We know that, whatever area of business you operate in, the consistent training of your employees is a major key to the success of your company.
The qualification matrix in the software allows you to, for instance, precisely trace which employee requires training in which area and at what point in time said training is due. Along with the verification of the actual qualification, the software will also provide a verification of training effectiveness. The software provides an online training catalogue with which your employees can register for a training event directly via the web or send questions to the department responsible for trainings in your company. With just a few clicks, you can determine the likely costs and time required per participant and per qualification or training. The compliance with official guidelines and standards along with the provision of evidence regarding qualifications and training participation are integral aspects of successful training management. The integrated potential analysis allows you to always find the most suitable employee for a specific task. Expertly trained employees, whose level of knowledge is always kept up-to-date are generally more motivated, creative, and very often contribute fresh ideas and problem-solving techniques.

This means you can consistently monitor and document any type of training and qualification – regardless of whether you are dealing with safety trainings, language tuitions, technical schoolings, or any other type of training.
After successful participation, you will receive verifications regarding the employee training including an evaluation of the training participants and the training instructor.
This comprehensive training query management also allows you to precisely define what trainings may be booked and attended by what persons, specify what maximum number of participants shall not be exceeded in a given training, and determine whether or not the system may automatically accept participants for a training event.
Let?s say you are, for example, looking for an employee in your company who has a truck driver’s license, speaks fluent German, and has been trained in the handling of dangerous goods.
It provides effective assistance in complying with the documentation obligations demanded by official standards and allows you to unveil the often hidden potential of your employees.
The consistent training of employees is also an important safety matter and an integral aspect that needs to be considered when complying with official guidelines and standards such as the ISO 9000 family of standards as well as DIN EN ISO 16949, and ISO 13485.
Just a few clicks allow you to fulfill key documentation duties within the framework of ISO 9000 Chapter 6.2 and create an expressive and easily maintainable qualification and training database. All you need to do is enter the relevant employee, and the software will automatically forward the necessary training materials, create a place-card and notify the employee with regard to the date, time, and location of the training event.

All you need to do now is enter these parameters and the system will return a list of candidates along with information that states to what degree the individual candidates fulfill the required qualifications.
Upon successful completion of a training event, the resulting qualification will be recorded in the database and, if required, necessary repeats or refresher-courses will be scheduled automatically. As this portfolio contains all training-relevant documents, it facilitates consistent traceability and allows you to establish precisely when which employee had which qualification in the past. In our example, you may learn that seven of your employees have a truck driver’s license and are trained in the handling of dangerous goods, but only one of these seven also speaks fluent German.
This enables standard-compliant and efficient training management and ensures a high degree of traceability. In just a few steps, the software thereby allows you to find the most suitable employee for any given task.

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