David Ginsburg has served over 20 years as a math teacher, instructional leader, and PD provider. And though you could make a case for relationship-building or behavior management being a component of classroom management, it's at best one spoke in a wheel that includes materials management, policies and procedures, classroom layout, time management, and instruction. Make no mistake: every outstanding teacher I've known has been able to build strong relationships with students. A lesson here is that we as educators must always properly frame our conversations about teaching effectiveness.
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The opinions expressed in Coach G's Teaching Tips are strictly those of the author(s) and do not reflect the opinions or endorsement of Editorial Projects in Education, or any of its publications. He leads a Philadelphia-based team of consultants that specializes in instructional coaching, leadership coaching, and common-core implementation. A respected journalist and bestselling author--and a non-educator at that--drawing attention to an often-overlooked hallmark of great teachers: strong relationships with their students. Brooks' book in a recent blog post, What's the Secret to Effective Classroom Management?, where he stressed the importance of "trusting, respectful, caring relationships between students and teachers." My issue with Dr. But they've also been able to meet the other myriad challenges of managing a classroom of 30 kids.

Conversations that should include but not be limited to the importance of strong teacher-student relationships and how to create them. Elias' post has nothing to do with his premise--which I embrace--but rather his packaging, as reflected in the title.
Brooks' comments by focusing on just one skill or attribute of great teachers--relationship-building--we'll overlook other skills and attributes of great teachers.

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