At The Malcom Randall VA Medical Center, simulation is used frequently for hospital wide teaching.
If you're reading this, you're still using Internet Explorer 6 or older, a ten-year-old browser that cannot cope with the demands of the modern internet.For the best web experience, we strongly recommend upgrading to Firefox, Google Chrome,Opera, Safari or even the most recent version of Internet Explorer. This two-day Adult Advanced Life Support program is for healthcare professionals who are required to provide Adult Basic and Advanced Life Support in a clinical setting.
A total of 16 CPD hours are assigned to this program (based on 12 hours program contact and 4 hours self-directed learning). See videos showing PACU nurses participating in simulation exercise with Virtual Humans (VH).
We relate outcomes to behavioural data, which shows the value of relationships between people."A new paradigm for a worker-oriented "village" may sound romantic, but Waber says this is backed up by hard results. Two different programs are run by Felipe Urdaneta and Chris Goldstein: one for anesthesia residents and the other for non-anesthesia personnel.

From efficiency gains to unmasking misconduct and promoting well-being, the incentives for employers are clear. For non anesthesia practitioners (ED personnel, ICU, pulmonary fellows for MICU, intensivists, and respiratory therapists from the Lake City VA medical center), there is a monthly half day course on airway management since 2009 that is a requirement to get credentialed for airway management. It is increasingly common for firms to monitor their employees' computers - down to the key stroke - and to rifle through their communications made using company equipment.Tools for monitoring active workers in the field are also developing. But it's not just a case of saving tens of millions of dollars -- I can also point to thousands of people that say they like their job better."Sociometric's technology has been tested at several dozen companies, and Waber anticipates that half of the Fortune 500 will be using the model within 10 years. Major companies such as Amazon and Tesco have fitted their staff with devices that allow micro-analysis of their performance, and are also used to direct them. Kirstie Ball, Center for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy"There are huge concerns over work intensification and increased stress, people have different stress reactions," says Professor Kirstie Ball, of the Open University's Center for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy.
You could have what happens in finance with audits on a quarterly basis with the bottom 10% sacked."Both academics agree with Waber in that legislation is behind the technology, and ill-suited to preventing abuse.

In a pioneering initiative, Autodesk distributed Fitbit devices to provide health and activity feedback for their employees. Employees are often unaware of their rights to challenge pervasive monitoring, and may be forced into 'hacking' as their only means to avoid it.At the dystopian end of the scale, there are fears that the field could run amok to the point of even allowing chips under the skin, as has been practiced with US patients. The company says the benefit is in greater wellbeing for their staff, leading to improved performance, although it acknowledges the data will also save them money on insurance premiums. But if there are disturbing possibilities, the opportunities outweigh the risks, believes Ben Waber, founder of Sociometric Solutions, an offshoot of MIT's Human Dynamics Lab, and a passionate evangelist for the benefits of workforce analytics.
Management have been encouraged by the results."There was nervousness at first about being tracked," says Ashley Simmons, performance manager at the hospital.

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