Join Emily on a heartwarming journey as you help her follow her heart in Delicious - Emily's True Love. New exciting adventures of islanders are waiting for you in your favorite game - Island Tribe 5! After disaster strikes during a stormy night, you once again face the difficult task of rebuilding your village and farm! My Farm Life 2 takes casual games to new heights as players tend to crops 30 stories above busy city streets! We offer you ability to download game My Farm Life 2 which was scanned with anti-viruses and have no spyware, no adware, no ads inside. Ballad of SolarGuide Solar and his band of helpers as they set out to rescue the fair Lumina and stop the dark sorcerer Grogan from achieving eternal life!

Outta This KingdomOutta This Kingdom combines time management fun with a fantasy twist for casual gameplay the whole family will love! If on the given day you lose less than 5 customers you can open the Dhaba again on the next day. Help Lisa tackle the unique challenges of running a rooftop farm as you grow crops, milk cows, and produce goods in 60 exciting episodes! Business is booming, but all those hours spent at the restaurant have taken their toll on Emily's social life: she doesn't really have one! True, she sees lots of familiar faces at the restaurant every day, such as her best friend FranA§ois. He finds what he was looking for… But the price is too great for this discovery - he is being held hostage by the cunning Atlanteans who take him away to their mystic country.

The "Play Time Management" project team happy that you choose to download My Farm Life 2 game online free from our web-site. This one small event turns Emily's world upside down!Will Emily finally find her true love?

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