Last year when Melissa Mayer declared that she would be cutting her maternity leave short, I was not shocked at all. But we all have only limited time at our disposal, is it really wise to open yourself up to your clients all the time? Even though my jobs have not been as exalted as the Yahoo CEO’s, up until my daughter was born, I was always available to my customers outside of 9 to 5. There was this one time when my husband and I left our infant with a sitter and went out to an elegant anniversary dinner, only for me to spend the entire duration responding to a client’s call!
Sure, no one could ever tell me that I had dropped the ball, but the real reason behind my working crazy hours was a gut wrenching fear. A paralyzing fear that if I wasn’t available around the clock, my customers would turn to someone else on my team. Even though I couldn’t get shake off this fear, I was better planned when my two younger kids joined the family. Since launching my coaching program, I am seeing those same habits creeping back into my life. This time the fear is even more palpable. Let’s face it we all want to succeed, but should we be working around the clock to achieve success?
If you have ever harbored any of these thoughts, then it is time you reevaluate your relationship with time.

Hey, if someone wants to pitch in and take responsibility when they are supposed to be off (entitled to be off based on company policies), they why would they complain? It makes your client’s life easier, because when they call, you jump to their service. It makes your company very happy, because you are continuing to persist in the mistaken belief that working hard will earn you a promotion. It is time to turn the tables. It is time for you to assume leadership and establish boundaries.
It is time to take back the joy in mindfully giving your time to your clients rather than having it wrenched from you! Let us begin by replacing your negative thoughts with these positive affirmations that are designed to forge a kinder relationship with time. If you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends by clicking the social media links below. Content on this site is protected by US and International Copyright Laws. Content may not be copied or otherwise distributed by any means without explicit permission.
I felt unhappy because I had set expectations for myself that exhausted me, both mentally and physically. None of this was helping me get promoted either. Taking care of each client is important to me not just because each client is critical to the bottom line of my business.

The person who is always working is viewed with admiration as demonstrating a greater dedication to his work than someone who chooses to work smart. In fact your company, your manager, your teammates they will never complain that you are working too much.
You will allow this craziness to perpetuate, you will be stuck in a repetitive pattern that is never going to propel you to success. It is time for you to set the rules to live up to all of your values while simultaneously taking pursuing excellence in your work.
At first these strategies may seem alien to you because you have allowed yourself to react to everyone’s demands and drama. It is time for you to make it crystal clear how you wish to be treated, with respect and consideration. I incorporate these affirmations into my morning routine and they have made a great difference in my life!

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