Plus, your most important tasks don’t get addressed in a timely fashion if you have too much to do. Are you ready to stop the insanity and discover 21 tips towards better time management?Set your priorities wisely. Use your calendar effectively and you’ll be able to spend your time more judiciously. If you work better with soft music playing in the background, arrange to listen to your tunes while you complete your tasks. If someone calls you into their office for a minute to get your opinion on an issue, avoid sitting down.
If you’re struggling during off-work hours to manage your time, feel free to also use your planner there. For example, if you plan to clean your bedroom for an hour, set the alarm on your cell phone. Rather than getting perturbed, your associates may praise your work ethic of finishing your projects before taking time to chitchat. Write in your schedule when you want to work on certain home projects, like washing your car or cleaning the living room.

Stop working on the chore at hand when the timer goes off, but not until then (unless you complete the task).
I have lists for everything from shopping, to packing (when traveling or moving), blog post setup, etc.Use lists properly. Schedule uninterrupted time into your calendar to help you focus on your business or project.Set boundaries. Let people around you know that you will not pick up phone calls during specific times.First things first.
Unless you are satisfied with where you are, schedule time to read, learn and grow personally. Even if you only get 1 hour a week for yourself, that gives you 52 hours a year.Focus on productivity, not busyness. 80% of your activities create 20% of your results and 20% of your activities contribute to 80% of your results.
If something is not a strength of yours, or you know somebody who can do it better, cheaper, or faster, you should delegate it to them.
It reminds me to quickly get back to the project and get it done before I have to move on.Take breaks.

Even a short break when you stretch, have a quick conversation or run up and down stairs, this may help you between projects.
Remember to get back within 10-15 minutes or it might be hard to get back to work.Success starts with self-discipline! You can keep blaming your lack of time on others or you can take responsibility and start managing your time instead of giving that power to others. Connect every task to your goal. Does it speed up the process or does it slow you down?Assign a deadline to your items to avoid letting it slip through the cracks.Acknowledge your uniqueness. Pay attention to how you take action and produce results best, and continue to do that.Question: What is your favorite time management tip?

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