If every day went like you planned it without some disruption, people would always get what they need done. If interruptions that you can’t ignore do happen, that’s when it’s important to put the responsibility on others. While it’s great to get everything done, you can easily burn out if you’re rushing from one activity to another.
The day starts when you step foot into your office building, and it ends when you put your computer to sleep around the 5 o’clock hour.
Once you’ve determined where you stand, make a conscious effort to stay in-line with that goal.
Not many get the chance to do this while at work, so make time at home to look back at your daily routine.
A great article from Marc and Angel Hack Life shares insight on the “12 Things Highly Productive People Do Differently.” On that list it breaks down why you should focus on being productive, instead of busy. Between worrying about class time, going through rotations and managing day-to-day tasks, it can be a handful to say the least.
But that also means they know when to stop doing a task and go to bed or finish up for the day. Being a micromanager can mean you occupy your time with recurring tasks, but you never reach an endpoint.

Write down each thing you need to get accomplished for that day in the order that you need to get it done. From a chatty coworker to a last-minute favor, these small instances can get in your way and slow you down. Whether that means going for a quick walk around the neighborhood or listening to music in the car for ten minutes when you drive from point A to point B, stepping away mentally from your daily agenda will help you avoid getting overstressed and tired. If you create an agenda and don’t get everything done because of minute, unexpected tasks or other issues, you need to realize that it’s OK and you’ll get it done tomorrow. So, here’s the question you need to ask yourself…do you micromanage your time to stay busy, or do strategically play out your tasks and projects to be more productive? If  you find that your work is dull, and you need a change, then that could be your wake up call to up your productivity levels. While this seems like such a simple recommendation, it really can help to see all that you need to do by planning it on paper. If you have more than one project at work that you need to do, delegate some of the responsibilities to a friendly coworker, even if you’re not higher up in the ranks than them. If you continuously push yourself too much, you may lose motivation and drive to do the next task.
People with poor time-management skills spend more time stressing over getting every last thing done instead of doing it.

Strategic, or productivity, is where you’re always looking at the end result, and what the goals are for what you’re working on. Jot down times that you anticipate each activity will take so you can map out whether you can get it all done or not. While it may be hard at first, it’s crucial that you realize you need to stick to your routine. Though you may feel bad about the request, it will only help you get your daily tasks done accurately without stress or issue. It’s hard to turn down odd jobs that require you to deviate from your schedule, especially if they don’t add to your overall goal. It’s important to also understand the culture at your company, that way you’re effectively moving toward your end goal, without stepping on toes on the way up. Consider these five tips on how to polish your own time-management abilities so you can stay on top of everything that comes your way. At the end of the day, even if you feel guilty, you’ll be glad that you accomplished everything on your list.

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