Each packet has the complete call schedule, forms, homework, and training you will need for each new consultant. Get her started on the right track by beginning these calls on her first week as a new Consultant.
Your Sponsor may already have a group for your team, but you will also want to start one for your own team. Yahoogroups are an open discussion forum that also has features such as photos, files, databases, and links for you to use and share with your team. A Business Name should be easily remembered and tell a little bit about your product or industry. Branding your business is incredibly important for Customer Loyalty – they may not remember your name, but if you have a cute catchy business name, they will remember that and be able to find you in the future! If your Company provides as website, show her the features that are offered to maximize her web order capabilities. Make sure to sign her up on their mailing list so that she will get all of the specials they offer! Help your new Recruit with her first order – or even create a mock order to explain the ordering process in your back office. Make sure she understands how to group products together for discounts (if offered by your company), how the shipping structure works, minimum orders, etc. Help her set her first 3 month goals either around your company suggested program, or by designing your own. Many companies have a “Fast Track For Success” style program for getting her business started with a bang! If you had a Kick Off Party for her, explain how to use her first parties to reach these goals. The Diva Success System 90 Day Action Plan is a simple fill in the blank document you can do together over a cup of coffee. Shadowing is the best training for parties, as every party will have its own “personality”.

There is no such thing as a “Party Emergency,” and a negative attitude is the #1 thing that will discourage a new Recruit. This business has its ups and downs – what you focus on will be what you receive more of!!
If you have a potential Consultant at your very first party, do not hesitate to start building your team! Make sure to get her Consultant Number and Password, you may need this information to give to her later. In order to get an academic scholarship to pay for school, you are going to need to get exceedingly good grades and, most likely, graduate in the top five to ten percent of your class. Merit scholarships are often related to academic performance, but can also be given to a candidate displaying artistic or athletic excellence or sometimes a combination thereof.
It's probably safe to say that, while all academic scholarships are merit scholarships, not all merit scholarships are academic scholarships.
A PLEASE NOTE:Beginning August 1, 2013, students planning to attend an NCAA Division II institution will be required to complete 16 core courses.
It's probably safe to say that, while all academic scholarships are merit scholarships, not all merit scholarships are academic scholarships.
We realize that athletic achievement and scholastic success are both vital for reaching your potential, and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. Your ultimate success depends on making wise decisions as you prepare for and choose your recruitment path. You can feel confident that we will help you travel that path.A One of our greatest commitments is to make our services affordable for you. We know that your financial resources may be limited, and we will not allow that to stand in your way. This allows us to offer services at costs that are significantly lower than similar organizations. Our closest competitor charges at least $1,500 including an annual fee.A  We offer a menu of packages your can choose from that best meets your needs.

Core Subject Identification: With Parents, Students and Student Athletes in 7th through 12th Grade3.
Discuss Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test~ pre SAT: With Parents, Students and Student Athletes5. Record and Organize College Recruiting Information: With Parents, Students and Student Athletes6. Connect with high school and amateur athletic union coaches to validate recruiting information9. American College Test (ACT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Schedule: Parents, Students Student Athletes10.
Consult with parent and students to Identify schools that satisfy your student's academic needs A 11. Assistance in arranging college visits (Academic and Athletic): Students and Student athletes in Grade 12th12.
Create Student Athlete Resume and Cover Letter to college coaches: All Students in Grades 11th and 12th13. Consult with Student Athlete in writing their application letters to their final college selection A A 15. Dona€™t assume that just because you are a college level athlete and meet the minimum requirements a school will be willing to accept you. College athletic programs are under a lot of pressure to keep the academic performance of their student athletes up and coaches are unwilling to take a risk with a athlete who isna€™t a good student.
The mistake many athletes make is thinking college coaches are going to select them and offer them scholarship from AAU and Select tournaments and showcases.

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