Complete with a binder made in soft calf leather (or leather look PVC), a stationery pack containing a set of the most essential forms and organiser accessories (see full list with previews below). The week-to-view system is available with two different styles of diary page: the Appointment Format and the Planner Format.
We’ve already covered time management all over this website, in the goals, taking action and project management pages. Good time management is an act or a process of planning which manages and organizes your life and tasks in such a way as to get the most productively out of your time. Being able to have a full To Do list for all aspects of your life is great, and then being able to bring that together with events from your calendar, tasks from your goals and projects, and deadlines into one place to plan your coming week and days as you go is really helpful. On a sunday night I take all of the relevant data from my To Do list, goals tasks lists, and calendar and put them together into a To Do and key reminders page for the coming week.
So I guess this is more of a summary where I’ll bring all of the concepts together into one strategy for good time management.

As the week goes on I then plan each day (on the night before) as it comes, again taking any relevant data from my now ‘weeks To Do and reminders lists’. These stop you from dithering about and thinking about what to do, but give you a defined purpose for that time; something all good time management tools should do. Good time management relies on a huge amount of organization and I would also say it demands a lot of ‘get up and go’ as to get the most out of your time to, but it is certainly worth it if you can master it.
It is said 10mins of planning in good time management can save you an hour in actual doing. The diary as you will know if you have read that page, allows you to keep all of your To Do’s, weeks events, goals, weeks tasks in one place. We keep our life organized by constantly using our agendas to keep track of our daily activities.
Ask any successful person in our world and they will tell you that they have at some point implemented some good time management techniques into their life.

Now there is a fun way to look at your clock while reviewing your schedule for the day – the Watch Diary by Wonjune Song.
The clock built into the diary`s pages takes you one step further into the time planning perfection we all strive for.
With the size of only 105 x 155 mm, the Watch Diary fits almost anywhere and helps you stay focused on your schedule and your time.

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