If you're looking for the tools that you need to jumpstart your business…or to help get motivated….or to change your mindset….you're at the right place! This two-video series is great for anyone that is desperately trying to find a way to manage their hectic lifestyle, and start getting results immediately. One of the best tips that I got from this video, among the many, is that Tony doesn’t create lists of things he needs to do, he creates outcomes he needs to accomplish. The Inner Circle is jam packed with great lessons just like the one that Tony Robbins just delivered to you. These ten steps can help you with your business, whether you are just getting started, or you’re a seasoned veteran. So this collection of Tony Robbins quotes are a homage and respect to the legendary Robbins who is doing amazing things in this world by impacting the lives of those who are passionate about self development. Tony Robbins is a life changing rockstar and as you can see he is a man full of so much wisdom for all. I'm proud to say through my podcast and through this website we have impacted over 60 million lives in the last 4 and a half years. I believe life is constantly testing us for our level of commitment, and life’s greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment to act until they achieve. AboutOur mission at Addicted2Success is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories to the world. When President Bill Clinton, talk show legend Oprah Winfrey and Olympic gold medalist Serena Williams need advice, there's one man they call: Tony Robbins. Rather than wallow in self-pity, Robbins used his less-than-stellar home life as motivation to help others, and over three decades later he is setting an example that anyone has a chance to pursue what they love and nothing should hold you back from achieving your dreams. Hea€™s estimated to be worth nearly half a billion dollars today and clients pay thousands, even a million dollars a year for his help. He explains how he spent four years gathering financial strategies from some of the worlda€™s billionaires, from activist investor Carl Icahn, to Ray Dalio, the founder of the worlda€™s largest hedge fund with $150 billion under management, and turned this information into seven simple steps for main street to manage and make a return on their money. Americaa€™s financial system a€?is rigged but you can still win," he told ABC News, noting that his new book documents where the abuse is but then also the solution. Jarvis also wanted to get to know the man who is credited with being a€?the father of the coaching industry.a€? So she did a a€?Real Biz Rapid Fire,a€? asking him about his favorite music and if he could coach anyone, who would it be? Robbina€™s wouldna€™t reveal the persona€™s name but did confirm ita€™s not musicians Justin Bieber or Kanye West. Tony Robbins is the world’s most recognised, successful and influential peak-state life coach. During his life, Robbins has taken an exceptional route from a usual city boy childhood to a phenomenal self-help guru and through his programs has reached over 4 million people around the world. In this post, we’ll see how Tony developed his life success and we’ll learn from through his own words and theories, just some of the ways we could help ourselves do it to.
On the 29th February 1960, a leap year, Anthony John Mohorovic was born to his parents John and Nikki Mohorovic in North Hollywood, California. A tight bond was kept between Tony and his mother during his early childhood, while his father was a quiet and content man who refrained from the level of responsibility and influence on Tony which his mother took. However, although still tight after the families move to Azusa and the arrival of a new brother, Marcus and sister, Tara the special bond between the two was soon to be tested on one day in 1967. Robbins has since said that he actually wanted to live with his Mother, but didn’t want to hurt either of their feelings. He tried his best to cope, but missed his brother and sister and began to spend his time reading alone.
He joined the new family in their home in Glendora, California where it’s said he stayed on his best behaviour, did as he was told and did well in school to please his mother. Tony was just thirteen at the time, but he says he was so stunned by the anonymous act of kindness that he made a promise to himself that day that he would one day be successful enough to repeat the help which they had received to others around the world. This was the first time Tony had felt part of a real family and with it he changed his last name to Robbins to fit. Tony and Jim bonded over their common love for sports and Tony dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. But by 9th Grade Tony realised he wasn’t going to make it as a baseball star and so aimed instead at what he thought was the next best thing to playing sports – writing about them.
Tony didn’t want to cover the local school teams like most young sports writers but instead, he wanted to start right at the very top. One of Tony’s first interviews was with Howard Cosell, a top sports journalist at the time. Tony recorded his interview and it was later mentioned in the Los Angeles Times, a major breakthrough for Tony and something he was thrilled to have got. This lasted for quite some time, but at sixteen Tony grew ten inches in one year and reached six-foot seven-inches in height. Tony went on to run for Student Body President and although considered as the underdog, he used his newly found appearance and well-practiced speech to his advantage – he was elected president.
This went on for months but as it began to affect his school life, he was forced to share his situation with the student councillor for his school.
Tony went on to search for a way to support himself and saw an ad in the local news paper for a sales position which promised $500 a week, a huge amount of money for himself as a seventeen year old boy. Just a few months after leaving high school and he’d earned enough to move into his own apartment and support himself. One day while making a sales pitch to a new potential customer, Tony’s direction began to change once more.
It was now the late 1970’s and California was being described as the ‘Mecca for the spiritual enlightenment and self-help movement’, something seen to have impacted the lives of several world renowned people’s lives, including Steve Jobs. Tony gained in with this phenomenon when he was invited as a guest to a Jim Rohn speaker session one day.
Rohn has since spoke about that day saying that “Tony was not the ordinary 17 year old, he was remarkable.” He gave him a job and Tony left his old one to begin selling Jim Rohns speaker sessions to businesses all over Los Angeles instead.

It’s told that Tony was soon earning $3000 a month, but in June 1978 he returned to Glendora’s High School for his graduation. Tony kept up the enthusiasm for his new career with Jim Rohn and kept a journal, similar to the ones Jim Rohn kept throughout his life, in which Tony wrote down and documented his own personal development findings.
However, it wasn’t all good and with his greatly found success at such a young age, Tony lacked social time, his relationship with Liz Acosta fell apart and he began to realise all of the jealous friends he’d lost. Tony put on 38 pounds in just two and half months, was forced to move to a small flat near Venice Beach and began wasting his days watching soap operas alone.
It was now 1982, just a year after he’d hit rock bottom and Tony had made a radical transformation in his life.
He was inspired, motivated and determined, and he began working on creating his own speaker sessions and seminars like the ones of his early mentor Jim Rohn. With some found success, he decided to take his seminars back to California, the home of the self-help and self-development movement where he soon found more success than he could ever have hoped for. As time went on, Tony’s seminars and speeches gained a bigger and bigger audience, became a bigger and bigger success and made Tony a very wealthy man.
He was gaining so much success with his seminars and there promotional infomercials that he’d become household name by the later 1980’s. As well as keeping his seminars going, Tony began to look to other ways of connecting with his audience including books, tapes and later in the era of the web, internet downloads. Robbins published his very first book, Unlimited Power, in 1987 discussing a range of self-development topics including health and energy, persuasive communication and overcoming fears. Four years later and in 1991, Tony released his second and to date, final best-selling book, Awaken the Giant Within. Tony Robbins has undoubtedly had an extraordinary life and whether you believe in his teachings or not, he’s undoubtedly changed the lives of millions around the world. Robbins still hosts his seminars around the world, including his current seminar Date with Destiny and continues to deliver the timeless lessons of his life to millions around the world through his books, audio products and now the internet too. Tony’s come along way since the promise he made to himself on that Thanks Giving, many years ago and now fulfils that promise he made through the Anthony Robbins Foundation and its yearly ‘Basket Bridges’ campaign. Following his break up with Liz Acosta at around age nineteen, the pair discovered she was pregnant with his child and 9 months later in 1984, they had a son named Jairek Robbins. With such a lengthy and interesting life, full of twists and turns to his success, there are a whole range of lessons we can infer from the life of Tony Robbins.
One of the biggest lessons Tony Robbins teaches through his content is focus and the power of focus and energy. Tony’s made a lot of decisions in his life, as we all do, but many of his including his decisions to go it alone and leave home, and to turn his life around after hitting rock bottom are the decisions which ultimately changed the directions of his life and lead him to his destiny of success. It’s important to recognise the significance your decisions may have on your life, but also to realise that you can’t always predict their effects looking forwards either. We all have standards and at the simplest level of personal development, it’s the level of standards which we set for our own lives, for our own work, for our own personality and effort that reflects on our success.
You’re only on this earth for a limited number of years, yet many people waste many of theirs on minor and extraneous things. Tony thought big with his seminars, books and actually with his whole aim of accomplishing the self-development area in all. He’ll do a short recap of the first two steps, and then really gets into the meat of his lesson. You have some of the best entrepreneurs in the industry sharing hundreds, if not, thousands of hours of dropping “golden nuggets” to help you while you are taking MASSIVE ACTION!
I was pen to paper the entire conference noting every Tony Robbins quote that I could, saving them to my smart phone and desktop to motivate me each and everyday towards success. If you loved this collection of the top Tony Robbins quotes please make sure you share this article with your loved ones and followers.
I love connecting with people who have a passion for Entrepreneurship, Self Development & Achieving Success. With new motivational videos, interviews, audio and more with your favourite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world. He has told his story of how he grew up poor and left home at 17 after years of protecting his younger brother, sister and himself from his alcoholic mother who was often abusive. Now, he is on a mission to teach everyone from college students to senior citizens how to save and invest their money. I failed to achieve my goals a million times but I dona€™t look at it as failure and thata€™s not being positive.
He’s released several self-help books, audiotapes and hosted many inspirational peak-state coaching seminars around the world. Anthony Robbins not only talks, teaches and inspires success, but also has developed his own success at phenomenal rate to.
His mother took a leading role in his life from the start as she talked to him, told him who she was, where she’d come from and took almost full responsibility for his well being. His family remember the way he was always questioning what was around him and how his mother became his first teacher, answering all of his questions of the world by looking them up in the family encyclopaedia.
Not only was Tony broke at the thought of the divorce but he was then asked to choose between his parents.
His mother and siblings moved out soon after and he was left to be brought up by his father. They we’re looking towards to a poor holiday, however a package of food and gifts was left on their door just a few days before and the family got the Thanks Giving they wanted. Tony has since spoke about Jim Robbins, stating he was major influence during his childhood, even more so than his father.
Tony’s uncle later told A&E Biography that even though he lost most of his games, he still gained huge amounts of physical confidence from his step father Jim. He approached Willis Osborne, a teacher and yearbook advisor at his school and told him about a ‘special project’ he’d like to work on in sports writing and asked the teacher if he could help, to which Willis replied ‘sure’.

So he scoured the local papers and found out where various sports celebrities of the time where appearing, then he got his good looking mom to help in getting them to co-operate.
They talked about various things during the interview but most notably about the power and value of good communication – looking back, a well placed suggestion of what was to come for Tony Robbins. Following his mention in the paper, the local Glendora Press learned of Tony and hired him to write for their sports page and a few months later a TV station also offered Tony a reporting job. She had begun to lose control over him and thought that his new found fame was too much for her son. It was a drastic change for Tony and he’s since said that “he liked the result, because people looked at me in a different way after that.” He didn’t realise it then but this small change, would go on to change the direction of his life forever. He began to work on projects and activities for the body, but his newly found success once again lead to issues between himself and his mother at home. Tony’s sister Tara said a few years later that “Tony did just need to leave the house, it was you know, spread your wings, he was ready to go, he was motivated.” and on Christmas Eve 1977, he did just that. He moved in with a friend, called his uncle who ran a cleaning business and began working nights after school cleaning.
The councillor suggested he left school to figure out how to support himself and while he didn’t want to, feeling that he was again being forced out of something he loved, it’s exactly what he did. He knew he could be persuasive, landed the job and moved on as a sales man, selling music club subscriptions door-to-door.
Around this time, he met Liz Acosta when she came to work at the music company; they hit it off straight away and began dating. The man was so impressed with Tony’s sales skills, he told Robbins, “you have so much talent, if you took this skill you could convince anyone, anything, you could change people’s lives,” planting a seed in Tony’s head, which would begin to redirect him for decades to come.
Rohn’s seminars we’re attracting thousands at the time and Tony was so inspired by Rohn, he approached him after the seminar and asked him for a job.
He was excited and proud of his accomplishments in school, but also nervous that his mother – who he had not seen since he left home 6 months earlier – was going to present.
He was offered a promotion to run his own office for Rohn in 1979, he took the offer and began working harder than ever, making $10’000 a month at just age nineteen. An upset and lonely Tony fell into a depression, began to eat exponentially and started to spoil his own business. He began to run the seminars and gained his own gimmick – fire walking – to differentiate his from the rest. Making the most of this fame, Tony knew he had to begin building on his range of products and he did.
It included further details of his personal development techniques and strategies, which he calls ‘Neuro-Associative Conditioning’.
Coming from a life no different to most young children, through his devotion, determination and many of his now life teachings, Tony has grown to become a man of success much greater than he could have ever hoped. The foundation also works on other projects including its aim to empower students and prisoners through learning programs based on Tony’s teachings.
At a seminar of his sometime later, Tony met Becky Jenkins, a lady with 3 children, who he went on to marry. However, Tony has built the huge list of his own teachings based on his life experiences and so in this lessons section, instead of recovering our own lessons from his life, I’ll be discussing just a few of the lessons which he often speaks about gaining from it himself instead.
I’ve done this because of my strong belief that focus is the key to the successful completion of anything. He believes focus is one of the most powerful forces we have as human beings, but also that as with all powerful forces, if it isn’t used correctly, it shouldn’t be used at all. He believes that decision if the initial and one of the most important factors of a person’s route to success, as a single decision can change a persons destiny forever. To up your game, to up your lives and your level of success, you must up your standards for yourself. Don’t waste your time on the little things, but rather dedicate your life to the mastery of bigger things which actually have a significant impact on what really matters to you instead.
I recommend watching both of these over and over again until you have a clear and concise action plan for each morning when you get out of bed.
I started this website with the intention of educating and inspiring likeminded people to always strive for success no matter what their circumstances. As simplistic as this may sound, it is still the common denominator separating those who live their dreams from those who live in regret. Robbins was a former minor league baseball player but was at the time, a struggling sale man instead.
She took him out of everything and Tony was forced to give up his dreams and become the man of the house – he would do anything to please his mother. He’d hit rock bottom and while starring at waves as they rolled in on to the seashore ahead of him, he thought deeply about everything he had done, gained and lost over the last few years. It was now that Tony came to realise how he could package his story, his lessons and his inspirational speaking into a product which he could sell.
However, the pair divorced in June 2001 and Tony went on to marry Bonnie Humphrey (now known as Sage Robbins) later that year. Be it school work, a project, a blog post, a sale, it’s only through hard focus on your vision for that task that I believe you can ever succeed in completing the task successfully. Learn this from the life of Anthony Robbins and don’t let yourself down by chasing the minor and almost worthless things in life – but alternatively aim high and Major in Major things instead!
Look at success as a result of good judgment and good judgment is the result of experience and experience is often the result of bad judgment,a€? Robbins said.

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