The ever-present challenge for organisations is to improve customer service, cost effectiveness and productivity with reduced resources. This in-house time management training course will appeal to anyone responsible for staff who has too much to do and not enough time to do it – both at work and at home – and want to address the situation. The Talbot Group Companies have always been impressed and delighted with the professional manner with which Training To Achieve has approached any of the training or consultative tasks which have been undertaken on our behalf.
Today I was at work for the first time since the training and positive comments about the customer focus have not stopped coming in. About UsWe know from our 30 years’ experience in Learning and Development that it’s really possible for people to become 10X more productive. Backward Goal-Setting: Using Backward Planning to Set Goals If your goal is to become an account executive within the next five years, where do you start your planning process? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. To squeeze more from less and the associated strain can be significant for managers and their staff.
They have demonstrated continually their ability to understand our requirements and to deliver a programe that satisfies those requirements. This was an extensive program which was very well received by all delegates, received exceptional colleague feedback & overall a great success.

Or if your team needs to redesign the company's organizational structure, where do you begin with your project time management? What milestones do you have to reach before you can continue on with the next step in the plan? You will want to learn proven and practical tools and techniques to get the most from your time and our time management training will give you all the tools you need. When combined with the Golden Rules of Goal Setting, you have a motivating formula that can help you actively move yourself forward and a framework for project time management.
It can show you other ways to achieve the same result, and it can help you deal with the necessary unknowns of goal setting that can so often cause you to give up on your plan entirely. The idea is to start with your ultimate objective, your end goal, and then work backward from there to develop your plan. By starting at the end and looking back, you can mentally prepare yourself for success, map out the specific milestones you need to reach, and identify where in your project time management you have to be particularly energetic or creative to achieve the desired results. If you have to figure out the main points as they come, your energy is often used up by just trying to keep up. What specifically do you have to do, and by when, so that you're in a position to reach your final objective?
You need to force yourself to think from a completely new perspective, to help you see things that you might miss if you use a traditional chronological process of project time management.

This can also help you avoid spending time on unnecessary or unproductive activities along the way. Furthermore, it highlights points of tension within the plan, showing where you'll need to be particularly creative to make the next step successfully. You start with a basic vision, and then you ask yourself what needs to be done to achieve that vision.
You can read your plan from the beginning to the end, or from the end back to the beginning. It's about adopting a different perspective and, perhaps, identifying different milestones as a result. It's a great supplement to traditional planning, and it gives you a much fuller appreciation for what it may take to achieve success.

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