When I clicked onto this infographic designed to give some time management tips, my first response was: “Wow – This has captured the essence of what is needed to get more hours out of each day. Looking at that title I immediately started looking for the rocket science, the brain surgery and the incredible depth of some seriously complex concepts.
With focus comes clarity of purpose, allowing us to realise what the goal is that we are trying to achieve and putting all our efforts into making sure that we do so. One of the major time traps in the corporate world today is the huge amount of time wasted in meetings.
Developing time management skills will always help us to complete our tasks at right time, so that we can find the flow of our regular schedule.
Synergy Seminars is a human resources training, development & consulting company based in Namibia.
We offer a wide range of services including short training courses, customised in-house training, long-term HR development and personnel & team-building events.
Learn how to unleash your creativity and ability to think and solve problems quickly and easily with mind maps.
Negotiation is a problem-solving process in which two or more people decide to discuss their differences attempt to reach a joint decision about their common concerns. Uncover the secrets of being more confident in your communication be developing your assertiveness. Learn to be persuasive and confident communicator in both your personal and professional life. As more and more customers prefer to do business on the telephone, how to develop stronger telephone service skills.
Whether people like to admit it or not, the state of a desk and work area is a reflection of the state of the person’s mind and control.
Delivering consistent, excellent customer service is about sending your customers away happy, so that they are not only satisfied, but also delighted enough to recommend you. Discover how to effectively understand and deal with people who’s behaviour is considered unacceptable or difficult. This is an essential course for everyone who wants to write shorter and more effective emails. Learn more about the four generations in the workplace today and what each generation is looking for in order to succeed and be happy at work. By learning more about people from other cultures in business, you’ll be able to work and communicate with them more effectively. One of the things that can help deal with all the information that comes our way when at work is the ability to speed read.
It is interesting to think about the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. When we were children, we behaved like children, somewhere in our teens, we realised that it was time to grow up and behave like adults. This eSeminar will help you feel more confident about making better and more accurate decisions in any workplace situation. Getting a job is only the beginning of managing your career; your career is about where you will end up in the long-term.
Being poor at time management often results in stress, procrastination and a feeling of being overwhelmed by all the things that we need to take care of.
Learn the best methods to learn to think laterally and apply creativity in order to solve difficult problems at work. Regardless of whether you are in Sales, Marketing, Finance or Management – at some point in time you may be required to right a business report on some aspect of your work. As a manager and as an employee, chances are that you spend 20 – 50% of your time attending meetings.
In today’s business presentations, it is very hard to attend a presentation that does not have a PowerPoint.

Gain more confidence whenever you write any type of document I learning the fundamentals of good business writing skills. The idea behind emotional intelligence has been around for nearly 100 years, so the concept isn’t exactly new. A high performing team member can motivate other members to work harder, can ease the friction within a team and can challenge team members to achieve their goals in a timely and efficient manner.
It is important to network with people both inside and outside your organisation, well networking people are often more collaborative and effective and can make it easy to get the job done.
Project Management is the science and art of managing a project, regardless of what the project is and how big or small it is.
Since the famous book ‘Emotional Intelligence’ written by Daniel Goleman in 1995, the term emotional intelligence has become one of the hottest corporate buzzwords. When most people think of project management, they often think of the process of managing the construction of a 50 story apartment complex, or the development of a new mobile phone, or automobile.
Being an excellent communicator is probably one of the most important skills that you can have in today’s workplace.
Both problem solving and decision making are highly coveted skills in today’s business world. Many people use to do lists, they get in every morning and scribble down a hundred things that they want to get done for the day. There will be times in your career when you will be required to deliver a presentation to a bunch of individuals. When you are at work, it’s a lot like trying to date somebody you really like; you need to impress them first. Regardless of what business you are in, chances are that you will have customers either internal or external who will play a critical role in your business. In this session we are going to look at ways that you can make your own annual appraisal constructive and creative without changing the process that your organisation has established which you need to follow.
Management and Leadership Training can give you the skills you need to be an effective leader who motivates their team while managing people, projects and deadlines. Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack are your training experts in leadership and management training. Spend a day with a top-notch trainer sharpening your management, supervision & leadership skills at one of the upcoming seminars in your area! Learn effective leadership skills to maximize employee performance with these supervisor training courses. Taking responsibility for your employees, motivating them in their work, and being a good leader are necessary skills that take time and practice. Here - in one concise workshop - are proven, practical tools to help you and your teammates work together in better harmony, enjoy your jobs more, and make greater contributions to your organization. Too often we try to multitask and try to do too many things at one time, with the end result that we land up doing far less. Such as social media, cell phones, emails and many other little stimuli that come along to steal your attention from the task at hand.
Once you are properly focused on what it is that you need to do, it becomes quite easy to block out distractions. Meetings often become habitual, and if an hour is set aside for the meeting it takes one hour. Instead of having to invest time and energy into working out how to do something, that has been done many times before, create a ritual or in other words an habitual pattern to get the job done. One can achieve so much more during the early morning hours before all the distractions and interruptions begin. If we can simplify the way that we work by taking note of some of these time management tips, we really can get more hours into our day.
Now, Most of the companies have increased the numbers of time-saving devices and tools to make our lives easier.

Is it possible to have a totally disorganised work area and be totally in control of your time and priorities? Speed reading, is the art of reading information quickly and faster than your regular reading speed. When we became adults, we behaved like single people do, having a great time – living life on the wild side. There will be many transitions and challenges for you to face during the course of your career, even if you decide to stay in the same company for your entire work life. Motivated employees are found to be happier, more productive and more driven then their peers, so if you want to achieve success at work, it makes sense for you to stay motivated in the workplace. In some organisations where meetings are structured and a certain process is followed all the time, these meetings can be short, effective and increase productively.
Somehow Microsoft has done such a good job of selling PowerPoint that a presentation and PowerPoint are now interchangeable in all of our heads. However, a lot of the most recent research into emotional intelligence and why it matters more than IQ has been promoted by Professor Daniel Goleman. Discover how to impress your colleagues and your manager and hit the ground running the right way. Perhaps you have been on the receiving end of this phenomenon as a presenter showed slide after boring slide filled with text and graphs and charts and insisted on reading out every single work to you without stopping, until the end of the presentation. When it comes to completing activities that cost millions of dollars, the use of project management techniques makes a lot of sense.
Good communication is the foundation for every interaction and for every relationship you have at work.
Both are closely linked and each requires creativity and the ability to identify options, and alternatives to an existing problem. I have seen someone people make a to do list and then not use it at all, they just close their notebooks and work on what comes their way.
This may be a sales presentation, a presentation to a client, to your colleagues or to your bosses. At work you need to impress people around you to get them to want to work with you and have you on their team. It is a good idea to remember that no business can exist without customers so it is vital that you learn how to manage your customers both when they are exceptionally thrilled with you and when they are complaining about your product or service.
We have a wide variety of management seminars that focus on leadership training, motivating yourself and your employees, budgeting skills and effective communications. Time management tips that are common sense, down-to-earth and within the reach of everyone. By focusing on one thing at a time and giving that item 100% attention we are able to achieve far better results.
We need to start by cutting just 10 minutes off the meeting, and often will find that we can reduce meeting times quite dramatically. Also this is the time of day when one is fresh and able to think much more clearly about what one is trying to achieve.
What makes some people successful while others remain stuck and becomes slaves to their circumstances? The difference is that a project is not business as usual, it is something that happens once, is temporary and is very specific. Further enhance the skills that brought you into this position and become a better leader and supervisor your employees and your company need and want.

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