One of the top 10 issues that men and former professional athletes struggle with is time management. New York Times best selling author, John Maxwell says this about time management, “Time management is an oxymoron.
About MeI am the author of The Dad I Wish I Had, a former NFL player, NFL Ambassador, and family and relationship expert for the NFL Players Association.
If you want to have a greater influence in peoples lives, and leave a legacy you will be proud of, you have come to the right place.
Lions and tigers and bears, in today’s world of managing projects equates to meetings, and e-mails and no time to work on my stuff – oh my!  The #1 challenge of managing multiple projects is keeping track of all the details. How do you gain the courage, the intelligence and the heart to decrease the stress and take control?  Better organization, by taking advantage of technology, is the answer. The product I’m recommending, based on leading marketing, marketing research and new product development projects for 25+ years, is an Excel based tool from W5Templates.
With a structured way of managing projects you’ll be able to more confidentially ask, like the Guardian of the Emerald City Gates, “now state your business”. W5Templates Founder and President of Project Marketing Associates, a company in the business of assisting leaders deliver results without increasing overhead. Property Management is chaotic on the best of days.  With the W5 Template I have the luxury of a simple-to-use program that replaces my need to remember every detail for every unit.
With 30+ projects in my queue, the customizable fields allow me to see the information I need quickly so I can build my daily task list in under 5 minutes. Since investing in this template, I have found the developers to be very responsive and helpful.  This tool has definitely helped me manage and track sales leads, and has a very intuitive user interface. Priority management skills are different than time management skills, which many people have. Below are a few key strategies that have helped me develop priority management skills and improve my ability to put out “fires” when a crisis hits. Whatever has the most urgent deadline generally takes priority, but if you aren’t completely sure, ask for clarification from your supervisor. Longer-term priority management is as important as crisis priority management and can prevent future fires. You may not be able to resolve every issue that demands your attention each day, but you can decide what the most important issues are and resolve those. Earlier this week I published a round up of sales and marketing organization tips, these were so popular that I’ve pulled together some of the conversations that also talked about organization. If you're not into audio, here's a quick summary of the tips I use - these aren't in the same order, may or may not be included in the audio - they are just what I do to manage my time daily. This week, I also had a DIYMarketers Masterclass Hangout with organizational expert Kathleen Day from Lifesmith University. She shared more fantastic tips about how to identify the most important things and then schedule them into your day -- literally creating your day and ultimately your life with time for everything!

Time management is one such factor that needs to be perfect in all possible sense so as to reach out to the target and make the things more perfect and literally the productivity also goes up to a respective level. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Developing a morning routine to prepare your mind, spirit, and body for the day is a great way to jump start your day. It can be easy to get caught up in everything you have to juggle every day and not take the time to think about what is really important. Mark Twain once said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Identifying your motivation to accomplish your goals is essential.
I’ve heard it said, that I would prefer 10% of effort of 10 people, than 100% effort of my own. If you find yourself juggling different priority lists, sticky notes, reminders on your phone, notes in your bound notebook, and multiple to-do lists – you’re not alone.
While Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all the rage, this tool is equally powerful for project and portfolio management.
I can change the categories, manipulate its appearance, I can link my client and my client’s projects, and the relationships to my own document database via hot links. Transparency enables you and your coworkers to resolve the issue much more quickly and efficiently, because you won’t end up doing work someone else has already done or vice versa. It’s not a sign of failure to give some tasks to someone else, because the project is not about you. The “important but not urgent” square includes tasks such as relationships, exercise, planning and working towards personal and professional goals. As you practice priority management, you will be able to take steps towards handling your workload with less stress and greater productivity. Basically marketers opt out for tools to make the things move up in the right track and path in the segment. Most can’t wait for the opportunity to finally call their own shots, only to discover that the lack of structure only makes things worse, and can find themselves unproductive in management their time effectively. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have.” Managing what’s most important is more important than trying to manage time. Taking time to pray, reading an inspirational article, getting caught up on the news, doing an early morning workout, and eating a healthy breakfast are great ways to get you going. Sometimes the best thing you can do in the morning is to give yourself permission to take a timeout to refocus. Many people want to play professional sports, but very few have the motivation to pay the price during the off-season to prepare themselves for the opportunity.
Assess your schedule and eliminate anything that is not essential, or would take away from you accomplishing a more important goal. Having been both “persons” at various times and having observed others’ workplace behaviors, I believe the difference has to do with priority management.

But what do you do when a client calls with a problem or request, and suddenly several important tasks are competing for attention? Working on a team calls for team members to support each other as each strives to achieve a common goal. Steven Covey also discusses this square in his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
When you operate from this square, you tend to be less stressed, more creative and more productive. One of the tool that I have been using for the sake of time tracking and management is the cloud based hours tracking tool from Replicon which is hassle free and is all featured with the user friendly and calendar based interface that makes it an intuitive tool to work with.
It will help you eliminate or postpone tasks that aren’t important, or is not as urgent as other things.
The reason why a person is willing to pay the price is because there is an unfulfilled dream or goal that they have in mind that gets them out of bed in and in the weight room. Spending time to allow someone you respect to speak into your life will not only saves you time, but can also prove to be an invaluable resource to you. When a crisis happens, you must decide what your priority will be during the limited time you have. A few weeks ago ProActive’s Patricia Kakridas wrote a great blog post about setting boundaries, which provides guidance on how to consistently prioritize items in the second square. So instead, figure out what is easiest for you to incorporate on a consistent basis so you can prepare yourself for what’s to come throughout the day. When the other team begins to go on a run, and they sense the momentum shifting to the other team, they call a time out.
Birthdays, anniversaries, kids games, anything that is a priority for your marriage and family.
Giving yourself a timeout to meditate to refocus yourself will position you to be more effective throughout your day and not caught up in the current situation you are dealing with. This will keep you from accidentally committing to a meeting or event that would conflict with your family schedule. Making time to check in on those you mentor or work with is not only helpful for them, but you’d be surprised with how much it helps you as well. Also, turn on the reminders in your calendar to help you remember where you need to be and give yourself enough time to get there.

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