Time sheet is an important document that is used for the recording of work done by particular employee with actual completion time for the job. Time sheet is basically designed for an employer to determine payroll and to use for some other purposes. Time sheet can be designed in any spreadsheet program where you can keep track of total hours worked, cost incurred on project, performance of employees and different other details as per your own needs.
Start your time sheet with date and time at which the work has been started but do not forget to record all breaks the employees have taken during the course of their work. It is important to keep complete record of working hours so that you can easily track billable and resting hours.
Keep your project hours separate from the daily working hours and it can be easy with the use of monthly time sheet as you can record everything separately without any conflict. Related Excel TemplatesCost of Goods Sold Sheet Template Cost of goods sold is amount paid by Merchandising Corporation for the merchandise sold during an agreed period of time. Reducing the extensive work of project coordination and planning, multiple project management tracking templates help project managers to list up the bundle of factors and assessment points which are required to be undertaken and evaluate consecutively. These multiple tracking templates help them managing multiple projects at the same time by placing the key areas of concentration on the single note template. Specifying the characteristic features of planning and working, it becomes easier to monitor broadly occurring operations and working of project.
I loved the PROJECT TRACKING TEMPLATE EXCEL PART 2 XLS FILE, I would like to have this template for my reference. For big companies and enterprises dealing with multiple clients at once and working on more than one project at a time, keep a tracking template of all the different operations and requirements of a project is essential. Templates must have the ability to, and many software generally can, be able to be shared with people involved in the project, like clients, contractors or freelancers.
The tracking template is able to notify the workers about the deliverable and the deadlines of the individual tasks under a larger project. By entering the details in excel template about all the resources being applied in carrying out a project and the amount of finances and time being spent on achieving them, you can keep a live and updated tack of the expenses being incurred by the firm. This section serves also an important function by helping the workers in keeping an active list of all the main tasks that need to be completed in the course of the project. Since the projects involve more than one stakeholder and hence the opinion of each and every person in the team counts, it is very important to have this option in the tracking template. Excel template can help you in clearly marking the priority of each task which is part of the project so that the progress on the work and the entire team is cognizant of the work flow and importance of each deliverable. Therefore, by implementing these very important components in the multiple project management tracking template, many project managers can ease the workload in their life and assemble all the relevant details regarding the time, expenses and resources to be allocated to what and what deliverable on the same page of a program. As discussed in part 1, the biggest challenge when it comes to designing project portfolio (program) level dashboards is that, End users want it very concise yet powerful.
We have identified important needs of our end users & come up with a mock up design that meets all these. First let us understand the design philosophy for this dashboard, because that is what drives all the Excel work.
Structural references as much as possible so that formulas are readable, editable & dynamic. This dashboard display follow box layout with simple colors, easy charts, picture links & lots of conditional formatting goodness.
To understand the important Excel features used in this, see below image & following list. These fonts are specified in dashboard’s theme so that they apply by default when opened in any computer. Since the workbook uses macros, I have added a warning message that shows up when macros are disabled. Since all this explanation might not do justice to the work, I made a short video [12 mins] explaining how the dashboard works. Now you can get this and 4 other project portfolio management templates (including simplified portfolio dashboard, time line chart, gantt chart templates). Extract the first 5 corresponding Project IDs and feed them to calculations for rest of the display. Received the Email with discount for previous PM purchases after I already placed my order, can you refund 20%   wasn't sure where to contac tyou directly  I can provide Transaction information when you contact me! Hi Chandoo,Your PM dashboards impressed me so much that I’ve downloaded the Portfolio and Project Management package.
Can the portfolio management dashboard  be translated to spanish?   can the translation affect the functionality? I want to know if I will always have to convert the reports to pdf before I sent them to the project team or I am able to e-mail them on an excel format? Besides that, I understand there is conditional formatting but I was wondering how the reference to the cell valGantstart links to show the "today line" for the gantt chart when the formula to show the "today line" on conditional formatting refers to this valGantstart. Hi Chandoo, your portfolio template is great, the one issue is the progress on teh project, if 100% is added in progress, it does not fully display, All that I see is ##### on teh dashboard. Have downloaded the trial portfolio template to see how the various elements work but the 'calculations' worksheet is hidden so I am unable to establish how the data is calculated? Kindly explain how your percentage of Projects done on the dashboard is calculated as this seems to depend on the budget?
Is there way to display a line to show the 'Baseline' within the dashboard under the Plan section?

I purchased, nice presentation on the Port Dash, seems basic on the data entry side of things.
I would like to know apart from the Dashboard usage, can we have a facility to extract as a report showing all Projects status report as read only to all Stakeholders, I am not interested in sharing the whole Dashboard as it comprises of complex code.
All I am looking is a button, which extract whole dashboard as a report in PDF or jpg format to share it with all stake holders. I'm about to get the dashboard but will need to have that feature as the Stakeholders will not be needing all the info the Prog Mgr sees. I purchased Portfolio dashboard yesterday; I am trying to modify it by adding Customer in front of Project name, estimated hours, and hours spent - I tried replacing Budget and spent title, and $$ format to number - the dashboard choked. Then I just tried to add columns in Project details, Customer, estimated hours, and hours spent.
Time sheet includes days of working weeks, working hours, beginning and ending of lunch time and total time taken by employee for break. Time sheet is used for different purposes such as it is used to record starting and ending time of tasks and the total duration required or used for the completion of each task. Write down ending time at the end of day to get accurate figure for total working and resting hours.
Calculate number of total hours worked at the end of the day to calculate the amount of total payment.
Do not forget to record minutes and round all minutes at the end of month while preparing your final monthly time sheet.
It is prepared on monthly basis on the completion of accounting cycle to calculate cost of goods sold and gross profit of the company. Using these templates, managers can instantly take the report and updated status of project development. By tracking the constant parameters of efficiency, every single decision can optimized right according to the requirements. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated with Excel templates and assistance.
No matter how good a team is at managing multiple projects at the same time, an electronic reminder of all tasks and deliverable is crucial to minimizing delays and errors in the operations. By using excel templates, all the stakeholders can keep a track of the progress of the project and be able to evaluate the progress according to the development of the project tasks. In this way, you can depend on the tracker to update you about the times of the meetings, for example, that had been set by the client or your own company. This template is the most important component as it can help the project managers keep a track of the feasibility of the project and know when to invest more into it or stop doing so.
By continuously updating the status of all the tasks, you can also keep a check on the amount of time needed to complete the project or if it will be completed well before the deadline. It provides you an option for commenting on the progress of a task or on the completion of a deliverable and hence motivate the team in case they are successful in achieving a goal well before time.
Since each plan has its own table, getting selected project’s table is necessary to drive all calculations. All these files are easy to use, beautiful to present, fully customizable, unlocked and designed to make you awesome. The only issue I'm having is, when I change an activity to 100%, it's showing ##### on the Dashboard Gannt. One alternative is to show list of holidays that occur in the filtered date range in legend area of the dashboard.
In Dashboard tab, the scroll bar displays each project, but in my case,  the entry Months displays ZERO. I koow you have mentioned that it takes upto 24 hrs to send the link but could you send it to me at the earliest. This is the price at which the goods were purchased and direct cost associated by bringing them to the sales room and completing the […]Home Inventory Sheet Template Home inventory sheet is an important document as it will help you to identify and report all items that are destroyed by fire or burglarized. It can also collaborate with all the workers and make sure that nobody misses the mark for either achieving a goal or attend a meeting. I think the final workbook summarizes performance of a bunch of projects in a concise yet powerful way.
Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox.
This information is important and can be used for payroll, client billing and cost management, estimation and tracking for a project. Do not forget to subtract break hours from this time such as if you have taken break of 30 minutes then working hours are 4 ? hours.
What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks.
It is equally important to write monthly time sheet and this information is equally important for the management department specifically in the project programs.
Time sheet is frequently used while project management because it will help you to measure the performance of employees and you can easily pinpoints all problematic tasks. Do you recommend this be owned by 1 manager or could this be stored on SharePoint and be updated by several people?
It can track the time consumption of your works exactly by hours, minutes, seconds, days, even weeks, months, years. Insurance companies often advice their customers to design a home inventory […]Cleaning Sheet Template A cleaning sign off sheet is frequently prepared in large organizations like hospitals or big factories where large equipments are installed and it’s necessary to clean those machines on regular basis.

It’s also applicable when it comes to offices which have more than one department and it’s very important to clean each floor with maximum supervision. The actual aim of a cleaning sign […]Wedding Planning Worksheet Template Planning for your wedding can sometimes be a very tiresome and mind boggling event. You can always easily lose track of the entire budget that you’re spending when planning for a wedding event. Because that is the time when you’re cash is flowing out and you have to keep track of every single detail. Data flow diagram is most important part of the organization to keep everything in organized manger. This is a better way to perform all important tasks as you can easily control […]Job Sheet Template Job sheet is an important part of any successful business therefore it is necessary to create. It is also known as job cost sheet and categorized as an accounting document because it will help you to calculate the costs of a particular project and orders. Job sheet will help you to have an estimate of your customers and upcoming expenses therefore you can also consider as a scorecard.
One can save lots of time, energy and money by doing these things with him or her personality and belongings as well.
It truly becomes a hassle when all the transaction amounts are mixed up and you have to sit and spend hours in streamlining the calculation […]Balance Sheet Template Balance sheet is a vital part of financial statements of all organizations because without it you cannot effectively manage accounts of your organization. It tracks your hours on a per project basis, distinguishes between billable and non-billable tasks, lets you enter comments, manages your absences, calculates overtime and prints reports. It helps you a lot to analyze the financial position of your organizations in the market and you can effectively measure the growth or decline rate of your organization. Balance sheet is designed to evaluate the assets and […] Amortization Schedule Calculator Template Amortization is a process of paying a debt from loan or mortgage over a pre-defined period of time into smaller installments. The amount you get from a loan or house mortgage has to be paid back with additional amount of interest on the loan. Optional idle-timer automatically stops timer tracking if you leave quickly, and restarts it once you come back. People don’t have enough money to buy a house or a vehicle all the time so they get financial help from a bank or Loan company who gives them the […]Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator Body mass index is a number obtained from a person’s weight and height to check if he has perfect body or overweight or underweight. BMI is a common used process to locate the extra fats in one’s body and to categories persons into weight categories to save them from diseases caused of overweight. Simply click start and stop accordingly, breaking your projects down into sub-tasks as needed, with HourGuard running quietly in the background as you work.
It helps to strengthen your team improving business process, analyzing team performance and reducing business costs.
Use Easy Time Logs for your or your employees timesheets, time tracking, and project management. Easy Time Logs offers a web-based interface with timesheets and a variety of other features and reports. Time Doctor allows managers to see exactly what their team is working on, all at the push of a button. It is an ideal solution for those individual contractors and companies who need to know readily how much time is spent on their tasks and how many hours they need to bill their clients for, as well as track expenses they incur. Time Recording is free of features that make the whole software difficult to handle - the functionality is focused on easy project time tracking.
It enables you to keep track of time spent and to record a description of the action performed. It can track project task assignments, activities, progress status; record timesheet entries and evaluate team members' workload.
TrackRay is: * Simple to use - no complicated program settings, options, or volumes if confusing manuals. The program starts with Windows and gathers information on applications started, websites visited, various activities over time and consumed traffic. It allows you to create user logins and organize them in teams, create and modify projects and activities, input work time, generate reports and invoices and send them via e-mail. True flexibility allows you to exchange data via email, hand-held computers and cell phones from the field.
The best thing about TimeBillingWindow is that it is always ready sitting in as a tray icon in the bottom corner of your screen. Even if we try to check the files for viruses, we cannot guarantee that they are safe and clean. For your own protection always virus scan downloaded files for viruses, spyware and malware. All download links of listed software are direct full download from publishers sites or selected mirrors. Using crack, warez version, warez passwords, patches, serial numbers, registration codes, keymaker, key generator, keygen or pirate license key is illegal and prevent future software developments.

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