In collaboration with the SLTDA SLITHM conduct Tourist Guide Training Programs training programs. To be the premier learning institute responsible for the promotion of Global tourism through provision of excellent service providers.
The Training facilities of the school include well equipped Training Kitchens, Modern Lecture rooms, Audio visual facilities, Restaurant and bar, Housekeeping Demonstration room, Computer Laboratory, and Library .The main school in Colombo boasts of an Auditorium that could accommodate 250 people.
This module details guidelines on how to use the computer, work on MS Office and use the Internet and Email facilities. Relevant information on how drivers can be helpful and how they should treat tourists are detailed in this module. In keeping with Sri Lanka’s service with a smile theme, the SLTDA is keen on ensuring that vendors and other service providers only provide tourists with services that are helpful and useful.

Periodically all tourist establishments have to submit their occupational and other relevant information to the SLTDA. For a full listing of CTC courses available for the current semester, click on the picture of the CTC catalog located on this page. The OHRM Professional Development Office works with campus Human Resources Offices to offer many CTC courses at the campuses. The OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management Office serves as the Citywide Training Center’s “agency liaison" for CUNY employees wishing to register for CTC courses conducted at DCAS.  The PDLM Office partners with college Human Resources Offices to arrange for CUNY employees to participate in CTC programs and individual courses. Some features on this Website require JavaScript (if you see this message it's because the browser has JavaScript turned off or does not support it).
The Sri Lankan Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management is the premier training institution established by the Government in 1966 by an Act of parliament to train young men in the complex field of Hospitality and Travel Industry.

The SLITHM peruse an educational philosophy of assisted learning where student learn at self space and lecturers act as self facilitators of learning ,creating opportunities for students to developed personal strength.
Generating reports, constructing databases and compiling pay orders and booking lists are some of the industry-specific tools taught in this module.
Given the complexity of the data, the SLTDA offers personnel a step-by-step guideline on how to create their own statistical reports on foreign currency, occupancy etc. Our endeavour in this task is to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes of students to be professionally competent in the ever changing Hospitality Trade.

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