Anthony Robbins, is an internationally recognized, best-selling self-help author and motivational speaker. Tony, as he is often referred to, learned Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) early in his career. During his early studies, Tony sought out John Grinder, one of the founders of NLP, and petitioned him until he agreed to teach Tony his skills. Tony was roused from his sedentary state by a friend and soon gained a reputation as a self-help miracle worker, after helping a seemingly incurable woman overcome her intense phobia of snakes almost ‘instantly’ in front of a large live audience. Tony’s exceptional speaking and presentation skills have made him one the world’s most recognized authorities on the psychology of peak performance.
Tony created what is credited as the world’s number one personal and professional development system, called Personal Power. Tony oversees five private companies, synchronous with improving the quality of life for people around the world. The Anthony Robbins Foundation was created in 1991, with the belief system that regardless of stature, only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy; true fulfilment.
Starting 12 years ago, Robbins personally sponsored a class of disadvantaged 5th graders in Houston, Texas by becoming their personal mentor and sponsor of their college education. The Foundation has products and programs in more than 2,000 schools, 700 prisons, and 100,000 health and human service organizations. Tony’s background in business and NLP gives him a unique set of skills that has helped him to identify patterns of success for some of the most influential people in the world. Tony’s skill with peacekeeping and negotiation has led him to be selected as Vice Chairman of Health, Education, and Science for the United Nations Research Center for the International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC). Tony has achieved many prestigious honors that includes Accenture’s “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World”, Harvard Business Press’s “Top 200 Business Gurus”, and Forbes’ “Top 100 Celebrity” lists.
Dr Marc Dussault has been an advocate of Tony Robbin’s strategies and philosophies since the late 1980s when he was introduced to Tony’s late night infomercials and bestselling book Unlimited Power. Marc’s empowered staff fueled growth 3 times faster than their competitors with a fraction of the budget and resources whilst expanding their own skills, abilities and aptitudes. Marc’s ability to deploy Tony’s strategies includes mandating that delivery boys and girls wear ties – a practice unseen at the time – to build their self-confidence and improve morale. Over the past 20 years, Marc has walked on fire 11 times, attending Tony’s 3-day event 5 times as a paying participant and graduate of Tony’s Mastery University where he spent 9 days with Tony at one of the last Life Mastery events ever staged in Hawaii. Many people attend ‘motivational seminars and events’ only to get demotivated and return to their old bad habits within days or weeks of their ‘so-called transformation’.
Marc’s clients recognize the importance of life-work balance as they respect and admire that he personified the livestyle most people want.
Marc’s infectious enthusiasm, passion and drive reflect his ethos, philosophy and mantras that a life is to be lived by design rather than evolve by default to avoid extinction by stagnation since today’s dreams are the foundation for tomorrow’s reality and that we are responsible to keep raising our own bar as others (unfortunately) are only too willing to lower it for us.
Anthony Robbins is the number 1 peak performance coach in USA and author of best-selling self-help motivating books. Anthony Robbins began to showcase himself as a ‘peak performance coach’ through TV infomercials and books. Unlimited Power which was published in 1987, dealt with focus on health, overcoming low self-esteem issue and improving relationships.

Awake the Giant Within – Published in 1991, was a set of specialized personality development techniques and NLP strategies.
Anthony Robbins wrote that he took a long time to write a book since 1994 because he loves reaching out to people in a live audience.
Anthony Robbins launched the Anthony Robbins Foundation in 1991 which empowers children, the deprived and prisoners through food, provisions and learning based programs. Anthony Robbins love to travel and says that his favorite place is Fiji, he has a house there too, a 525-acre plot with 3000 feet of oceanfront.
Video system was three screens, four camera shoot, with graphic and instant video playback, yet almost every show was different.
He is the world’s leading authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, turnaround and peak performance. By his late teens, Tony had developed his own NLP system to help people overcome fears and phobias. He has been asked to speak to the British Parliament’s House Of Lordss, Harvard Business School, the Gorbachev Foundation’s Cold War Forum, the Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future, The State of the World Forum, Vice President Al Gore’s Putting Customers First Conference, and the World Economic Forum. The Personal Power system relies heavily on NLP to immerse the user in education and strategy, which gives them momentum for lasting change.
The Foundation’s global impact is provided through an international coalition of caring donors and volunteers who are connecting, inspiring, and providing true leadership throughout the world! His five informercials are continuously aired on average every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day somewhere in North America. He has met with many power players such as Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Margaret Thatcher.
He was also recognized by Justice Byron White as one of the world’s “Outstanding Humanitarians”. Launching his first business venture at age 25, Marc required that all his staff attend Tony’s Unleash The Power Within (UPW) Firewalk seminars. Creating a fun, dynamic and challenging work atmosphere, employee attrition was a fraction of the industry average, in an industry renowned for transient staffing problems.
This simple strategy translated into a waiting list of willing prospective employees wanting to work for him.
Marc eventually became Executive Chairman of Empowernet International, an ASX listed company that promoted Tony’s events across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. He has travelled to more than 36 countries with his wife of 25 years, has been the proud owner of 6 BMWs and counting, has not had a sick day in the last 20 years and has become a top 50 world-ranked Masters Squash Player within 7 years of learning to play the sport.
Born of humble beginnings, he went on to become one of the greatest motivators in the US who has worked closely with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Quincy Jones, Mark Burnett, Larry King, Serena Wlliams and more. He looks up to John Rohn for motivating him for his goals and teaching him winning philosophies of life.
He initiated the Leadership Academy Seminar in 1997, where he taught how you can be a leader by serving people. The 2008 market dip in 2008 prompted him to write a book which would help to take charge of their financial destiny. His foundation according to his website, has reached out to more than 2000 schools, 100,000 human service organizations and 700 prisons.

While he was married to his first wife (who had kids of her own from other fathers), he had a son with his girlfriend Liz Acosta.
I have got 12 companies, weekend seminars that go for more than 50 hours, four adult kids and two grand kids. Tony’s requirement was to use a wireless lav, then be able to whisper to this size audience as well as scream at the top of his lungs, quite a challenge.
Tony was born in 1960 in California, his early life was a struggle, as it is for many inspirational people. It is a motivational system that uses the science of the mind and specific verbal and internal cues that retrain the brain’s neural pathways.
His new system brought in substantial earnings, and Tony was soon labeled a ‘Wonder Kid’, and started to receive national media attention. Tony’s bestselling books including Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within and Notes From A Friend.
Tony chairs Namale Resort & Spa, an award winning hotel, set in a tropical paradise, Twinlab Corporation, a top-rated nutraceutical company, and Rebus Publishing, a leading consumer health and science publisher. To learn more about our programs, please select a link from the left with detailed information surrounding our truly exceptional work.
His media coverage has extended to major outlets such as Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Forbes, Life, GQ, Vanity Fair, Business Week, Tycoon, the CBS Evening News, NBC News, ABC’s Prime Time Live, Fox News, CNN and A&E.
It was not an option since he knew first-hand that ‘Firewalkers’ out-performed and out-produced non-firewalkers by a factor of 2:1. He studied neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with its founder John Grinder and wrote about it extensively in ‘Awaken the Giant Within’, one of his best-sellers.
He debuted as speaker in the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference and became the 6th most popular speaker for TED Talk in 2012. He found his latest house in Manalapan, after scouting through 87 properties in three states.
NLP literally hardwires the brain for success by redirecting brain signals to overwrite the programming of past experiences to reduce unhealthy traits and replace them with more empowering ones.
Tony’s early success brought a measure of self-destruction, and he soon found himself idle in his bachelor pad, concerned with eating and watching TV. Young Anthony did not have it easy, he states the conditions in his house was full of turmoil, he recalls an incident wherein his mother chased him with a knife when he was in his teens. Robbins divorced his wife in 2001 and married actress Bonnie Humphrey, who is now known as Sage Robbins. NBC broadcasted ‘Breakthrough with Tony Robbins’ a personal motivational program that showed him helping people face tough challenges in life and overcoming them. His mother married quite a few men, of which Jim Robbins, a basketball player legally adopted young Anthony. It was re-televised again after OWN Network began airing the program in 2012, with the first two episodes and the new set.

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