Toda nuestra formacion la podemos adaptar a las necesidades de la empresa, ya sea en Espana o en cualquier otro pais.
Para las empresas y trabajadores espanoles, podemos realizar todos los tramites de Fundacion Tripartita para que dispongan de un credito para financiar la formacion de hasta un 100%, cuyo importe se obtiene al aplicar a la cuantia ingresada por cada empresa el ano anterior, en concepto de cuota de formacion profesional. Nos encargamos de todos los tramites necesarios y de explicar paso a paso a nuestros clientes el proceso, somos responsables de la gestion de cursos bonificables a empresas y trabajadores espanoles a traves de Fundacion Tripartita para la Formacion en el Empleo, este tramite tiene un coste adicional al curso para cubrir los gastos de gestion y el proceso administrativo, los cuales se incluiran dentro de la bonificacion.
Es indispensable hacer la solicitud 10 dias habiles antes del inicio del curso y realizar el pago total del curso. Para empresas de mas de 9 empleados, el costo total del curso la fundacion tripartita no lo subvenciona en su totalidad, el calculo se hace por modulos. Nos pondremos en contacto contigo para detallar cuales son tus necesidades especificas en caso de no haber tenido contacto anterior. Se te enviara la primera propuesta con el temario, precio y el horario disenado para tu area, si es que el temario que aparece en la webpage de la formacion que te interesa no es el adecuado para vosotros. Despues de 7 dias habiles recibiras en tu e-mail de parte de nuestra consultora la resolucion de tu credito disponible. Realiza el pago a la cuenta bancaria de SEED, esta cuenta se ha enviado de forma automatica cuando has rellenado el formulario del punto 3.
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We package consulting, sales software and sales training into affordable, results oriented, fixed price programmes and work with you until we are sure that real improvements have been delivered.
Training, based on the German Dual System of practical and theoretical learning, has been one of the key roles and services of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce abroad.
Accreditation from the Learning & Performance Institute is seen as the leading standard to recognise outstanding organisations within the training and learning industry. Achieving the gold standard overall, recognises Firebrand at the elite level across the board in these areas.

This award endorses the high standard in which Firebrand’s vast portfolio of 200+ accelerated courses are delivered. As part of Firebrand's global marketing team, Edward actively works to serve the IT community with news, reviews and technical how to guides. We're delighted to announce that Firebrand Training picked up two accolades at the EC-Council Global Awards 2014. Firebrand has been named EC-Council Accredited Training Centre of the Year - for a record breaking sixth year in a row! Firebrand Instructor, Richard Millet, was also honored claiming the impressive Instructor of the Year Award.
The Authroized Training Centre of the Year award recognizes the training centers most successful in providing top-level information security training programs, whilst the Instructor of the Year, honors the instructors who guide students to deeper understanding and enhanced skills. As you want I am here providing you the list of companies offers Training for B.Tech IT Students. The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? Selecting the right IGTC location will enable you to get accurate and relevant information about the different Management Training Programmes, Admission Process, News and Events pertaining to the specific location. In close cooperation with each collaborating company, IGTC facilitates three stints (in total six months) of practical training. Students, in turn, learn to work responsibly on the live projects assigned by the company and gain lateral exposure to diverse functional areas of business management. Colaboramos con una gran diversidad de profesionales y expertos para solucionar los requerimientos de nuestros clientes.
Esta bonificacion puede ser tramitada por la misma empresa o por nosotros que somos un centro organizador de este tipo de formaciones. To extend this service to member companies in India and to provide them with a common management training platform, the IGCC established the Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC), Mumbai in 1991, Chennai in 2005 and Bangalore in 2008. Firebrand were awarded this accreditation for continued commitment to high quality and process improvement in the provision of learning, development and training services to clients.

With this, Firebrand remains in an exclusive list of just 89 providers accredited by the Learning & Performance Institute.
This includes courses from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and Linux, as well as security courses from (ISC)2 and EC-Council and project management courses from APMG and PMI. This includes exams, training, certification trends, project management, certification, careers advice and the industry itself. Working in the Industry for almost 3 years, Edward has a wide variety of experience with Microsoft Technologies including SharePoint, Windows Server and Exchange Server. This is the second time Richard picked up an EC-Council Global Award being named in Instructor Circle of Excellence category back in 2011. After meeting the extensive and stringent criteria set by the EC-Council Awards Committee, Firebrand was chosen as the best in both categories for Europe.
Working in the industry for almost 3 years, Edward has a wide variety of experience with Microsoft Technologies including SharePoint, Windows Server and Exchange Server. Training is customized according to the company’s post-training absorption requirements in various functional areas - Marketing, Finance and Controlling, Purchase, Logistics and Supply Chain, Production, Planning, Human Resources, Strategy, Corporate Communication - to name a few. Under an umbrella of unstinted corporate support and industry mentors, they gain the opportunity to personally develop themselves, apply their classroom learning to industry projects and become practical solution providers in the corporate arena. Edward is an active member of the IT community contributing to a variety of tech publications including Microsoft TechNet, Channel Pro and PC Advisor. This enables the company to critically examine and judge the student's capabilities, potential and suitability for their specific needs before committing employment.

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