One thing you must understand is that Personal Development is one of the Three Vital Behaviors of being a coach and quite possibly the MOST important. If you are thinking to yourself that you don’t need personal development and you’re not willing to commit to it, I can tell you RIGHT NOW that your business will move slower than others. I started to see the bigger picture in life, started dreaming bigger and taking steps to improve my life and my future. First things first, if you are enrolled in my NEW COACH SUCCESS SCHOOL, then the first book you MUST order is called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Next, if you are struggling with putting yourself out there and getting over your fears, then I would suggest Be A Badass.
While I love books to encourage you to get over your fears, Be a Badass is ENOUGH to push you outside of your comfort zone, so enough of the Be a Badass, go be You, etc. If time management is something you’re really struggling with, then try this quick read, Eat That Frog.
If you have a fear of inviting, connecting with others, and fear of people saying NO to you, then you MUST read this next book, Go For No.
If you want another book similar to Go Pro that really teaches you even deeper strategies for network marketing and multi-level marketing, then try this one, Rock Your Network Marketing Business. And lastly, this is not a book, but I’m including it on my list because it’s THAT important. If you are not currently a Beachbody coach, but would like to learn more about the opportunity to help other people, continue on your own health and fitness journey and work from home, then please fill out the application below.

Hi there!Thanks for visiting Angela's Library, a young adult book review and recommendation site for readers of all ages.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. While this road can be exciting, scary, overwhelming, and intimidating, TRUST ME when I say it’s worth it! With that being said, here are my top suggestions for books to read as a New Beachbody Coach for personal development. This book is the BEST at explaining Multi-Level Marketing and why it quite possibly is one of the best career paths you can take! If you want to learn more about a certain topic, then I really want you to embrace the act of what I like to call “YOUTUBE it.” If you are struggling with Instagram, youtube instagram strategies. I’d be happy to answer your any of your questions and of course give you more information about the opportunity.
This story of an 18-year-old who discovers he’s dying but decides not to tell anyone, even his family, is touching and special and grand. If you haven’t read Under the Never Sky yet, do yourself a favor and start it right now.
I’ve never been bullied, but this story really opened my eyes to what life is like for those who are. Young World by Chris Weitz – Who knew a book about the apocalypse could be realistically gritty AND funny?

Curses and Smoke by Vicky Alvear Shecter – A love story set in Pompeii, this is an excellent book with great historical details about what life would have been like in the days leading up to the infamous eruption of Mt.
I haven’t read any of the books on your list, but look forward to discovering new ones for 2015!!
THESE ‘self help books,’ better know as Personal Development books, are what changed my life and the course of my business!
Some of the strategies are a little out dated, but the concepts of how to connect with people and run your business remain the same! My New Coach Success School starts at the beginning of each month and it is a 4 week program to teach you all the strategies on how to become a successful coach and build the business of your dreams! I started surrounding myself around the people who I wanted to “BE LIKE” instead of people who were bringing negatives thoughts and negative opinions into my life.
ALL of these things helped me become a stronger leader, stronger coach, and improve my business as a coach!
My next all time FAVORITE FAVORITE book after The Compound Effect is The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster, also by Darren Hardy.
I’m not saying that you should take all the strategies you learn and find on Youtube, but make sure to watch the videos that have the highest amount of views and appear at the top of the search results.

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