No matter where you look, whether it’s Baltimore, or anywhere else, there are more people than there are jobs.
This means that you need every possible advantage you can get when it comes to securing your future.
And one of the best advantages to doing just that is taking the kind of training that gives you the skills employers are looking for. Keep reading this page to learn more about our job training and placement assistance program and you’ll see just what you can do to get ahead and on the path to the career of your dreams.
If you’d like to speak with an admissions representative who can answer all of your questions, call (800) 638-5490 today, or click a button below to get started.
Continued education is one of the best ways to approach self improvement, and that education often goes hand-in-hand with the modern workforce, which requires workers to be more knowledgeable now than ever before. Each of these fields possesses career potential around which you can build a comfortable lifestyle. Because the industries that employ professionals trained in the skills listed above are so widespread, you should never have a hard time finding work, which means that the training and job placement assistance you rely on will be a worthwhile investment toward improving your future. But just where, exactly, are you supposed to go when you need the training to get to where you want to be in life? In order to better your chances at getting the job you want, you need to make sure you get the best career training possible, and we here at NA Trades can help make that happen. As one of the schools with job placement in the area, we offer students like you training in a wide range of areas such as construction, welding, electrical technology, and many other in-demand areas so that you can be sure you have the skills to get ahead in life. Our job training and placement assistance program is second to none in the area because, after you’ve received your diploma, we’ll assist you in finding a career that will help you put your skills to work!
This is made possible through our career services program, where you will be connected with area employers who are looking for the skills that you possess. Each of these aspects of career placement assistance is as essential to your success as your skills in the actual trade, which is why our obligation to you doesn’t end after your final class. Through our program in job training and placement, you’ll have the opportunity to shape your future thanks to skills that will always be in demand. To learn more about how we can get you started on the path to a rewarding new career, get in touch with us by calling (800) 638-5490 or clicking a button below. The Class A CDL course at North American Trade Schools helped me to start a career as a truck driver.
We have direct contact number in pune and across india to reach us for any training quieries, support and placement.

The Training and Placement Cell is an integral part of Babu Banarasi Das Group of Educational Institutions (BBDGEI) as Department by itself, headed by Prof.
The technology is varying swiftly, with the result the stipulation of industry also changes incessantly. The Institution has very strong links with the industry and continues to receive generous support that proves to be of immense value in arranging training to the students to strengthen their technical & personal skills. Introduction to business as a future decision- maker is imbibed into our students to realize the realities for the future growth for them.
The personality development training is a positive approach in learning how to be a more attracting and stimulating personality.
Personality development’s characteristic qualities have so many functions in ones aptitude in life which are not taken too seriously and these major traits are; Courteousness, Friendliness, kindness, interest in other people, vitality and all self-confidence, that the posture is the spine of an attractive mind therefore, this is our goal for our students to reach out and in and draw from within themselves a strong unit of personal power.
The pragmatic reaction that our students are today’s scenario is to self-improvement that they face, are on the basis of; spoken English, communication skills , business writing, business etiquette, presentation skills, resume writing, group dynamics, confidence building, positive attitude, leadership skills, team building, creativity, interpersonal skills, group discussion techniques, interview skills and stress management. Most important of all is they form an impression of what they SEE before they hear one speak and an adaption for a sense of humour, a desire to excel in service, the judgment in dealing with others, a self- confident point of view …… a poised mind.
An advantage of awarding importance to a concept of self and personality development is that the process of identification with organizations and gains in significance.
Mounting alertness of International trends and how they have an effect on fundamentals of business surroundings and the importance of business moving the world over. Our students would enormously be exposed to; group discussions for a free-flow dialogue, quizzes test and interviews for Campus Placement that will help them to understand the future events in a holistic method and obtain sense and trends out of it. Therefore, a framework is provided to them such that they could evaluate, form opinions and debate they point of view in order to know the important global issues. Seeing mechanisms practically is worth a thousand things which we go though by way of reading from various sources.
The students would be more aware about the up-and-coming industries where they can have a career choice and opportunities that would lead to a better interpretation and decide a superior professional preference. Our job training and placement assistance program has helped graduates of our school earn new careers in Dundalk, Glen Burnie, Essex, Lansdowne, Catonsville, Woodlawn, Towson, Owings Mills, Baltimore and the surrounding areas throughout Maryland. Whether you live in Woodlawn, Catonsville, Arbutus, Lansdowne, Essex, Columbia, Towson, Owings Mills, Glen Burnie, Dundalk, or the surrounding areas, our Baltimore campus can provide the hands on training and job placement assistance you need to earn the career you want. From the time I first walked through the doors, I could tell everyone there was dedicated to my success. Our Training centers located in all the major areas of Pune which are managed by industry experienced professionals.Our students learn the training courses in practical manner to get placement immediately after course completion.

Our experienced corporate trainers have conducted more than 750+ hours of corporate training classes across India. Besides this, they would also realize the general terms of money matters which is very useful in forming logic as to how the markets work and people behave in terms of perceiving the world of finance which will give them a big payoffs especially the overall outlook of social sectors and markets, budget, financial analysis and retail management etc; and more importantly of reading newspapers that will enhance the vocabulary of the students at the time of interviews especially in group discussions and personal interviews. The idea that students’ imposes a personal interpretation to their experiences makes the concept of self critical to the student’s personality profiles because they construct different conceptions about themselves and others from the dame experiences.
This training will prove tremendously critical for Group Discussions and Interviews for Campus Selection Process. This becomes very advantageous in a linked global activities with respect to dominant topics like; ascend of regionalism, unemployment and to identify the uniform of civil code so that the clarity of thought and opinions, their potentials at the time of interview where the interviewers are finding in such students where they can also shape the destiny of the Organisation. On this very concept, educational tours are organized that influence the tender minds of the students. Our education system designed to deliver training programs based on the student's objectives.
The department is a launching pad for thorough breed of professionals ready to take off challenges for which emphasis on developing talent by early responsibility, imparting robust training and activating clear-cut career progression. Even though I doubted myself, the staff and instructors helped me get to where I wanted to be.
Our structured and proven approach to each training programs, helps every student to achieve their goal.
Department prepares them for recruitment and organizes various activities that orients students to face challenges of live situations. Though this course the students will be taught how to move, talk and behave in order to obtain the positive results that we want to produce and to cause a powerful impact on anyone who comes in contact with them, anywhere and will help them to unleash the hidden power within themselves and them to discovering their own path of knowledge. We give more practice and exercise to our students equip their knowledge in practical manner. The Placement Cell functions with the coordination of Faculty members and students Coordinators form all stream. The establishment of “Placement & Training” Cell is an important link between students industry that guides their career path and developments.
The T&P cell endeavours to; develop professional attitude, perspective, ethics, personality, team building, group activations, mock interview sessions and leadership abilities in students.

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