We hope you enjoy our time management tip and activity.  Think about it as a time management game!
Here are some time management tips that will help you make better decisions and get the most out of your time. The first step in establishing healthy and fulfilling time management practices is to know your personal values and prioritizing the activities in your life that adhere to these values.
You may have a paper planner or a digital one, but it is important that you have one – don’t waste time trying to remember everything. There is nothing wrong with giving your time generously to things you are passionate about.
Yes, we said there are 24 hours in the day, but that doesn’t mean that you can be productive for all of them. You may use these tips now as a student to balance work, school and your family, but we think these are habits that could help you for the rest of your life and career. South College-Asheville nursing students participated in a simulation lab conducted by Mission Health’s Education Lab on June 2, 2014. Jonathan Zilliox joins South College-Asheville as Department Chairperson for General Studies.
Today, South College-Asheville opens enrollment for a bachelor of science in nursing degree (BSN) program with classes starting April 4. Well you’re not alone in attempting to balance a chaotic schedule with earning your degree.
We scoured the web for expert advice and polled some current Rasmussen College students who can identify with your time management struggles to learn some important tips for staying on top of assignments and exams in the midst of busy schedules. Sometimes the best advice is among the simplest: One of the first and most important steps in achieving successful time management in college is to read your course calendars carefully. Whether you get a good grasp on your coursework for the entire semester, or simply for the next week, creating a plan will balance your workload and minimize the possibility for those dreaded, but sometimes necessary, all-night cram sessions. It can be easy to procrastinate in college—there is an unintentional consistency of letting the clutter of late work nights, dinner plans and school plays postpone your schoolwork. Frank Ortiz suggests the effectiveness of taking charge and giving yourself some guidelines. Printing or writing out checklists for each class or each day of the week can be a helpful way of remembering everything you need to get done. Charisse Nicole keeps a virtual notepad open on her computer with each week’s checklist.

Keeping your school work organized can be a huge factor in saving you some time throughout the week, especially if you’re taking more than one class at a time.
This may seem like the kind of advice you heard from your mother and now pass down to your own kids in the form of warm socks in the winter, sunscreen in the summer and daily vitamins year-round, but it can actually play a huge role in successfully managing your time while in college. Practicing regular exercise can keep your energy levels up, resulting in a more engaged mind when doing school work. Take the advice of students who have been there and see if you can calm that chaotic schedule for a stress-free college degree.
By requesting information, I authorize Rasmussen College to contact me by email, phone or text message at the number provided. Please Note: Your story idea may be featured on the Rasmussen College News Beat or on one of our social networks. Information about our graduation rates, median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information. Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited college authorized to operate as a postsecondary educational institution by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Whether you are Beyonce, the President of the United States or a parent going back to school, you only have 24 hours in your day. This is a personal preference and may be different for everyone, but make sure you know what is right for you. This is a good way to think about leaving extra time in your schedule for anything life may throw your way.
If you start implementing these time management practices, you can lower your stress level and be more productive. But throw work, children and social activities in the mix, and the web of daily responsibilities becomes even more intricately woven. In fact, 72 percent of college students maintain steady jobs throughout the school year, 20 percent of whom work full-time, according to a 2011 study by the U.S. Take a look at these six quick tips for getting a grasp on the busy life of a working student.
If you know the due dates for specific assignments and the time frames for quizzes, papers and exams, you’ll be able to spread out the necessary school work. Be sure to keep your computer desktop organized in a way that always allows you to locate the files you’ll need for each particular class.
Many also assert that getting adequate sleep at night can save college students time—this not only helps you avoid the time taken for afternoon naps, but it also can increase your alertness and decrease your stress levels.

For more help managing your time while in college, check out some specific study tips from straight-A students and helpful advice on staying organized in the midst of a busy schedule. Staying focused, working efficiently and being productive can allow you to enjoy your free time more by feeling relaxed and less anxious. Any activity that is important to your success, professionally and personally, should have a date assigned to it. Maybe you are someone who works best under pressure (that’s okay), just consider things that cannot possibly be done last minute and get those taken care of ahead of time. Research shows that multi-tasking can actually cause you to take longer to complete what you are working on and retain less of what you have done. At South College we want to work with you to develop organization and leadership skills to help you succeed!
Your family can barely sit down for a meal together at home as it is, so the added stress of weekly assignments to complete and exams to study for can easily become overwhelming.
She’d then plan out her week so that she was doing something for the class every day, alleviating the intensity of the workload. Print the weekly assignment sheets and check them off as you [complete] them,” he says.
This not only helps her see how much she has left to do, but it also allows her to appreciate each little accomplishment along the way. As a trained and published poet, she loves discovering new ways to use her writing as a tool to further the education of others.
It’s a good practice to effectively eliminate all distractions during scheduled productivity time. Would you like to share a personal success story about overcoming an obstacle while earning your degree?
Night owl or early bird—whichever one you are—that is when you should schedule your highest priority tasks.

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