There was a mobile sms that went saying – to know the value of one second, ask a person who was just saved from a road accident, to know the value of a fraction of a second, ask an athlete who lost the bronze medal, to know the value of a minute, ask a person who missed the train and so on. Timely delivery of products with certain measure of quality and efficiency is essential to survive in the market today.Road maps and business plans do serve their purpose. In this era of internet marketing where marketing information and advertisements reach the target audience in seconds the time taken for development and the timing of the launch determines the winner.Time to market is even more crucial for service providers and e-commerce and online infomediary service companies, as putting up a product (website) don’t take much time. Sixty-eight percent of service providers cited speed of a new product creation as a key business differentiator with 95 percent stating that time to market has a positive impact on revenue.
The inhibitors that slow down Time to Market like technological or environment complexities and uncertainties, inflexibility of existing systems, operational support systems investment etc. The old adage ‘Time and Tide waits for no man’ gains even more importance in marketing, operations and execution in today internet space. Time to market has today been recognized as an important factor affecting profits especially for service providers.

Similarly to understand the value of time in marketing ask a florist who was not able to sell off his inventory, or a milk products company whose inventory perished due to poor marketing or timely sale of products or a person who lost a customer because the competitor could come up with the product before him. But sitting on top of them with little implementation taking place on the developing side is like inviting catastrophe. The time taken by you to deliver matters a lot in this era of internet marketing where information and online services reach the other corner of the world in the split of a second. In addition, 95 percent reported time to market as impacting brand image and 94 percent on achieving customer loyalty. It has to be remembered that competitors too are using that time to draw up plans and go in for execution. The survey conducted by Amdocs in 2011 said that 70% of the polled opined that Time to Market is important, up from the 59% in 2008.
Service providers failing to improve time to market therefore risk customer churn and missed revenue opportunities.

Existing resources should be put to the most efficient use in order to gain maximum benefits at lower costs. Hence sitting with many ideas and lots of plans and waiting for the best may not always yield the best result. The tiger that was roaring during the last decade seems to have gone to sleep now, not realizing that it’s past time to wake up now. The inaction by the government could prove to be a chance to others to occupy the place India has had till now. The time going unutilized by the Indian government to fix up the economy could prove to be gain to competitor countries.

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