We are sending legal notice to Lucknow based company "Dreamers Street Services Private Limited" for not making the payment. ModelsDelhi is #1 Hostess & Anchors Provider Company which is operational in 45 cities in India. Mr.Singh had visited several countries for reporting assignment as a sports journalist and covered several international sports events worldwide including T20 cricket world cup and IPL season II in South Africa, Compaq cup in Sri Lanka etc. India's one of big trade show organizer Triune Exhibitors Pvt Ltd is conducting these two expo. The most lightweight of them are Project Planning and Management (sized at 204,439) and LogicSMS SMS & Voice Messenger (sized at 447,186), while the largest one is Picasso Album Maker with 400,037,828 bytes.

We also accept payments by Internet Banking, Cash on Delivery and Equated Monthly Installments(EMI). According to Pushpandra Singh, Director of RBG Sports Management & PR a€?Indian Hostess Industry is most unprofessional and unorganized. We provide event promoters in Delhi, event promoters in Mumbai and event promoters in India.
Here, individual coordinators take money from clients or exhibitors, but most of the time they run away with money.
RBG Sports Management & PR was founded by Senior Sports Journalist turned entrepreneur Pushpandra Singh.

These kinds of incidents have discouraged exhibitors to hire hostess from indivual or roadside coordinators. We will send "Alert" message to all exhibitors, clients, organisers, event management companies, 11500 promoters about her fraud.
His passion for sports will never die, thata€™s why after spending 11 years in journalism, and he decided to move into sports management.

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