toe with le-vel thrive!

Online fitness team – top health, fitness and le-vel, Online fitness team – information on health, wellness, weight loss, nutrition including the use of le-vel thrive products.
Since our inception nearly a decade ago, the caring licensed counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists at Thrive Boston Counseling have provided high-quality professional mental health and life coaching services to literally thousands of individuals, couples and families in Cambridge, and the greater Boston area. In fact, many of our clients are successful individuals and couples who know, as we do, that everyone has the potential to growa€”to thrive.
Our current hours of operation are below, and our team has been known to even schedule clients outside our already extended hours. This may require a long look at the development of marital patterns and the contributions that each person made to the breakdown of the marriage.  Although it is difficult, each spouse should concentrate on their own issues instead of criticizing or blaming one another for the infidelity. Gestures of affection and nonsexual touch can also be helpful in the rebuilding of trust through their expression care and affirmation. The restoration process involves remembering and reestablishing the good things about the marriage before the adultery occurred. The enriching process involves learning and utilizing new behaviors and skills that can be used to help strengthen the marital relationship. In his clinical role, Steve works with adults, taking a cognitive-behavioral and paychodynamic approach that is focused on achieving lasting results. In this role, Steven was the primary architect of State Streeta€™s global executive assessment and development process, executive and senior management coaching function, organizational development initiatives, strategic planning processes for key business units, and organization-wide change management. He helps individuals improve their emotional, personal, and career lives with a well-rounded clinical approach. In addition, many of our clients find that an ongoing counseling or life coaching relationship helps them to continue to achieve new goals, and reach new highs, in their personal happiness and professional success. These are just a couple of the premium services that Thrive Boston Counseling provides to clients.
This type of an emotional affair can actually be more detrimental to a marriage than physical adultery.

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