Claim your FREE copy of 10 Time Management Tips: A how-to guide on efficiently managing your time through effective delegating, calendar management and using productivity tools! In this era of downsizing and the quest for efficiency, businesses of all sizes are asking employees to take on extra tasks to boost productivity. In 10 Time Management Tips you’ll read about calendar management, keyboard shortcuts, running productive meetings, setting up agenda templates and using tech tools for project management. Let 10 Time Management Tips show you how to prioritize your tasks and stop working in a crisis mode all the time. When your job is to keep things from falling through the cracks, a good time management system can serve as a tightly woven net. Discover the other time management systems that Shellenbarger tried, how they work, and how they can work for you in 10 Time Management Tips: A how-to guide on efficiently managing your time through effective delegating, calendar management and using productivity tools. Stever Robbins, famous for advice on maximizing your creativity and whipping your email into submission, now is integrating time management and innovation into a coherent system for getting things done. Robbins has developed a system that can help you maintain concentration and do more in less time.
In 10 Time Management Tips: A how-to guide on efficiently managing your time through effective delegating, calendar management and using productivity tools, our very own Microsoft Certified Trainer, Melissa P.
Although you want to budget time for the inevitable interruption, you want to hold that to a minimum.
It seems like I talk with clients about the challenge of taming their calendars at least two or three times a week. Poor delegators, by contrast, are constantly on the run, always late and behind schedule, with barely time to grab lunch. Check your readiness to delgate tasks by taking our delgating quiz, available only in 10 Time Managment Tips: A how-to guide on efficiently managing your time through effective delegating, calendar management and using productivity tools. Attorney Eileen Johnson recalls sitting in a nonprofit’s board meeting where the vice chair was on his BlackBerry, the treasurer was reading The Wall Street Journal and another board member was knitting. The monthly department meeting is next week, and you’ve already heard from four people who want to appear on the agenda.
Learn how to create a structured to-do list that organizes and prioritizes your work from the top down. Whether it’s a speedy way to create a bar chart or a trick for switching from one window to the next, keyboard shortcuts can help even power users knock out work faster. Share46 Tweet264 Pin18 +110 Share9Shares 347You tweet, post, comment and curate, juggling the daily tasks associated with a hyper-connected social media world.
Between email, phone calls, projects and team meetings, it can seem that every time you turn around a new to-do has popped up.  It’s easy to see why the days feel frantic when everything seems to be tugging at us all at once.
I track phone calls, time spent on projects and even the time I spend responding to friends and fans on Facebook.
Who of us hasn’t found time slipping away as we mindlessly surf the web?  RescueTime  is a robust application that helps you identify how and where you are wasting your time online.
Once you set it up, it will run in the background, analyzing the amount of time spent on each website and application.  Beware:  It can be a real eye opener! And last but not least, an app that will limit your time spent on social media so you can focus on what really matters most. Freedom Software is an app for Mac or PC users and will shut down your social media so you can leave the day feeling effective and productive!

All you can do is manage the events, tasks and to-do’s as best as possible to alleviate additional stress. Filed Under: Social Media Tagged With: social media time management ideas, social media time management tools, social media tips, tips on time management, tools for time managementLike What You Just Read?
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It can be tough to stay focused on one project, especially if you’re a dedicated multi-tasker like me. Thanks to integration with Google’s native apps, Podio allows users to collaborate with coworkers more easily and efficiently. Make your workflow even more efficient with a little help from our digital marketing toolbox. If so, you may be looking for a better way to get more done in less time, reduce stress and stop burning the midnight oil.
Focus days require a strong emphasis on your core work, including strategy sessions, reviews of research and employee evaluations. Admin days usually have lots of different content but similar, routine kinds of tasks, such as signing papers, returning phone calls and running errands. Get 1-2-3 instructions on managing interruptions effectively in 10 Time Management Tips: A how-to guide on efficiently managing your time through effective delegating, calendar management and using productivity tools.
In the age of interconnected scheduling systems like Outlook and the continuous push to get more done with less in any given day, more and more leaders feel like Sisyphus rolling that big rock up the never-ending hill.What the heck can you do to get your calendar back under control and have time to think, reflect, relax, connect, and have some fun and a life outside of work? Between vague agendas and never-ending PowerPoints, meetings have become a waste of time for many in the business world. Maximize every trip from your office by arranging groups of meetings, inspections and errands near your destination. Smart managers choose the proper moment to gather and review the data they need to draw the right conclusion. Build an adjustable meeting-agenda template in Excel, recommends Annette Marquis, co-owner of TRIAD Consulting. When you add a speaker at the last minute, time allotments for other items adjust automatically. Download 10 Time Management Tips: A how-to guide on efficiently managing your time through effective delegating, calendar management and using productivity tools.
File away emails, once you’ve read them, by pressing Shift + Enter + V to pull up your Folders.
I’m an app addict, I have to try out every new one I find ?? I have found a few that work for me. I’m always looking for new productivity apps and anything that can help monetize my time, is well worth the money spent on it! When it comes to social media, it is so easy to get distracted and spend way too much time on these sites. I am always looking for new mobile tools to help me manage my time and social media efforts. Unfortunately, multi-tasking can cause us to lose focus, become less efficient and even lead to mistakes that are difficult to overlook. By signing up for Pocket, you can save anything you need to read or review without clogging up your browser or adding bookmarks you’ll only forget about.

Though not ideal for short writing projects (like blog posts), the site’s 750-word length requirement is great for marketers working on ebooks, white papers and case studies. Sticking your nose too deeply into an employee’s work process can be counterproductive and waste time. And you’ve tried to block out appointments, but emergencies always throw everything awry. It’s your job to create an agenda that affords adequate time for each item, as well as to make sure the meeting runs smoothly and ends on time. Example: You like only one space after the end of a sentence, but many documents come to you with two spaces.
Examples: Control + [ to decrease font size one point at a time, and Control + ] to increase font size one point at a time.
If your workflow strategy could use a little nudge in the right direction, we’ve found four great tools that will help you stay on track and get the job done quickly.
With RescueTime, you can set your own limits for time spent on specific sites and apps, and set a timer to keep you focused on a task in a given app or site for a set amount of time.
You can arrange to have daily reminders emailed to you to do your daily entry, and once you’ve reached your goal, you can then export the entries.
The Wall Street Journal columnist Sue Shellenbarger recently took the most widely used systems for a test drive, trying each one for a week. Make a list of tasks for the day and if it is not not on the list I make sure not to spend time on it. It’s nice though because I can set up standard tasks and hourly rates that go along with those tasks so we can keep track of our project work. You can also just use the app to track the time you spend across projects and sites to help you understand how you spend your day, and how you can become more efficient. Once you change the first section, you can highlight the next section and simply use your F4 command to copy the changes. I’m on multiple devices all day so the syncing capabilities and access anywhere is a beautiful thing!
That way, you won’t need to check your watch every few hours or grow frazzled trying to jam too much into your day. You would think what’s the big deal, but I tried a bunch of apps and I thought this was the simplest. Then assign these tasks to the appropriate people with deadlines (day and time) for them to complete each stage.
Explain what you want done in writing, and include a numbered list of to-do steps to increase clarity. Distribute a master list of everyone’s role to the whole unit so workers can share information easily. That way, you can limit your intro to two or three sentences and direct the audience to the handout for more on the speaker’s background.

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