The thing that has been easiest for me, well not easy by any means, but easiER than all the other yo-yo B.S. On the 4th day I can add a list of veggies that I’ve never heard of and will never ever eat.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday made use of some newly granted powers to officiate at his first wedding, that of a same sex coupleDavid Contreras Turley exchanged vows with Peter Thiede outside of the historic Stonewall Inn on SundayA 'Today is a good day because at the end of the day, love wins today.
Ceremony: David Turley, left, places a wedding band on his husband Peter Thiede, during their marriage ceremony, as Governer Andrew Cuomo officiatesA 'Today is a good day because at the end of the day, love wins today.

Equality: A 'Marriage is an individual choice a€” Ia€™m not married,' New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said as he officiated a gay wedding on Sunday. And any day that love wins is a good day,' Cuomo said before asking the couple to join him on stage, adding that he was slightly nervous, since 'this is my first marriage.''Marriage is an individual choice a€” Ia€™m not married,' he said.
Cumo read vows for both Turley and Thiede as a crowd cheered all of them on.A 'By the power recently vested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you married,' Cuomo said. I feel different'Prior to the wedding ceremony, attorney Roberta Kaplan spoke to the crowd.

Equality is a promise.'State law did not allow Cuomo to officiate at wedding ceremonies until last week.

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