DepressionEveryone feels down sometimes, but how do you know if it's something more serious? Dealing With AngerDon't get mad, get the scoop on how tweens like you handle getting angry. CBC and NFB produce the best in informative documentaries and news reports that probe deeper into subjects that matter most to Canadians. As desperate migrants from the Middle East and Africa make their way across Europe, many in Canada are reminded of another refugee crisis that hit close to home.
Danny Ramadan fled war-torn Syria in 2011 and eventually came to Vancouver in September 2014. provides streaming access to the best in educational content from CBC and Radio-Canada.
This video series features five videos, each about 10 minutes long and divided into bite-sized segments.
This new video series on micro- and macroeconomics recently arrived at Red River College Library. Below is a snapshot of one title from the series called “Federal Deficits: Can We Live with Them?” Both Video on Demand and DVD formats are available.
Economic analyst Richard Gill discusses counter-cyclical policy: the idea of producing budget deficits in bad times and budget surpluses in good times in an effort to stabilize the economy.
After a large tax cut, three wars, a down market, and expensive entitlement costs, the deficit and the national debt reached unsustainable heights.
Politics make reducing the deficit tricky because no one wants to see cuts to programs that benefit their lives.

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Are you spending more than 30 min a day on your social media profiles and sites but not seeing any return on your time invested? Then you definitely want to learn some skills and strategies from someone who's making money with a proven system. Having escaped the Ayatollah’s regime and found a new home in Canada, he could not escape his past. Shot in 1988 in Africa, Canada and Hong Kong, the film reveals first-hand what Canadian immigration officials are looking for in potential new Canadians, and the economic, social and political priorities orienting their choices. This video series highlights the top 4 CBC News stories every month, from September through April. The stress is mounting as you face a pile of assignments and tests, accompanied by anxiety about how to get everything done and actually attain your goals for success.

The government encouraged citizens to buy war bonds and federal stamps to help defray the costs. President Nixon argued that a growing economy actually required a deficit, and many economists agreed. Increases in spending and decreases in taxes have been funded through borrowing… but borrowing has a cost to it – interest. Everyone has to sacrifice but no one wants to. Can a compromise on the budget ever be reached? In 2011, the Treasury Department asked congress to increase the nation’s debt ceiling to over 14.3 trillion dollars. I’m going to share the fast cash and moneymaking strategies and she’s going to check your mindset so you can leave with a whole new outlook and ROADMAP TO GETTING CLIENTS and jumpstarting your business! This blog post lists documentaries that provide a thoughtful investigation what it means to be a refugee (Syrian or otherwise). Just click on the image, go the Library web page, click the play link, and log in with your RRC username and password to view. Viewers are offered a discussion, historical background, commentary and analysis, along with input from experts in the field. In reality, the budget surplus was holding money out of the economy causing workers to lose their jobs.

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