Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and is one of the official residences of Her Majesty The Queen. Of course with a building this size and this old, there was no question of damp proof provision being incorporated into the original building. Newton Waterproofing Systems are pioneers in the field of ‘air gap technology’ with their damp proof membranes – the air gap created by the studs on the damp proof membrane allows damp walls to dry out over time. Newton supplied their old pitch impregnated Newtonite material for remedial work at Windsor Castle in the 1950?s. Newtons continued to develop new products and the new polypropylene membrane Newton 805 Newlath which has a mesh thermic welded to the front, has also been used in many parts of the lower regions of the castle over recent years. Newtonite provides a firm key and impermeable barrier on any damp or deteriorating surface.

Newlath is fixed with polypropylene plugs and it allows the area behind the material to ‘breathe’ whilst the mesh provides a firm key for plasters or renders.
Complete this form to enable us to recommend the most suitable contractors for your project. Would you like us to send you a list of contractors for you to contact, or would you like us to contact them on your behalf? Newton products are used to treat a wide variety of commercial and domestic properties, and are ideal for new build and existing buildings.
This  Hands on Practical Bricklaying Course will develop your skills rapidly and effectively each day. Due to the age of the castle, there were significant rising and penetrating damp problems, for which Newton damp proof membranes were the ideal solution.

Newton damp proof membranes Newlath and Newtonite were used as a permanent solution to the damp problems. Both rising and penetrating damp has presented problems to the custodians of the castle over the centuries.
The main focus of this Bricklaying Course is that you will be building your own Extension, therefore you will be hands on during your course.This Cavity Walling Course is ideal for those students wishing to Build their own Extensions.
Originally part of a ring of defences around London, Windsor Castle gradually became a popular royal residence because of the good hunting in the nearby forests.

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