For more than 10 years, we’ve been providing training courses to new and experienced event planners, through workshops and in academic settings.
In addition to sharing the insight we’ve gained over the years, we bring in seasoned experts in trade show booth design and construction, marketing messaging and materials, graphic design, and other important members of an event team. The lively, entertaining format makes courses interesting, while the information packed into each course makes them highly informative. Visit our course descriptions page for details and our calendar page to see where our courses are being held in the coming months.
It is a legal requirement for all food businesses operating in Ireland to maintain a food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP. This online training course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to implement an effective HACCP system and it will enable learners to continually review and monitor the appropriateness of the system.

Each section of the training manual includes software demonstrations and hands-on exercises. Draft copies of the manuals can be submitted to you at least two weeks in advance of the training session including all associated modeling files for your review.
Comprehensive instructional materials are provided to participants that will reinforce the objectives and skills learned. Sorry training is only available within a 50 mile radius of Birmingham, email for other alternative training. Through our courses, we give you a practical grasp of event planning and real-world information gathered over many years in the industry.
Together, they take you straight to the heart of what makes an event work and how to overcome common obstacles.

Whether you’re just beginning your event planning career or are looking for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to fulfill your continuing education requirements, you’ll come away with new information and ideas. We offer a variety of courses addressing different aspects of creating successful events of all types and sizes.

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