Star Wars Day: Top 5 Spots to Geek-Out in California on May the FourthEli EllisonKentucky Derby vs. Like many bars, Bar Vdara Las Vegas is a destination for drinking, but to prevent the drunkies leaving unhappy of course they have a bit of a menu too.
If you're in need of a coffee, a snack, and something sweet, the Market Cafe Vdara Las Vegas is open from the early morning to the later hours of the evening every day!
With 341 rooms, the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows is a full-service beach resort that manages to retain an independent spirit. Open, airy rooms start at 500 square feet, with a white and sand palette punctuated by mosaic-print pillows and rugs reminiscent of turtle shells (a nod to the on-site sea turtle sanctuary, perhaps). Just a few steps away, the beach is the resort’s focal point, with hammocks, cabanas and chairs aplenty. Set on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island, near the site of ancient Hawaiian fish ponds, the hotel is well situated for exploring. Features a room service (24 hours), separate sitting area, refrigerator, lcd tv, air conditioning and a lanai. The following fees and deposits are charged by the property at time of service, check-in, or check-out. All taxes and fees imposed by the property, unless otherwise stated, will be added at the time of purchase on Jetsetter.
The resort credit can of course be used for food and drinks as well as services at the spa and golfing at the property! This includes internet service in the room and public areas, unlimited local and toll free calls, daily newspaper pickup, two bottles of water per day, access to the fitness facility, boarding pass printing service and nightly turn-down service upon request.
They've got a full breakfast and lunch menu in addition to all of their teas, coffees and market selections.

There are no sprawling spa bathrooms, no Zen-inspired teak-paneled walls here, but the simplicity allows you to focus on the views of Mauna Kea, the lush tropical gardens, the tranquil fish ponds or the turquoise ocean visible from louvred doors that slide open onto each room’s private balcony or porch.
Go snorkeling under the stars, and swim with Kona’s famous manta rays, courtesy of Jack’s Diving Locker. Distances are calculated in a straight line from the property’s location to the point of interest or airport and may not reflect actual travel distance. 50 deliciously funky and spacious rooms live up on the 32nd floor of the Monte Carlo; yes, the floor that suffered an unfortunate fire a few years back. Once for swinging erratically on the outdoor swings at Bar Vdara (why have swings if "they're not meant for goofing around?") and once for crashing a wedding reception, no one even came close to our dirty Macarena skills. Maybe go for a full meal somewhere else though, the prices here aren't the most Cheapo-friendly.
The six-story building, shaped like an arrowhead to maximize the number of rooms facing the ocean, has a retro-modern feel, mixing islandy textures such as rattan and wicker with a sunset-hued color scheme. Bathrooms can be on the small side, but they make good use of space with shower-tub combos.
Feed the sea turtles in their sanctuary pond, play tennis, swing through two golf courses, hit the beach volleyball court or learn how to hula or make leis. Skip the two-hour drive to the volcano and get a bird’s-eye view of the gushing lava (and the Big Island’s beautiful hidden valleys and waterfalls) on Blue Hawaiian Helicopter’s Big Island Spectacular Tour. Instead of renovating the affected rooms in their previous dressing, the smart staff outfitted these lucky spaces like a lush boutique. But just because there isn't much on the menu doesn't mean they aren't willing to charge you a lot for all of it! Then unwind at the spa, where small paths lead to a meditation garden, watsu water massage pool and lava rock saunas.

Inside the room hydrotherapy soaking tubs and enormous flatscreens entertain, and out of the room a personal concierge awaits to customize your stay, from airport pickup to lending iPhones equipped with a concierge app. At night the open-air Canoe House restaurant, lit by tiki torches, is a great place to drink a little too much wine, eat a little too much fresh grilled mahi mahi and top it all off with a little bit too much dessert (banana brown butter tart, to be exact).
If you insist on personal touches and exclusive experiences, there's no better stay in town. A  I learned something from every man I met or exchanged emails with, and Lou taught me a few words in Spanish.A  Ole! We can take a little walk, maybe get our feet wet, and then lie on a blanket and listen to the waves. I do the same thing myself, when the mood strikes.A  And how about this for being an "in tune with women" kinda guy?A  A few days after I had ordered myself 2 new green dresses and several in black to add to my collection from a mail order company named Newport News, he sent an email asking:A  "So, what are you wearing right now?
A  For Christ Sake!!A  How about saving the Taxpayers a buck?A  In addition to that $6 million you've already blown by hovering and covering me, and scheduling a proper Face to Base meeting in your office; at my convenience? Dramatic, but no drama.A  Short black skirt, or long black dress?A  Heels or boots?A  Camo, or commando? Until then, as in the end,there is much more to come.A A A  Once Upon a Time, a little mushroom popped through the moss covered ground of the Southeast Alaska Rainforest. Grant, Attorney at Law, Juneau, AK From Wedding Bells to Tales to Tell: The Affidavit of Eric William Swanson, my former spouse AFFIDAVIT OF SHANNON MARIE MCCORMICK, My Former Best Friend THE AFFIDAVIT OF VALERIE BRITTINA ROSE, My daughter, aged 21 THE BEAGLE BRAYS!
HELL'S BELLS: THE TELLS OF THE ELVES RING LOUD AND CLEAR IDENTITY THEFT, MISINFORMATION, AND THE GETTING THE INFAMOUS RUNAROUND Double Entendre and DoubleSpeak, Innuendos and Intimidation, Coercion v Common Sense, Komply (with a K) v Knowledge = DDIICCKK; Who's Gunna Call it a Draw?

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