About UsThe GOOD List, a music hub that showcases genres from pop to club hits, is unmistakably a pioneer in terms of new songs. Cal: I think you have to press play because we got some acoustic, we got some hip hop, we got some electric, we got all the flavors.
Rez: I was literally struggling because I was like, how can I play guitar and listen to such a great voice at the same time? Rez: I feel like in Timeflies at least like, not to have a moment but when I heard him freestyling I was like, “yo dog you’re nice. Cal: It is because you know, we’re doing these YouTube videos and we’re hanging out in our dormroom just messing around like drinking and being total bros. Craig Gillespie directed this true story about "the most daring rescue mission in the history of the U.S. January 3, 2011 By Jennifer McClanahan 6 Comments Ever since I had my daughter I have felt like I am fighting time. I know it sounds organized but believe me my first instinct was to get up, run into the kitchen and start cleaning and organizing. My intention is to feed my family healthy meals and to take the time to enjoy eating meals with them while saving time in my kitchen. Hi Tali – I was just writing my next post and telling everyone how much I enjoyed the pantry basics class. You know, get this and you’ll see the album that’s to come and “I Believe” is a good track to represent all that. Picture your stereotypical bros in college and we were doing it and he was also DJing parties so we were just making joke tracks to slip in at parties and sort of observe the crowd to see if people would keep dancing and we were just having fun with it and then we started freestyling and recording it.

Nothing when I listen to it I’m like, “oh man, I wish I could fix that” because then you got to fix that but like at the same time yeah you’re right, you have to put things out. Our manager (Jared) who is sitting right over their texting on his phone, all of a sudden just sent our song to a blog and we were so p****d off.
Some days it is an all out war and, as you may have noted from my lack of blogging, some days time wins hands down. However, I truly believe that success comes from planning and goal setting not willpower and bursts of energy. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and if you have any questions ask them there. We started growing a fan base and then we put out Scotch Tape and our fans got it to top 10 and then put our EP at #1 on iTunes.
It was crazy and it was just like to see that you know that’s the age of the internet that someone so far away could be moved by something we’re doing.
It’s an exciting song and it makes me feel good and I feel like it makes our fans feel good.
At the same time, I feel like one of the things that helped both of us was like watch YouTube and listen to more music.
I am sure you also have a place or activity where you spend time that prevents you from making time for the other things you want to do in your life.
Get involved in the stuff that you like so that you can be like, man that guy is killing it and like what do I do better than him or what sounds do I like of his that I can kind of play with at the same time and that sort of influences where music is at these days. I am no longer going to refer to time as lacking, running out, short, not enough or wasted.

My answer is to put myself on a four-week kitchen boot camp with the goal of saving time in my kitchen. For the month of January, I will guide you through my personal journey and I invite you to follow along. I have been implementing some of the steps for quite a while but I read a WSJ article on How to Keep a Resolution and decided that retraining my brain is what I need to make peace with time.
Past artists to come to Gannon include Andy Grammar, Jack’s Mannequin, The Fray and Jason Derulo.
Students anxiously tried to figure out the performing artist, but APB kept the identity under wraps until the concert reveal on Friday, Jan. 31.The big reveal took place in the Knight Club with a multitude of campus organizations present for the event.
In addition to the concert being revealed, APB provided raffles to win prizes, such as an iPad and free food as well.This year the musical group performing at Gannon University is the electro-hip hop group Timeflies, with special guest Mike Stud.
The group is most famous for their singles “I Choose U” and “Never Grow Up,” featuring Mike Stud.
It’s going to be a big hit for everyone!” says Carl Stofko, member of APB.Tickets for Timeflies with Mike Stud go on sale for Gannon students for a reduced rate of $13 from Jan.

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