OK tomorrow is busy, must plan it out today and the kids need new clothes, when will I fit that in? Oh Ben asked me to pick up some messages, I can drop it in to him on the way back, it will only take a sec! OK I am going to Mrs Murphy tomorrow and must finish the minutes for the committee meeting, Ooh and Mum needs to go to the opticians. I recently assisted a client with upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP to 2013 R2; after the upgrade was complete we found that logging in was incredibly slow. We did a few things such as checking that all external shortcuts were valid, checking on the Quick Links and ensuring SSRS was functioning correctly (including removing Business Anlayzer from the homepage) without effect. The Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog has started a series of posts on the new features of, the soon to be released, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. The Employee Skills & Training window also allows managers to view and edit the Education and Tests for their team members. Employees maintain their Education and Tests in the Employee Skills and Training window and view their Skills and Training History.
Workflow functionality is integrated so employees can submit changes and managers can approve changes from a Navigation List or from an email notification. The new Benefits View window allows employees to view their benefits, employee contributions and employer contributions.
Residential and commercial real estate professionals face unique challenges when it comes to choosing a customer relationship management(CRM) system–software that manages clients, showings, open houses, closings and other activities in the property buying and selling process. At its core, CRM software for the real estate industry manages client data, tracks interactions and automates workflows.
The selling agent will then call the prospective buyer to learn more about their interests, timelines, financing situation and other pertinent information.
In this scenario, management can see immediately where the lead is in the buying process without having to call, email or set a meeting with the agent. This module allows agents to automate newsletters and other email marketing to leads and existing clients. These module capture leads from the user’s website, a listing service, and email marketing campaigns.
These module can calculate or track agent commissions and other payments against predefined schemes and negotiated payment plans.
This module provides an online portal for clients to log on and view their property matches, upcoming showings, contracts and other files.
Mobile CRM capabilities have become critical to the real estate business. From showings to inspections, agents spend a lot of time in the field. Users can perform many of the same activities they would in the office, but from a mobile-friendly interface.
Social media integration is becoming increasingly important. Many products integrate directly with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms so agents can automate sending updates and tweets about new listings. Better client tracking and organization. Realtor CRM systems increase organization by providing a single repository for agents to store leads, client information and documents.

In addition, being able to see at a glance where a particular client is in the buying or selling process helps agents focus their time on the warmest prospects, while others are nurtured with email marketing tools. Larger organizations might incur additional costs to integrate with standalone property management, ERP, HR oraccounting software. Cloud-based software, also called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), is typically priced on a subscription basis determined by the number of “seats” (brokers and managers who need to access the software). On-premise software usually requires purchasing a perpetual license upfront, with no recurring subscription cost. Let us help you with this – your time is precious and do you have time to learn new software?
This app for time-tracking and project management will enhance productivity for freelancers and creative types. The app for time-tracking uses a "Pomodoro-style timer" and also enables you to create time sheets to monitor your hours. This platform helps freelancers work more efficiently, but is also great for creative agencies and other kinds of teams.
As I have done with the last three series, I’ll be reposting these blog posts here with a little commentary. Within the Time Management app a user can navigate through different companies they have access to within GP. Within the Time Management App for Microsoft Dynamics GP the user that is signed into the app will be able to enter time against paycodes for vacation and sick time and benefit time codes in HR depending on what module is setup for the Accrue Type. After spending a little time investigating I remembered a blog post from the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog where they discussed this as being a known problem with Dynamics GP 2013 R2. As I have done for the last two releases, I intend to shadow these posts and add my own opinions on these new feature; the series index is here.
In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 approvers have one place to view and approve employee self service changes. Employee Benefits is part of the new Employee Self Service functionality being introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.
An option for All or Active allows employees to view what they are assigned as well as all benefits available. Depending on the kind of properties sold or the business size, buyers might require everything from sales and marketing automation to property listing management features.
This increases efficiency and organization and enables buying and selling agents to close more deals, faster. Let’s say a homebuyer fills out an online form requesting to see a property listed on your website. The agent will capture all of these detail, plus the contact information for their buyer’s agent, in the CRM system.
He ends up hearing back within the hour, so he sets a date for the showing and shares the calendar appointment with the property seller, buyer and their agent all at once.
They can also see how the team performed that day overall (how many properties were sold, for example, or the number of showings the team conducted).

These leads might be distributed directly to an agent, or fed into a queue in the CRM dashboard. This functionality is sometimes provided through an integration with commissions tracking and payment software. These are often password protected and can be customized with the brokers’ logos and other branding elements. They depend on tablets, smartphones and laptops to stay on top of work while they’re out of the office.
Some products also offer GPS-powered features, such as a report showing neighborhood trends for the area where the agent is happened to be at that time. Agents use these features to mine for conversations that mention their brand, neighborhood of interest, or other keywords that might signify a potential business opportunity. If they see key metrics moving in the wrong direction, they can use the software’s reporting tools to drill into possible causes.
Currently in beta, TimeKat helps you work smarter and happier with a simple app, so you can get back to watching cat videos on the Internet.
Within the summary panel the employee can see their available balance and active timecards they can enter time against. With a real estate CRM system, this lead might show up in the user dashboard for the corresponding agent, then automatically convert the form data into a contact profile for that buyer. The date and times for both the phone call and the subsequent email to the buyer’s agent are also recorded. Finally, he sets a new task to follow up the next afternoon after the showing to see if they’ve submitted an offer. If a client posts a Facebook update about their birthday, for example, the agent could see this from their CRM system and instantly reply.
Together, this functionality ensures that agents stay organized, on task, and that nothing falls through the cracks. For instance, average number of days properties spend on the market, or average price per square foot of active listings. When the user selects a company the summary panel on the right is populated with the pay codes, balances and active pay periods of the company the user selected.
The TimeKat app is also integrated with Google apps, so you can keep all your files organized. This functionality allows the user to easily enter timecards within different companies they may have access to within Dynamics GP.

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